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      *Metal Sonic randomly turns into a rocket*

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  2. So Sonic is/was loaded with shonen tropes out the wazoo. Superpowers, alternate forms, some light butt rock, you name it. But instead of the baddies being a super warrior of ultimate darkness commonly seen you have.. Dr. Eggman. He's just an evil scientist who despoils nature. He's kind of a manchild and rather goofy. His only "superpower" is an IQ of 300 (which isn't even that great in the grand scheme of fiction)! Yet he's still here. He has enough charisma to get his own butt rock, let alone rapping stage music. His mechs are punching bags comparative to the cast yet most boss fights are still the doctor stepping into the fight himself for the umpteenth time. Looking at the other villains of fiction it seems no other place would have let someone like Eggman thrive; he'd have been disposed of in other series like Mega Man for a new flavor of Big Baddie but SEGA still acts as if he is Public Enemy #1. Even more so in the newer games! An obvious peanut gallery quip would be that they keep him around as a relic of the classics... I struggle to imagine how anyone would replace Dr Eggman though. With what? Find it hard to picture Sonic having the same spark without his first enemy around. Apparently enough people feel the same that the series still revolves around the same conflict for 29 years (and the ones that don't are in the minority). Personally, I'm drawn into him because of the "I did everything myself" aspect that almost colors his entire personality but it seems pretty unnoticed in all the discussions I've read about him. Is Dr. Eggman really that special/unique/magnetic as a bad guy to the audience? Come on, there has to be somebody who can put the sentiment into words.
  3. A day playing old Saturn games is a day well spent.

  4. hello, and happy birthday! hope today was a good one.

  5. Sounding off: Who else here plays tabletop RPGs?

  6. Hello. =) Just chiming in to see if you're all right. You OK?

  7. YAAAAY!

    1. AWild No.1 washed up gamer

      AWild No.1 washed up gamer

      This always sounded like music you hear when you win a game show lol.

  8. I am you from the future. There's no time to explain. Follow me to- OH CHRIST

  9. I for one can't wait for the eventual adaptation where these lovable gals perform animal cruelty, spoil nature, and attend to an insane scientific genius while being punked by a symbol of the early 90's. I could actually see Motobug and Crabmeat using these as human disguises, so kudos. =)
  10. PS Crash revival mentioned in passing in toy fair interview (first 10 secs are there for context).

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      This has already been posted in the Crash topic :D

    2. FourCartridge


      Well then...


  11. Repost from Status Update(last few pages don't seem to talk about this so amusing it's new): http://www.polygon.com/2016/2/8/10756318/sonic-the-hedgehog-great-rocky-history It's another restrospective article about Sonic, but this one has an Iizuka interview buried in that's actually pretty relevant. Generations 2 anyone?
  12. http://www.polygon.com/2016/2/8/10756318/sonic-the-hedgehog-great-rocky-history

    Article with Iizuka interview that states Modern Sonic is staying after Sonic Boom's reception (25th Anniversary game to be a retrospective also).

    Press the Big Red Button if old.

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