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  1. I for one can't wait for the eventual adaptation where these lovable gals perform animal cruelty, spoil nature, and attend to an insane scientific genius while being punked by a symbol of the early 90's.

    I could actually see Motobug and Crabmeat using these as human disguises, so kudos. =)

  2. Repost from Status Update(last few pages don't seem to talk about this so amusing it's new):


    It's another restrospective article about Sonic, but this one has an Iizuka interview buried in that's actually pretty relevant.


    "Because [Rise of Lyric] tried a different take on Sonic from the norm — and considering the results — this made Sonic Team feel that we want to build a Sonic title which represents the evolution of the Sonic series over the last 20 years," Iizuka says on what future Sonic games may look like. He continues, saying that "modern Sonic won’t be changing his design in games anytime soon." Iizuka wants the character to remain the same five, even 10, years from now.

    Generations 2 anyone?

  3. Hmmm...

    I always though a good route to go was to expand on it's pinball elements. The Classic games when no one had a frame of reference to compare them, were liked to pinball platformers (and Sonic Spinball being the logical conclusion was likely how the game was conceived); Sonic often acted like a ball more than he didn't. While I think the Adventure/Unleashed games had decent ideas, apparently it is harder than it looks.

    SEGA's often had momentum based gameplay in 3D, and I think Super Monkey Ball could be a good cue to take notes from.

    You'll notice the game is focused around level design, much like the Classics, and the monkeys do not have much in the way of innate abilities as they instead have to rely on clever manipulation of physics. The game is difficult, however this series got it's name from giving platformers teeth again. Some hard edge is necessary to be frank.

    Sure, running on two legs may not be what those games are known for, but Sonic's about making movement fun & interesting. If it has to resort to other schools of thought to do so, so be it.


    The headlines are an awfully sensitive subject to set entertainment in, and more often than not it just ends up falling through the floor because writers simply cannot handle it. With the recent upswing of civil disobedience that people increasingly resort to in these times, someone has decided to take the plunge in the hope the video games can see the issues in a new light.




    Enter RIOT: Urban Unrest. Billed as a riot simulator, the game follows the rash of riots & protests that are seemingly on the news all the time. Developed by Leonard Mechiari, a former cinematographer at Valve who was inspired to make the game after attending a NoTAV demonstration. Leonard interviewed people who had attended similar protests in an attempt to make the game as realistic as possible; the game has been likened as a "Playable Documentary", as it's levels are recreations of mass demonstrations such as Keratea, the Arab Spring, and Indignados.




    The developers claim to have spent a good deal of effort in AI, as it differentiates how the rioters & the police behave(both of which are playable): Rioters must be indirectly controlled by agitators & leaders, while the police are grouped into squads and must follow specific directions. Riots being what they are, the individual people in the group may do something totally unexpected, owing to stress, fear, etc.




    The game is coming out on Steam sometime in the end of this summer, with other platforms also on the cards.


    What do you think of this?

  5. Is anyone kinda interested in who the focus group participants are/where? 


    I have my suspicions I know who it is, and frankly if I'm right then god help us all, but I would like it confirmed.



    Edit: You guys wanna know my suspicions don't you?


    Google-fu turns up nothing sadly. You've been a part of this before haven't you?


    So come on, show us what went wrong with the tests. You do have something to go on, right? =P

  6. How did SEGA think it was a good idea to give their most important, and fragile, franchise to a team who knew nothing about the core philosophy of the series.


    Most of what we've seen behind the curtain implies that the concept for Boom was floating around back as far as the Unleashed days, back when it was a very common idea that Sonic Team should be replaced (they poured a lot of effort into Unleashed and it still got panned). Given most of the "Boost2win" comments from the fanbase, which has a history of getting it's feedback horribly mangled, and declining popularity for the series, one can at least hazard a guess as to what was going through the minds of the suits at SEGA.

  7. Some of you may have been aware of a SEGA/Game Freak Collab that had been making the rounds, sparking loads of conversation. Sonic in Pokemon? Pokemon in Sonic? SEGA going deeper with Nintendo? Who knew.


    Today, we finally have light of the result.




    Tembo The Badass Elephant! And yes that is the title.


    The game has you play as a commando elephant as you Rambo it up against a terrorist organization 80's action style with sprinklings of 16-bit run & gun platformers. The game will come out on PS4, XB1, & PC (ports to other platforms are not on the cards; To quote a Game Freak employee, "our hands were pretty full with those three platforms!")


    The reveal interview for those interested. 


    As for me? Count me in; I've been aching for more 16-bit goodness, specially after Mercenary Kings was somewhat of a dud.

  8. Sumo is a good-sized team with 170 employees. It's possible they could be working on two games. Sonic Team's split in two, and I think they probably have far fewer employees at this point.

    Never mind it'd be weird to not follow up on Transformed's success at some point. It and the first All Stars Racing beat the pants off contemporary mainstream Sonic in terms of its critical reception. It also makes up a fair chunk of sales, comparable to how Mario Kart has sold over 1/5 of Mario's sales. After the sales disaster that was Lost World... a new racer could probably help.


    But they are... the 360 port of Forza Horizon 2 is being done by them. Given that they are already working on a racing game, they may have left the ASR series behind for what seem to be bigger and better things; it was pretty obvious ASRT was rushed a fair bit and I'm fairly sure there's some stuff they may have wanted to do but were cut short by SEGA.


    Then again, SEGA are known for weird decisions.

  9. http://www.eurogamer.net/articles/2014-06-18-driveclub-could-be-the-racing-game-to-beat-this-year


    Should bear saying again; DriveClub has insane attention to detail.



    It's all being complemented now by a full weather system being prepared for release soon after launch, and being shown off for the first time at E3. On the Scottish glens of Loch Duich, turbulent weather rolls in, skies thickening before bursting onto the roads. Crowds at the side of the track reach for their macs and umbrellas, winds tug at the trackside scenery while puddles form in the divots and dips of the road surface, as well as across the grass of the glens and across the gravel - Evolution's very, very proud of its gravel, and rightly so.


    Over in Norway, dawn breaks over powdered mountains, sending a dreamy purplish blue out across the environment. The heat from the sun dynamically melts the snow, with northern-facing surfaces reacting first. As that sun sets and a storm rolls in, road-signs are reflected in the slicked tarmac, while headlights catch individual rain droplets. The attention to detail is underlined when Evolution pauses the action and sweeps through the static action, ascending up through the clouds - DriveClub's game world is rendered all the way to the heavens, some two kilometres up.


  10. I never understand why people do not like it and want the very old play back but then I didn't start with those 

    Because people say it's more something that was thought up as something to get away; in Unleashed people complained Sonic controlled like a car, and as a result the level design was built around that. The old Sonic games were built around momentum; you would build up speed and suddenly distinctions between walls and the ceiling would be virtually nonexistent.


    However, I think it's general consensus that Sonic's classic gameplay doesn't translate to 3D, mostly because of camera issues and poor controls. It's all a matter of personal preference though, the general gaming public like's the boost gameplay, so you're not alone.

  11. if the boost stays then i'm good! i think it should be the main sampe to the game. without the sense of speeds, it's just not a Sonic game. And bring back the Sonic Lost World set to.


    Most fans are tired of the boost though; they feel it limits level design. a sense of speed is good, but it should be based around momentum. Though I do agree that Sonic should be based around it's thrill; speed as a reward doesn't really click with me; that's what the ranking systems for.

  12. Where did you read this? 0.o


    Found it.




    Early on, when we had our first review of all the crazy things we wanted to try, Iizuka-san came down to Los Angeles and looked through all the different concepts," Rafei said. "I felt sorry for the guy because sometimes he couldn't actually look at the screen ... it was too traumatic seeing all the crazy stuff we wanted to do."


    Rafei said the team experimented with different colors, as well as adding features like fur and scales, but that such designs would have made Sonic "a lot more alien and different from what [the character] is known for."


    Not exact words, but you can get the point.

  13. I... Would not be up for it. As you have said earlier, the two companies have different style of development and such, and much of what makes Sonic, well Sonic, would probally disappear. And as an aside, why Nintendo, and not say, Sony or Microsoft? The other members of the big three also have pretty good QC, even if they are in genres this board is not interested in. But even so with those two, my point still stands.


    I remember reading somewhere that BRB wanted to make Sonic a lizard. That alone killed any faith I had in other devs taking over, because I'm pretty sure the others wouldn't be able to resist such drastic changes.

  14. E3 Footage was entirely in game:





    They (Naughty Dog’s Studio Coordinator Rodney Reece and Lead FX Artist Keith Guerrette) confirmed to us that the Uncharted 4 trailer showcased during Sony’s E3 2014 press conference was a part of an actual level in game. Secondly, they also confirmed that the entire trailer was running in real time on the PlayStation 4 and it was all in-engine.





  15. Thing is...I don't think many people would go through the trouble of faking THIS game of all the games they could fake. It's not like the first one was exactly a huge hit


    It would russle Sony fans' though. To many trolls, a few really pissed off fans are better than slightly annoyed masses.



    I do want it to be real though. In the hands of a proper dev such as ND, this game would be amazing.

  16. Woah, looks impressive. O.O At first I thought it would be something Assassins Creed related but that's not possible since the latest game is set in France and this is something Sony related. Really curious to find out what it is tomorrow!


    It's a promotional mural as thanks to Sony fans for record breaking PS4 sales. People will vote on who gets painted into the mural.



  17. Aaanyways..


    So I think the next Sonic game being like Adventure with parkour would be good, yep yep. Lost World's gameplay being dropped wouldn't bother me too much, since it's kind of what I was hoping for anyways tbh. Boost gameplay sadly got old after 3 games (7 including the portable entries) even though it was lots of fun, but whatever they do, let's hope they learned some lessons after SLW.


    I hope they are going for that route; after Lost World got criticized for lack of speed I think Sonic Team are going to focus on more supersonic stuff; speed is the name of the game after all nowadays. Can't wait to see what the PS4/XB1 have to offer in terms of improvements and such. 

  18. It's not a sim, but at the same time the cars all have real life physics and technical data all acquired from the manufacturers themselves...doesn't that make it a sim? It's a bit weird.


    It not a sim because it deviates from real life in it's handling mechanics, often considered the most important part in a racer. They may collect data to determine how cars react under circumstances (The OG Dodge Viper was notorious for underbraking, for instance) and use those to replicate it for realism, but that doesn't mean much if you're drifitng at 110 MPH, something that would cause the car to spin out... Unless you adjust the physics so it doesn't happen. 


    If Evo did this for accessibility reasons, because they think it makes the game more fun, or whatever reason, it's not a sim.

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