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    Titan Mecha Sonic
    I have been a fan of Sonic the Hedgehog for over twenty years. I read the Archie comics from #3-189, played and mastered most of the video games up to Sonic the Hedgehog 2006.

    I am a major fan of Sonic from the early Archie, TV Series, and etc to Sonic Adventure 2 era. For me that was the apex of Sonic from Archie's earliest comics to SA2.

    My favorite characters are:

    Shadow the Hedgehog

    Mecha Sonic / Metal Sonic

    Knuckles the Echidna

    Sally Acorn

    Sonic the Hedgehog (Classic, SatAM, Anime Movie, 2020 Movie)

    Tails “Miles” Prower (New)


    Antoine D’Coolette

    Other Interests: Anime, Books, Video Games, and etc
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  1. Tails: I was just wishing you a happy birthday! XD 😛
  2. I find your lack of Shadow The Hedgehog disturbing… That said you really did put in a lot of effort. My only critique is above.
  3. We mere mortals can’t handle super sonic speed. 🤢
  4. The Harbor was full of rusted ships bobbing in the shallow water. Shadow walked bast the metal behemoths and on the dry dock wood. Rogue was behind him, pausing to take it in, and Omega was scanning for lifeforms. Omega: Life signs detected, negative. Shadow walked past some burgundy and cobalt blue crates, and took in the jungle before them. He had trekked here before, back when the world was so altered. Shadow bent down to adjust his light shoes which gave off a golden glow. “Into the Jungle.. Maria.” With that Shadow shot forward dodging tree trunks and zipping on vine like railings. Rogue began to flap her wings and hover, “Shadow wait up!” “OMEGA! Lifeforms detected, affirmative, Blue Hedgehog and Yellow Fox.” TAG: @EmTiven01
  5. Apparently Scythe made a First Person Sonic Mod: https://www.polygon.com/platform/amp/22554090/sonic-generations-fps-mod-camera-sonic-the-hedgehog
  6. Shadow stood on the freighter heading to Prison Island. His black spines seemed to drap down and his head was poised towards the water. ‘How can it be possible? Maria.. I watched her die.’ Rogue approached The Brooding Hedgehog, her white ears erect and her eyes blinking. She knew this was all a great shock to Shadow. “You alright sweetie?” Rogue would often say things to illicit a humpf or other disapproving sound from Shadow, but this time there was only silence. “Do you really think the chaos emeralds can save Maria?” Shadow seemed to stir from his daze, his spines swaying, the sun lighting up his red stripes as he stepped out of the shadow of a crate. “I don’t know.. but I must do everything in my power to find out.” Rogue crossed her arms, her black bat wings bouncing in the wind as the ship drew closer towards shore. “Shadow.. how do we know if it really is Maria? What if its some trap by Eggman? Or worse, something GUN has planned.” The Black Hedgehog took another step. “That is a risk I am having to take. If there is a chance its the real Maria, I owe her everything..” A tall robot with thick plated shoulders, spiral claws and square face with red eyes emerged. “OMEGA! Approaching Metal Harbor, disembark immediately.” Shadow and Team Dark leapt off the freighter. The search for the first Chaos Emerald had begun.
  7. Give me Sonic Adventure 2: Battle on mobile and I will be happy.
  8. I’d have loved if they had included Sandtropolis in the Sonic & Knuckles section:
  9. Hey follow me back...

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