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    I have been a fan of Sonic the Hedgehog for over twenty years. I read the Archie comics from #3-189, played and mastered most of the video games up to Sonic the Hedgehog 2006.

    I am a major fan of Sonic from the early Archie, TV Series, and etc to Sonic Adventure 2 era. For me that was the apex of Sonic from Archie's earliest comics to SA2.

    My favorite characters are:

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    Mecha Sonic / Metal Sonic

    Knuckles the Echidna

    Sally Acorn

    Sonic the Hedgehog (Classic, SatAM, Anime Movie, 2020 Movie)

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  1. I don’t mean redo SA2, but take inspiration from it. Shadow’s grim and cynical personality isn’t the issue, its what drives him after Maria and Gerald? What reason does he have to fight? Etc.
  2. I think Shadow could benefit from returning to his roots in SA2, being the servant of the Eggman family and planning to annihilate the planet. He then when reformed could still adopt an attitude of disregard to the “inferiors” but in time settle in as not antisocial, but being the akwardly silent hedgehog in a group. The problem is Shadow’s motivations after hus quest to avenge Maria and confronts Black Doom. Finding purpose for him, that is the ticky. His story archs centers on “blind fealty to disillusionment to sacrifical antihero,” its hard to step past that arch and have him just be one of Sonic’s team members. Knuckles had it a lot easied because he is Guardian of the Master Emerald and The Floating Island. Knux can always fall back on this duty, Shadow’s cannot because it ends when he confronts one of his makers, Black Doom. There is no where to do from there.. at least not without a major change in his character development which will not be welcomed by most Shadow fans. Sonic had agency because he’s always fighting Eggman and having a way past cool time. Shadow doesn’t have a nemesis and he isn’t into the thrills of life.
  3. Knuckles is one of the few characters who could hold his own in a spin off. He’s has enough mythos of his own and a personality that would make him do well in a standalone film.
  4. I love all the tunes and tracks from SA2. My favorite is: Captures the spirit of Sonic IMHO.
  5. Who do you think will be the principle antagonist other than obviously Eggman/ Robotnik? I can see Mecha Sonic emerging.
  6. Indeed, but I shall have to rely in IDW being available on a eReader.
  7. And Tails will use his two tails to fly! 😜
  8. Issue #137, is that Franklin the Turtle grown up from the Nick Jr. Show?
  9. I think its unlikely that any series will surpass Archie for me, mainly due to it being a major part of my childhood memories.
  10. Look what I found at the store:   


    The likeness is uncanny! ;) 

    1. Cuz


      "This is the ultimate!"

    2. Shadow Chaos Control

      Shadow Chaos Control

      With this image I shall spread the knowledge of my “real power.”  

  11. Archie, but I am biased. I grew up with the Archie comics, and haven’t read IDW yet.
  12. I am saying if you arn’t already a Sonic fan who is keeping taps on this series and you are just hearing about it; I am thinking of potential new fans who do not know our beloved blue blur and this will be their introduction. Its best to do nothing that could get confused for where to stream a new show. You are entitled to your opinion, as am I.
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