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  1. Sonic robo blast is the best fan game I've seen since Sonic before and after the sequel, a big mayority of them are pretentious trash. I agree with everything thing you said. Sometimes I feel like Sonic fans have a lot of common with Sonic team. Unfocused gameplay riddle with great ideas with terrible execution or gameplay ideas that don't mesh or felt tack on (werehog and classic in forces, limited level design in forces, tubular level design that feels underdeveloped in lost world, motion controls on wii, way too many characters in adventure, confusing camera in sa1 and 2, slow platforming that punish you for going fast in 06), and in fan games (open world maps with nothing more interesting than just hey look controls, multiple playable characters that are just clones of one another (og sonic world), mediocre sound effects like in forces (sonic gt) nauseating loops at high speeds, way too much blur (infinity engine is trash, is in the same calibur as jump force), camera that somehow it's worse and sa1 and specially 2 and much, MUCH more) How I'm I suppose to believe than fan games are better than official games if most of them are unfinished projects that go nowhere, don't have any type of original ideas (Sonic team at least makes original stuff like the avatar, wisps and the excalibur), and overall fells empty, I know a lot of you don't like the official 3d sonic games, buy it seems rather selfish to have a mind set that bassicaly isn't really looking for improvement but rather destruction of sega, and that's a complete waste of time. I'm going to ask this, why don't you put an 8 year old to play sonic gt vs generations and tell me their reactions. What I'm trying to say here it's that guys, please don't try to reinvent the wheel, instead of trying to make an enjoyable game, you are just making trash after trash.
  2. @azoo YES FINALLY SOMEONE WHO THINKS LIKE ME OMG, IM SO TIRED OF ALL OF THIS UNWARRANTED PRAISE 3D FAN GAMES GET. The true flow, the simplicity of Sonic, not overly thinking about simple mechanic because it's not necessary, oh it's so beautiful finally hearing something that's makes sense and it's not a pretentious "sega bad, fans good give me views"
  3. Ok first of all I already have seen that reddit post which dosent point in which part it says the dev timeline (if anyone that knows Japanese can pin point the dev time line please do it). Also "playtesters had a huge influence on the direction the game took" are you saying the playtesters are scrubs? Ok, that's fair. You will be surprised but forces was more marketed in Japan than in the us (not just the hooters promotion), since mania was a american project soa advertise it more than forces since here there's more demand for classic Sonic than in Japan, from what I've seen a lot Japanese players don't really care about classic Sonic because the mega drive wasn't a huge hit like in america and europe there's a fandom for the mega drive over there sure but it's not like in america which is the only sega console they even know, to them modern is THE Sonic thanks to Sonic X and modern Sonic presence on joypolis and all sega arcades, there isn't any identity issues like here in the west which was fueled toxic Sonic fans. Classic Sonic over there is treated more like a curiosity and kawaii Sonic than a separate pillar and brand, forces being more promoted in Japan is more or less because that was the next big Sonic game over there, it's odd that sega would even care about their home country regarding Sonic because history even with forces, sonic has sold less in Japan than in any other country if anyone is telling forces was a flop because of famitsu Japanese sale charts remember that data it's useless because Sonic never sales that big over there.
  4. Okay, ever since the release of forces everyone has been trying to explain why it was underwhelming, using lies such as the game being in development hell, the game being developed in one year, using the info about Sonic team staff leaving to work on nintendo (by the way most of those guys were field artists, of course some of them would go on to become producers and level designers but I have yet to see a sonic level designer credited to in a Mario game, feel free to point out one) I have been trying to find anymore info regarding the development of modern Sonic games, but so little has surface and a lot of it it's just opinionated pieces, the only reliable info I have found has been this: Famitsu interviews Sonic retro (it only documented on concept art, when it began development back in 2013 after lost world's released and the timeline of reveals) The only source people are using it's Resetera and Reddit which can be simplified as (My uncle works for nintendo). As I said most pieces I have found come from opinionated sources and the fact that the biggest archival Sonic site Retro has so little info makes me believe we know so little about forces development and everyone is just making things up, likely to paint Sonic team as this Saturday morning cartoon villain and the "fans" as the heroes, sounds stupid I know. If anyone has more info regarding the development of Sonic forces, share it but also make sure to put your sources it will become difficult to find sega devs coming forward as they can't share their identities
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