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  1. I know that he was referring to the Archie Comics, but I was trying to reassure him a bit about Boom's narrative.
  2. Anyone got to thinkin' that the finale involves that destroyed dimension and alternate Eggman? Perhaps that version becomes Eggman Nega? All of what's been going on since Flynn's episodes has been building up to something (the various wacky auxiliary characters for Team Sonic, even more baddies, the whole Robots From The Sky four-parter...)
  3. Boom also has one (in the current season), but: 1) The show is also on its last legs (IN AMERICA!, at least...) 2) The narrative itself is kinda poor, with some episodes having little to do with it.
  4. Alright, so does that mean we could get cameos of modern characters or those from adaptations in addition to the ex-classic characters? And what will become of the Hard Boiled Heavies after this?
  5. It's more that Sega is sending mixed messages to me. They haven't been doing anything to help the show find a slot seemingly, consigning it to the same fate as the likes of Bunnicula. And even when they do grant it cursory social marketing, it's never really in a fun way.
  6. One could say Mecha may have done it first, and it was also the D6 who did it most recently (even though they're as incompetent as Eggman is).
  7. Does anyone think they'll also have game-specific lines for Forces and Mania like how Jazwares did for Unleashed trilogy and Black Knight? And given that Great Eastern mentioned how Tomy were now the ones making the character plush, does this keen we could get some lesser-known characters down the line?
  8. Funny, as Lost World did have enemies, organic or mechanical, disappear in a little gray puff of smoke instead of exploding or leaving a corpse.
  9. 1) How, exactly, is Sonic an exception? How can serious stuff end up not working at all? 2) I know. It should all be woven together.
  10. The princess he wants to bring to life might be how Blaze is brought into Boom. Or maybe it's Sally in there if we don't end up seeing her. And yes, I find it funny that Sanic is referenced.
  11. And as for the "Recruitment Drive" arc in the show, I noticed so far they've only recruited newly-added characters like Og and FriendBot. This is what made the Steve Eggman episode so surprising. I think some older characters from the show could also join in. Namely Buster and Perci (maybe even bring over Q-N-C?). Before someone says "Perci can't fight", they could teach her and buster how. And that's not stopping her from doing things like setting up traps, retrieving objects, moral support, mission control, or using her... "popularity" to distract organic targets. And Buster would make a great friend for Bea.
  12. Any word on what happened to the Archie Comic?

    1. Ernest-Panda


      According to artist Tracey Yardley, there is some "talking" going on behind the scenes, and that the fans would be updated when it comes.

    2. Zaysho


      @Ernest-Panda Is that a fairly recent development or is this just how it's been the last few months?

    3. VEDJ-F


      He didn't say. 

    4. goku262002


      Were in limbo basically.

  13. Felicitations Roger, I feel something similar to what you feel. Even a suspicion that the Adventure elements are merely superficial. So, thoughts on the new silhouette? To me, it looks lumpy (one of the SA3 manages says it gives him uncomfortable Boom vibes).
  14. No, at this rate, GHZ needs to be condemned. The fandom has developed an allergy to it. And about the new character, the silhouette looks a bit unnerving.
  15. For now I'll call this stage Derp Hill Zone. That's the impression it gives to me. The bridge collapsing was pretty nice. This feels like a prologue segment for the little fellow, going through a (mediocrely-rendered) familiar environment, or maybe the return of the Lost Hex (hopefully better written than in it's debut) into the game.