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  1. Finally some Game Gear content.
  2. Agreed. And they're one big reason for the TSS movement being a thing. I personally didn't hate them until I sat back and looked at how they were like. And yes, the critics agree in this case (those who noticed them, anyway), unlike prior friends.
  3. I think they must have changed their minds about that, because they announced the "more game characters" after the "we won't bother to use more main series characters, let alone spin-off or prior media characters".
  4. Am I the only one who doesn't like Og's character at all? His design is very hard to look at with its tiny eyes, awkward lips, and ugly colors. I also think his hippy nature is a little annoying.
  5. 1) Massive hyperbole, there are at least a dozen characters who would make good toys but aren't. 2) I do think Perci (and Zooey) could have her/their designs translated as cute plush toys, not necessarily figures.
  6. Interestingly, an illustration for Sonic Vs. Zonik found on Sonic News Network depicts Coconuts as an organic monkey who resembles those monkeys as well.
  7. Here's my defense: * The team with the assumed addition of Og has five males (and later seven with the assumed additions of M&B.) (EIGHT if you add in D-Fekt) Then it would be balanced out. * This could provide Amy character development as she learns to accept other women. This will give her a great episode for herself. She hasn't had one yet. * Can Og fight? Is Friendbot willing to or good at it? Zooey and her ilk could be taught how to do so. Yay for development! Even if they don't learn, there's always a slot for Mission Control or moral support open. * They are simply quite popular characters with the fans, which would earn the writers some good noodle stars in their eyes.
  8. If that's true, I hope Perci and Staci and Zooey get recruited to the team. It's nice to have some attractive teammates, and some more female members on the squad.
  9. On the bright side, of the Wisps are used, people will probably have finally had enough of them and REALLY demand they go away, solidifying a backlash that started with their misuse in Lost World. And if it's "core"+bland stupid newbies again and still flunks, maybe people will realize the cast is not a detracting factor at all to whether a game is good or not.
  10. Well, they kinda kept the "more responsible than other generics" thing... by making the rest even more intolerable by comparison. Nobody really stood out too much other than her in the games, but now we have Lady Walrus's baby-abandoning antics, Mark's obsessive fanboying, etc. (that is called a Straw Loser, by the way). The Beaver used to be easy to ignore, but now he and his newly-acquired lisp are in your face frequently. I wonder how they'd write Cliff, QuiNCy, and the rest of the Boom game (and maybe comic?) cast in this series, given how Perci and that Fred-Earl guy were tackled? Maybe Cliff would be a braggart that often falls asleep?
  11. So accoriding to Alan Denton on Twitter above, Perci is a member of a set of triplets. That's nice. And what about the bunch of recolored copies of her? Cousins? Clones?
  12. Oh, I remember Roareye Black! This site inspired me to make my first ever OC characters. (They were recolors, emphasis on the were).
  13. Also, Battle implies Chaos is still at large. Eggman Nega was sealed with Ifrit, and I believe Sonic Team disowned the Hooligans amongst many other characters. Eggmanland also seems to still exist. And let's not forget "how did Eggman escape White Space?" EDIT: Even I forgot Vector's debt to Big Louie and Small Louie.
  14. But as a silver lining to all this, if the comic is retooled to the point Flynn leaves or is cancelled, he can finally release LHT (unless that is, if he has bigger fish to fry) without having to worry.
  15. Possible Third Timeline? Otherwise, where would SegaSonic Bros., Sonic's Schoolhouse, Sonic Synergy, and Freedom Planet go? (for the lattermost, maybe generations after Sonic OVA after mankind died out or left?)