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  1. Most people ONLY know it by the infamous game. The show is quite obscure compared to it.
  2. Not only do Boom and Modern look very similar, they also sound exactly alike. Further, use of the tainted Boom image would be a PR disaster. This could all all be prevented by having alternate characters in each style.
  3. And Boom sonic actually isn't very different from modern. Take away the blue arms, scarf, bandages, and loose quills and he looks the same. And by the way, I have a felling it was going to be Boom Sonic until the ROL fiasco, where they replaced him with the new character.
  4. What happened in Episode 2 has yet to be resolved in any further game. Little Planet still has the seemingly abandoned Death Egg II attached to it.
  5. Actually it would, given the spin-off titles having a different roster and if things like the comic and shows were not allowed to use old characters. And i've seen a few other franchises like Spyro do this as well. The real problem is how long will it take until Sega buckles and brings the old ones back in some capacity?
  6. I guess the recent series of bombs and lawsuits, maybe?
  7. 1) Taxman says he's a "friend to polys" as well as pixels. 2) I dunno. 3) We haven't seen evidence of either or. 4) Agreed 5) This has Tails and Knuckles playable. Still better than Sola Sonica, genuinely lame one-off characters, and Baldy McNosehair.
  8. As far back as the 8-bit games, he was probably a killer. He killed Tails in Sonic 2's Bad Ending.
  9. I agree that this looks beautiful. Like they took the best parts of Colision Chaos past and Rooftop Run and welded them with loads and loads of testerostone and HD.
  10. At a stretch, one could tie Spikes to Rouge, Laser to anyone using Chaos Control, and there's always inventing new characters...
  11. I noticed that even All-Stars has mysteriously vanished now. Was it the negative response to the DLC by fans? And that series doesn't have anything to do with Sonic Team to my knowledge. Is there anything fishy?
  12. The apparent lack of an official livestream makes things feel more nostalgic and mysterious to me. So it's not a problem.
  13. In Lego Dimensions, they created new tracks for the Sonic 3 music instead of re-using the PC ones. In addition, they also didn't get the Nakamura music rights, which I assume are either easier to get and/or Sega are more willing to do so.
  14. Due to Lego Dimensions, I feel that even their ownership of the PC music is in question...