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  1. Yeah, with Jet, it was mostly just a sporting competition until near the end. Sometimes for Sonic, it can take a long time for a turnaround, as shown with Chaos. He NEVER made a turnaround with the Deadly Six. Not even once. I'd argue the incident with Gamma drove him to feel empathy for his enemies. Even with Knuckles it took some time. And he forgave Knuckles despite his attempted child murder. Now I wonder what would have happened had Sonic shown kindness to the Zeti? Would the outcome have been any different?
  2. He showed empathy to Chaos, Shadow, Jet, Merlina, Eggman himself… any foe that never crossed a line like Erazor, Infinite, etc. And why do you think he never intended to free them? But I guess The Farmer and the Viper applies here. Attacking someone who frees you can never be a good idea. But he wasn't that phased by their betrayal of his generous gift, how he unknowingly presented his shining pearls of freedom before swine unwilling to appreciate it. If Sonic had emphasized before, it would have been much more shocking.
  3. This is the biggest thing; Pontaff Sonic's lack of empathy and mercy, even in the better games like Mania and Forces. Even Classic showed empathy to Knuckles. Pontaff/Mania/Forces? No empathy. This DRIVES Lost World; his lack of empathy for Zomom, Zeena, etc spurns a cycle of violence. He does nothing but make puns at their expense. This is not what the Rangers do; this is what the monster of the day does when mocking his enemy and the world he was spawned into.
  4. 1. Sure. Not sure when they'd do so, though. 2. As in, the entire sequence didn't show much devastation. There was no impact felt by the player, outside of the cutscene where it happened. All that happened was plants turning gray, and Minnie and Squidward out of commision. For Pete's sake, we should have seen a tree collapse or something. A sea creature. Would get the land-vs-sea war plot to work well. It would be fun having a war of biomes. The closest things to this were GUN enemies out of context in Generations, and Eggman acting like GUN in Forces.
  5. There’s also a difference between most of THOSE and the life-draining thing; the lattermost wasn’t even taken seriously period, and isn’t just unrealistic. Another more realistic peril would have to go way back to Sonic 3; the napalm forest fire sequence. Sonic’s no stranger to fairly realistic stuff like that.
  6. Sega also said they'd present what they had to present in April, likely via the Sonic Station.
  7. Don't forget the TV side; some games would lean themselves well to TV. Puyo/Madou would be a good sequel to Golden Axe, along with Shining Force.
  8. See also: Puyo Chronicles never leaving the Japanese 3DS. Several IP completely disappearing after ASRT. Not sure if they’re using Boost, Parkour, or something new. I assume they’d give the inevitable Adventure throwback to another team.
  9. Wasn't Japan doing a series of such streams? This will probably be part of those Japanese streams that they decided to have this year. I expect another short, some sort of Mania 2, an attempt to pander to Adventure fans, and some bizzare merchandise. Maybe some IDW or mobile game stuff too. Perhaps even a home video release date for the movie, or something really crazy regarding a certain OTHER Sonic Team IP finally getting to represent puzzle games in a certain celebration of gaming...
  10. The announcement Boom was over was even more silent and obscure; it was an aside in an article about the new animated shorts. We went out on two years of radio silence, waiting, and hoping as SEGA silently and swiftly moved on past Boom. https://comicbook.com/gaming/2019/10/16/sonic-mania-adventures-animated-shorts-yukio-kusumoto-interview/ And now that SXSW is closed down, I think SEGA may be forced back to E3 as a result, unless of course SMT, Yakuza, and even Puyo take priority over Sonic nowadays, especially after they moved the series outside Japan. Even the merchandise has taken a hit; most of what GE is doing are silly variants instead of getting around to the handful of missing characters; and so far only Jakks has been adventurous, and even then exclusively with Classic.
  11. Another thing to note is that some of the Megaman incarnations in their day weren’t as beloved as they were now, and not merely in the WW sense of things. Legends was slammed by ScrewAttack and collapsed after two games, a spin-off, and MVC2 due to lacking any of the traditional mechanics. Star Force and ZX were seen as “more of the same” and ridiculed for their character design and plots. Unlike WW, where we learned that it worked when it came out, these games took years to catch on. I’d argue ZX and Star Force helped in the drought of Megaman. Mainstream gaming saw 9 as a refreshing return to the roots partially because of the glut of alternate versions.
  12. Perhaps they reveal it at e3, or go with a Japanese reveal first ala Lost World?
  13. Desert Ruins, on the other hand? What did it even tell us about the Zeti?
  14. Yeah, the designs of the New Donkers and other “realistic” characters in Mario are actually fairly off if you look closely. Even Elise was kinda anime, and Archie, Fleetway, and Shadow had that 90s comic vibe for their humans. (With some anime influence) Man of the Year has its humans show Looney Tunes and Spielberg influence. And AOSTH is a different beast entirely.
  15. He hates it because this take has several elements in common with the 2010-2013 version, which he utterly despised. That’s his beef.
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