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  1. What if the film ends with the worlds merging, as a “we’re sorry” for Two Worlds?
  2. Except now they move on to marginally newer elements, where their actually original content atrophies more and more.
  3. There's a fair bit of contrast and compliments alike with the Zeti. Zomom's colors help him camouflage in the sand he lives in, for one. Zor and Zazz also notably contrast with their areas. Probably the least intelligent or fast Zeti at least has the element of surprise.
  4. Also, characters like Cream, Big, Marine, and Sticks exist on Classic Mobius, living rather uneventful lives without the involvement of Sonic and company.
  5. At least IDW has dug into lore once or twice. Even the social media did it, even if only for a laugh.
  6. Even worse case scenario: it's basically the original in name only, kinda like the NARC remake. They put the levels in the Boost/Parkour engine and change the visual style and storyline. At best the story ends up like Forces, and at worst, Lost World or Shattered Crystal. Even worse than that; another cheap re-issue with bad filters and stuff.
  7. The SEGA logo from Jurassic Park on Genesis. Rexy snarling in the darkness... I distinctly recall a nightmare or two about it.
  8. Except at least Sonic Boom had the TV show as a redeeming trait. What about the movie? What good impact could it possibly have?
  9. They even used the same visual style. They’re basically mini-games. The 3D sections don’t play like the old 3D games either. Eventually, they stopped even looking like the old games. Well, Forces at least tried a story akin to older games; but the dark elements come off as shocking and disturbing rather than cool and engaging.
  10. Forces's anniversary elements were a millstone around its neck. Generations and Mania were the only celebrations to work, and even then, the former has aged poorly.
  11. You forgot that Forces also added darker elements as a spread to try and attract disenchanted Adventure fans.
  12. Plush: GE Rouge (1st release) GE Classic Tails, Knuckles, and Amy GE Cream, Amy, Blaze, Shadow, Werehog Handmade Blaze plush Toy Network Sonic, Tails, Knuckles, Amy, Shadow (1 or 2 each) Tomy Sticks Jazwares Classic Sonic (2 sizes), Classic Tails, Modern Tails (large) I used to have more, but I later gave them away. Examples include Kellytoy Cream and Toy Network Mecha Sonic.
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