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  1. Boom’s dead. I think it can be disregarded.
  2. Nor would TSR, a game with its biggest saving grace being microtransactionphobia after the fact, have its theme song, nor so much visual pandering to Adventure fans (which they were able to see through).
  3. Definitely not. I think the movie was able to suck away the good will of Mania, IDW, etc, and what little remaining good will from Colors and Generations there was, much like how Lost World eliminated a lot of that at its very announcement. And then RoL eliminates even more of it. It might have to do with some internal turmoil at Sega, which is why Forces’s budget went to the wrong places and Sonic Team have started to crumble.
  4. It’s pretty much the same thing with Lava Mountain and other “dark” levels in SLW. They ended up contributing to the peppy aesthetics more than anything else, also helping the NSMB comparisons a bit. And that “techno dreamworld” aesthetic used in games like Chaotix, Colors, and CD did make a small appearance here as part of the NiGHTS fusion stage. That aesthetic should be used more often, as it is a great way to bridge the gap.
  5. Which is why games like Mania at least give them a little tiny bit of narrative worth, alongside gameplay function.
  6. Regardless of how helpless they were, they were still less helpless than in Lost World and prior, where they literally only cheered on Sonic and didn’t even think about fighting.
  7. I also find Sonic's friends being defenseless to be redundant with the prescence of truly helpless creatures like the Animal Friends, Chao, humanity, or the Wisps around. Lost World actually made the right call by not having characters around if they weren't to do anything with them (except poor Knuckles).
  8. I think Taxman was the one who came up with that, but it would be nice if that zone turned out to actually have been considered for the original development of the game. We could also end up seeing that zone seen in the ending, but not in the game.
  9. Yeah, unlike Generations or even Lost World. I think Boom started with making the other characters somewhat helpful, while Lost World did some baby steps with Tails.
  10. In early games and media, the two types were more or less inferred to be one and the same, with Sonic and company being larger for gameplay purposes and due to importance. This was de-emphasized over time, with Sonic Adventure sealing the deal by making the Sonic-types bigger and more anthro and the small animals less so.
  11. How about a zone based around a medieval fair? One of the gimmicks would be a maypole that players would be able to swing on to gain velocity. Be careful not to be tied up. Chimneys would work like Oil Ocean cannons. Self-powered swings would also be gimmicks there. Be careful not to be hit! Call it Festive Field Zone.
  12. I want to see that in motion. It would look so crazy flopping around in the air. Maybe a sort of refueling base that makes it look like eggs in a basket?
  13. I actually thing Eggman Nega could work; just make him Archie Eggman, complete with a set of organic minions under his thumb. His treatments of his minions could be like Archie Eggman, along with his strategies and stuff.
  14. Apparently on ResetEra we'll be getting a whole bunch of Sonic CD alpha stuff soon.

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