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  1. Sonic Forces sponsored by Hooters...

    Episode Blaze will have a direct hooters tie in... She'd get so jealous! And then so relieved that she's not like that.
  2. Hey look, another obscure piece of Sonic media, this one nearly discovered! It's an Austrian educational comic about saving energy and not wasting it.Sonic Retro's article The art is the most "Western European comic" I have seen in anything Sonic, as even Fleetway had more of an American feel to the art. A blonde boy with a large nose summons Sonic from his game gear (which serves as a sort of Digivice for him) to help deal with energy problems. Sonic ends up taking on a very strange depiction of Super Sonic to battle "Gray Energy", plays detective, and even takes the boy to meet Tails! This comic was undiscovered for over two decades until this lucky find. This is actually rather fascinating, despite how weird the art
  3. Sonic Forces TGS interview

    What if this game did BOTH? If it has both mini-levels and missions? And maybe throw in Unleashed's collection element? That would be a good way of lenghthening the game.
  4. Differences between Mania and the classics

    Took the words out of my mouth. The game's difference in tone from the originals is somewhat of a flaw, in fact.
  5. Even RoL seems to handle this better. But I do think that the Modern Park Avenue seems okay, and after such a dry spell, the existence of a fully 3D stage at all is a relief with the Tag Team mode.
  6. Pretty sure it was the former, given the direction the fandom leaned in and that Boom was a massive failure. The custom character was obviously originally Boom sonic, with Wispons and perks having once been stuff like Enerbeams and Fire and Ice. Fist Bump is a milequetoast rock number because it was never intended to be such. Infinite was originally a generic monster, and Shadow was just another supporting character. He might be the reason anyone else even got in once he was shifted to a villain in this. The other d6 and Orbot/Cubot were originally in place of the likes of Chaos
  7. Like how they say "we need to find a solid Sonic gameplay to add the other characters back", and then they did a complete switcheroo to leave them out and didn't resolve the problem until recently, via DLC no less.
  8. Forces tries to appeal to Adventure fans with the storyline.
  9. I do like the violent rhythm to the stage. Let's see how the fiddler crabs and other such things may make it interesting.
  10. IDW's Sonic the hedgehog(coming 2018)

    The Rogues could be Rito, Scorpina, and Goldar's counterparts. And what about Ivan Ooze? Or what if there were more Zordon-era villains?
  11. IDW's Sonic the hedgehog(coming 2018)

    I could see Eggman palling around with Hydro Hog very well.
  12. Chaos's arms could equal the hook of the Avatar (nee the Enerbeam X3,) to swing around, and its punch could be akin to the Wispon.