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  1. Maybe we could later get a TV show covering some of the less-appreciated characters? If the film series is successful enough, though. That would actually be a pretty neat thing, and hopefully they’d be able to crossover with the films.
  2. For example, nearly every boss in the Modern Era has been in 2D, or a straight line while moving forward, with few exceptions. One of the first exceptions was Zomom of all people, and the battle was still in an awkward birds-eye view rather than a full battle arena.
  3. And even then, Lost World has many, many OTHER gimmick levels. Like the snowball rolling one. These sorts of gimmick levels feel as uncomfortable as the rigid 2D segments, if not more.
  4. Plenty of characters in this series have these sorts of restrictions and downsides to them narratively. Yet it seems Knuckles’s are the most likely to be ignored. I think that it’s how they treat the Emerald that hinders him AND the Emerald. Heck, Rouge is notable as she’s fairly planktonic, able to potentially move about without reliance on GUN or Team Dark, able to simply be there for riches.
  5. That captain guy we see briefly in Sonic Forces. @Razule came up with that name for him.
  6. They could have literally used CaptainHatMustache the Animal in those situations, but they decided to use those extant characters in a desperate attempt at developing them after years of them being Minnie Mouse and Squidward. All the while Boom decided to enrich them differently.
  7. As for what happened to the rest, even disregarding Chronicles, perhaps the Chaos Emeralds we’re unruly, as seen with what happened to the populations of Westside Island and Mirage Island?
  8. Generations made the drift an offensive move, by causing Olgilvie to tuck himself into a Spinball to do it. This could be a delineation point; some characters would drift offensively by spinballs, while others would use the more Unleashed-style, defensive drift.
  9. Colors has platforming that is rigid and forced. It feels uncomfortably boilerplate for the series. The platforming is not tuned to movement or tone, it doesn’t flow to the character’s abilities, and there are few to no action setpieces (generally once per game). It is more in-depth than some OTHER instances in the series, but it’s still not as natural as the limited platforming of Rush, Rivals, etc.
  10. Heck, even Mania! The key difference between the real 2D games and the may-as-well-be-2D games (and some later 2D stuff) is the design and flow. While the layouts of games like Advance, Rush, Rivals, and the 8-bit games are nowhere near as good as S3K (I’d argue Sonic 1 is more in the class of Advance), they are still superior to Colors. The big problem comes in when most of the advertised-as-2D games were just as badly implemented in their level layouts as the advertised-as-3D games; there isn’t much difference between Colors and Shattered Crystal in terms of design. The very existence of these advertised-as-2D games without much difference from the advertised-as-3D ones weakens the solidarity of 3D in the series.
  11. Well, this makes me realize that ST are trying Nintendo’s “once a generation” approach nowadays and are absolutely blowing it. All we got this generation was Forces as well as several Wii U exclusive oddities, one of which was panned completely. The reason Nintendo’s once per generation thing works isn’t literally because of it being once per generation. It’s because Nintendo spend those years in that generation doing something more meaningful than development of some lighting engine.
  12. Well, at least floating donuts, snowball rolling, and making juice didn’t stick around after they started, so they at least have SOME restraint going on.
  13. They could use it to introduce a new character as well... Sal-gal? Given the whole “Mushroom Planet” deal, Sonic might also make a snide remark or two about this.
  14. The events of Sonic Forces actually NEGATED Generations. Eggman in Forces learned of Generations from an experiment. In an attempt to avert his fate, Eggman managed to kick Forces into gear; hence Classic Sonic never learned the Homing Attack, and the Eggmen were never trapped in the White World.
  15. They were also fairly toxic on the SEGA Forum, if I can recall correctly. In hindsight, Boost wore out its welcome fairly quickly, especially due to the limited level design.
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