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  1. Sonic Team, specifically, not the whole of Sega. Kinda like Pinball Party and Riders.
  2. https://gonintendo.com/stories/337836-sega-wants-to-take-on-a-new-sonic-challenge-for-the-franchise-s-3 This is a bit more proof of the Westward shift, given that Sonic Team in Japan already has an eSports-Franchise in Puyo. In addition, the comments to this on Twitter made me realize even MANIA’s not immune to the weird amnesia effect Roger noticed about Lost World.
  3. Fleetway had 184 issues of distinct stories, several more of reprints, plus a number of Specials and Poster Mags. Include the Grandreams annuals and comic strip to bolster it further.
  4. They already did a little comic of her for the 25th anniversary.
  5. A crossover between all the prior Sonic comics and shows. It would be... A BLOODBATH! A bloodbath of all those past characters leading up to the creation of the IDW and Movie universes (or for more shock value, leave only the games behind). Realistically, mandates would prevent Archie from being finished at all, given the “three worlds” thing and whatnot.
  6. Also, The Cat In The Hat and even The Chronicles of Prydain are now getting another chance in theaters, so maybe it’s not totally pointless.
  7. At least Knuckles and Shadow USED to have the interesting traits utilized (and still do on very rare occasions). Zavok never got that chance.
  8. I’m pretty sure we’re getting Pauline and K. Rool bosses, but not so much on the Sonic side given how conservative TSR is.
  9. I think Cosmo crashed mainly because it was an original IP, because stuff like Mega Man was fairly successful.
  10. I’m pretty sure the basic outline was by Japanese authors who were used to the usual sadistic world-wrecking villains as opposed to what the D6 were designed to be. That’s why it came off as weird.
  11. Well, not in their first appearance, but that was an issue of the writers not being used to villains on a compact scale as opposed to ultra-destructive nightmares. Though one can say that their destructiveness was unusual and spurned by the Extractor, but it's still their first appearance and their first impressions, which mean a lot. I agree that Zavok's use as a no-context thug is annoying, but what can I do?
  12. For all the innumerable faults of the movie, at least it seems to be 75% outside of Sega’s control. But if the movie flunks then Sonic Team will probably use it as an excuse to tighten their death grip. The tighter they squeeze, the more fall through the cracks, ya know?
  13. Long story: Kathleen Kennedy got rid of the EU, for one thing.
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