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  1. Sonic Forces SPOILER Thread

    And none of it was treated as explicit comedy, either.
  2. Sonic feature as an RPG series

    In addition to an RPG, I could see a beat em up or tower defense game working in their favor. The tower defense could take cues from Metal Slug Attack (THE most arcade tower defence ive played), and have a huge number of units. That game features every Metal Slug protagonist ever, including ones that were from spin-off games. Plus a substantial number of enemies, bosses, and even brand new characters. There’s a lovely fan-made Sonic realer which takes characters from multiple canons and even special guests.
  3. Well, the ones from Lost World onwards, that is.
  4. So, he’s dead, but it doesn’t matter because every game is now self-contained apparently, with also there being two or so overall worlds.
  5. This got me thinking; would dark content in Sonic games be acceptable if it were kept to the background, or played for dark comedy? A LOT of Nintendo games use such an approach, and most of them at least break even in sales.
  6. Is it safe to say any good game from here on out is a lucky fluke?
  7. That’s where nostalgia and continuity could actually help. Bring back a ton of old bases, not just one.
  8. new sonic forces DLC could be on the way

    The track for that could be called Infinite: New Beginning or Infinite Ressurected.
  9. Remember when it was implied Knuckles was a spy for Eggman back in Mania? That’s one thing they forgot too. So many forgotten plot threads!
  10. Platformers have more diversity than one would think. Sonic NEEDS its playable characters, end of story.
  11. Sonic Forces SPOILER Thread

    About Tikal, Eggman could torture Knuckles for information on her. Maybe even to death to have a second ghost on our hands. Would make the game even Edgier. Or they could go with the apparent idea from Mania’s deleted slot machine that Knuckles was really in cahoots with Eggman all along and have him gleefully spill the beans out of spite towards Sonic. (I still headcanon that yes, he was really with Eggman so he could bog the resistance down)
  12. If Sega insist on Sonic’s friends being cheerleaders, would an Elite Beat Agents clone work for them to literally cheer on Sonic?
  13. Considering most Mario games have only Mario playable, i’d say no. Also, this style of gameplay might not really work.
  14. IDW's Sonic the Hedgehog (coming 2018)

    I actually wouldn’t mind Antoine being back as a worthless, slimy coward like he was originally in satAM, or worse. Did his original promotional design seem likable at all? In fact, i’d like it to be so. IDW has a knack for turning more ambiguous characters fully evil and making it work with stride. For example, Overlord, Rattrap, Star Saber, Sandstorm, and even Prowl In their transformers comics. Or Leatherhead and Karai in their Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles comics.
  15. Gabs should have said that Sonic Team doesn’t care anymore. Hence why they keep Kishimoto and Pontaff on their payroll, recycle assets endlessly, refuse to add playable characters (until the Shadow DLC)...