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  1. Bean Is NOT A Duck

    Soon, we may find that Rouge is half-human! Or the Master Emerald is evil! What a world! This is more fascinating than the unused dragon boss!
  2. Bean Is NOT A Duck

    No. Bean is a pure woodpecker, not even adopted, as proven below. Was Skweel the first female character in the series? No. I think Amy came before her. And yet I found that line hilarious. Skweel is even worse than Zeena. VEDJ-F, the word "Dux" means "General" in Latin. Maybe that's where they got it from instead? The head crest and tail of Bin do evoke "Woodpecker" more than anything on that flyer. The verdict is in: Bean is 100% a woodpecker.
  3. Bean Is NOT A Duck

    I assume he was adopted, actually. Or maybe he's only half-Woodpecker, but this is never stated. Also, thoughts on Skweel having the honor of being Baldy's first fembot?
  4. Bean Is NOT A Duck

    Someone on Sonic Retro has been translating Japanese profiles pertaining to non-Sonic Team characters from the olden days, and has made some starting discoveries: * Fang/Nack is half-jerboa, not half-weasel. The "weasel" part is all cultural translation for a Japanese metaphor by SoA that American audiences wouldn't get. He was originally described as being metaphorically a rat with his thieving nature. https://forums.sonicretro.org/index.php?showtopic=37058&pid=904739&st=0&#entry904739 * Bean is a WOODPECKER! He is not a duck! And yet a duck (Michael Bin from Dynamite Dux) is his father. * Bark is from North Island and has a gentle and loving heart. https://forums.sonicretro.org/index.php?showtopic=37061&pid=904809&st=0&#entry904809 EDIT: An observation I had made; Skweel from MBM is actually a female robot. The feminine eyelashes and the way her eyelids emote are evidence of this. This detail was kept in the 8-bit versions.
  5. Sonic Crushes <3

    My least favorite crushers are the ones from Fire and Ice because of how ineffective they are. Meanwhile, the many Colors crushers are very fun and a highlight of the title. Crushers that push you into the screen? Bouncy ones? YES! So fun to avoid and play around with. More true to the title, I may as well do a cover of Mambo No. 5 for all my Sonic crushes. One, Two, CD, 3, and Knuckles Everybody in the Egg-O-Matic FLY! To The - Special Zone I like Tikal, NICOLE, Honey, Blaze and Sonar! And as they continue, they only gettin' sweeter. A little bit of Cassia in my life A little bit of Perci by my side A little bit of Clove is all I need A little bit of Sonia is what I see! A little bit of Mina in the sun A little bit of Tiara all night long A little bit of Gala-Na, here I am.
  6. Why don't you take Sonic seriously?

    1) I didn't just mean stuff like Toxomeister and Ferron. I meant things that look fairly nasty and mean DESPITE being fiddler crabs and tortoises and whatnot. 2) What? They were labeled as badniks in the manual, meaning they must have been stuffed with some unfortunate animal suicide bombers.
  7. Why don't you take Sonic seriously?

    But it lessened the cuteness as it went on. Despite still being animals, they got rather mean-looking and angular as they went on. The explosive starfish had a dead red mechanical eye, even. Even the bomb with little legs is implied to kill a little animal inside.
  8. Why don't you take Sonic seriously?

    This quote seems seems like a decent summary of the series, which I actually CAN take seriously. "that life's most serious moments and most incredibly dumb moments are often distinguishable only by a momentary point of view."
  9. TIL Nack isn't at all a weasel. He's actually half-jerboa!

  10. The Hard-Boiled Heavies Appreciation Topic

    I was initially a bit apprehensive, until I realized that they were of a very different flavor to the Egg Bosses, Grandmasters/Sub-Bosses, and the Fleetway subordinates. They aren't sympathetic fleshed out characters like the Egg Bosses and half of the Grandmasters, nor are they fucking terrifying like the Fleetway villains and the other half of the Grandmasters. They're quirky, nice little baddies similar to Robot Masters and their ilk. Scratching a bit of an itch for unsympathetic villains that still have a lighter charisma to them, with their humorous actions and getups. Sure, the Deadly Six seemed to try their hand at this, but they were terribly handled, with the plot schizophrenia about how vile they were in the end. But these guys do it much better without a single line of dialogue. I hope to see them again or even see more added to their number.
  11. Forces story: what would you like to see.

    What'd I would like to see brought back Somewhat unlikely: * The side of the moon that was destroyed * Little Planet AKA the Death Egg 2 * Eggmanland * The Eclipse Cannon and ARK Very unlikely * That third Death Egg from Battle * Gemerl * That black ball Metal Sonic found
  12. Is the one that built Morpho and annihlated his Dimension still the same one from the Mirror Dimension? If not, that's five. It would be cool if Morpho's Eggman wasn't so much a dunce as he was a complete sadistic psychopathic sociopathic beast of a villain ala Archie Eggman.
  13. Sonic Forces is Rated E10+...

    The character took them seriously, yet the narrative and level design didn't seem to. Moreso with Lost world than its better-received uncles. And were we given a reason to care about these "Wisps" in the way they made us care about Tikal? In particular, it seems the Zeti deserved to be enslaved. And those planets... we don't really get an idea about how they were before.
  14. Or get Zooey to do it? Maybe that's their main reason to make her a member. No wonder she whacked badniks with a frying pan!
  15. It was awful with Mania too. on-topic: They'll probably be Adventure stages.