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  1. It's fitting that chip took the form of a dog, because if you spell dog backwards, what do you get? 

    1. Bowbowis


      Wait, Chip was supposed to be a dog?

  2. So I guess the OC's gameplay is more like how Archie/Fleetway/etc characters would generally play? And the jump stiffness seems like a fun challenge. But on the other hand, I wonder what damage negative reception would cause...? EDIT: Apparently they're still faster than the average platform character?
  3. Given the success of Robots From The Sky, and the general direction the franchise is taking, I suppose so.
  4. Neo Metal Sonic? Sticks?
  5. The announcement of the new villains changed my morbid curiosity to genuine interest. I'll accept the awful Classic Sonic depiction and music, the lumpy round shape of the custom character, and Graff's dialogue, all thanks to the interesting story.
  6. Why wouldn't you take a "laugh out loud Eggman" final boss even when he shows such strength otherwise? Why so picky?
  7. Maybe she descends, or Sonic sadly has no choice but to destroy him so he can ascend, like Cherubimon in Digimon Frontier?
  8. So maybe now there's two classic Sonicii? And on the topic of Blaze and Nega, maybe Erazor and Merlina are in on it too. And the Babylon Rogues. And if we want to get crazy, Archie Sonic.
  9. So would you prefer a basic plot or an overly wacky one? Because Pontaff is really an even bigger world apart from the classics in the end.
  10. I guess because of a marginally better design. And with Tikal gone, this leaves chaos as nothing more than a monster to be destroyed. With that they either have to find a way to bring back Tikal or destroy/seal Chaos for good.
  11. Would anyone prefer having explanations that are completely silly or open more questions than they answer, over none at all? But then again, we started off jumping on ladybugs and never truly progressed from there, only jumping on pigs, starfish, roly-polys, and frogs instead.
  12. I agree! I can't wait to see how the rest turns out.
  13. Or it turns females all round like a balloon, at this rate.
  14. Well, this looks like Echidna hair... I wonder if Tikal got Winter Soldier'd?
  15. And then again, SLW was revealed with only light stuff, and this with more or less only dark. We can expect even darker stuff later on maybe? But I agree that everything about Classic Sonic is way too cuddly and soft. Feels like they legitamately stuck something wrong in there with him. But the Dragoon jumpscare IMO is nice.