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  1. Remember when Activision resurrected Sierra?


    I didn’t know people would take it like this.

    1. Strickerx5


      Saw some mentions of this on my twitter feed. People didn't take too kindly to the title, or apparently the idea of "sonictubers" in general. Which, you know, is sort of a weird thing to be taking time out of your day to hate on since you can literally just not watch the stuff but hey, what's new with twitter I guess.

      Personally speaking, guy lays it on thick in a number of places but I certainly don't disagree with his overall view. Don't know if this is the actual direction Sega is taking though as only time will confirm that.

    2. Your Vest Friend

      Your Vest Friend

      That's not even what he said...

      Not returning wholesale basically means they don't plan to do more than what they're already doing, and aren't committed to making it its own fully fledged branch with the same attention as moden Sonic.

  3. 1. The crappy friends... they’re back! Forces WAS on the borderline of properly bad, though.
  4. I just dreamed about creating a Power Rangers-like series about rapping bears who took on humanoid forms to fight crime from afar with laser pistols that shot chi blasts after they locked on. The main protagonist was a human who also got changed into a bear while he was in a grassy field. At one point, one of the rap sequences had some guy get his root beer stolen by the bears, before he tried to lock them inside. The bears simply up and left him, and let the propane he was carrying do the work. At the end of the dream, I was in this spooky, dusty old house and led out to my father’s truck by a waif who looked kinda like Saya from Saya No Uta. Another part was discussing what Disney+ would be like if they kept Miramax and Power Rangers. Among the offerings shown on the channel was a fictitious anime where the protagonist was some brunette dude, and he was in a river being splashed with water, all as the Disney+ theme played. And then I red a book of “Alice in Wonderland”, supposedly featuring David Hall’s illustrations; but these now included houses with multiple pairs of eyes, as well as additional ones placed vertically. 

  5. It’s actually pretty interesting concerning marketing details like that. Not to mention “Death Egg Sigma”, “her red ring”, etc, from the Twitter stuff.
  6. And Dimps was kicked off after their Lost World port. Still, “meh” is a higher standard than what’s being done today.
  7. Include some elements of the IDW comics, at least as cameos, if not playing major roles. Feature the human world more. And NOT the “literally just our world” thing in the Movie, but the ORIGINAL human world in the vein of the games.
  8. And those that aren’t... still fall flat.
  9. Maybe they justify Dodonpa as an alien/too specialized, but still.
  10. I want Michelle Rodriguez as Blaze. The Chaotix can keep their game voices. I could see Halle Berry as Rouge or Sally. Amy can also keep her game voice, or maybe get Lisa Oritz back. Not sure about Silver, the other Freedom Fighters, Tangle, etc.
  11. Crash’s comeback was a miracle. Even Megaman and Spyro ain’t fully back yet. Bomberman’s return was well-received, but all we got since was a battle royale edition of that comeback game. Battletoads? Bubsy? Backyard Sports? Prehistorik? Rocket Knight? Ty? Don’t make me laugh.
  12. “Dead horses” in western animation are so because of a lack of an overarching narrative of any sort. I say a non-western example of a “dead horse” would be Sazae-San, as it too lacks an overarching narrative. Some shows, such as Thomas the Tank Engine, get brief “renaissance” periods before returning to be as bad or even worse than before. (Season 12 of SpongeBob is considered average, but I’m suspicious of the ones to come after it...) And releasing the series into the PD? Great idea there!
  13. I don’t think I I see people who want plot-relevant Wisps or Deadly Six back yet...
  14. Now where would Pontaff go? Or the likes of Maekawa? I’m pretty sure the non-Japanese writers from Boom and prior are out of the pictured though.
  15. I now wonder if SEGA would be the same way as Nintendo concerning the adaptations? And even then these “fringe” characters are limited time offers, and considered more in the category of crossover characters like the Angry Birds. A handful of Nintendo franchises HAVE added fringe characters in certain products, such as Escargoon in some Kirby games. EDIT: Streets of Rage 4 also has some references to the Fleetway comic included.
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