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  1. An artbook that reveals never-before-seen concept art (especially for the games from Adventure through 06 as well as the Storybooks), and gives western adaptations their proper dues with full coverage. Some kind of Archie and/or Fleetway omnibus, covering as much material from each as possible. Even better if they finally include the Lost Hedgehog Tales. A Tikal plush would be cute to own as well.
  2. What if it’s a hard, keratinous (or even chitinous) surface similar to that of some mammals like pangolins and armadillos? Would be an interesting take. On top of that, I think it’s skin in some continuities, keratin in others, and lighter fur in yet others still.
  3. Agreed… in fact, this approach was used by Fleetway early on, but was later retconned away, with alien invaders, inept supervillains, political corruption, etc. However, the biggest non-Robotnik conflicts remained in the distant past of the series. One could argue that in a roundabout way, Robotnik and the ROCC were responsible for the supervillains and such anyways.
  4. Kip the Capybara is the very first “classic”-only character created since the classic-modern split was cemented in 2017. In the same story, Nite the Owl appears, and has the exact same appearance as his modern counterpart for some reason. Some of the extras in the comic do look like Shogakugan characters, but the only western character to be referenced directly was Arms from AOSTH/MBM. Is there some kind of rights issue, or are they saving these references for later?
  5. And also actually has a name, and is (presumably) evil, even if TV Tropes seems to disagree. Anyways, on-topic, I think the return of Storm the Albatross is in order to keep the Babylon Rogues complete. He hasn’t been seen since like 2010 outside of print.
  6. Mac is a boss character in Megaman X3 who betrays the hunters and is slain by Zero. He noticeably has one eye. He’s another one of those generic side villains in the series, and seems to be forgotten even by their standards.
  7. Interesting... would Amy count as one of the younger set? Or Sticks? This would also be a good opportunity to have new villains featured.
  8. To be fair, Witchcart was elucidated on in the comics near the end, whereas the Deadly Six have been less so. I wonder why Flynn never picked up on Lumina and Void, for that matter? Interesting characters always beat out “generic villains”; people want to see Iris back, while nobody really cares about the X-Hunters, Nightmare Police, Mac, Illumina, Hi-Max, etc.
  9. He was also running in a brightly-lit field with happy music and rainbow-colored aliens. This one? Nope. No Classic either.
  10. This gets me curious... in 10 years, will people want characters like Zavok and Yacker back? Or will they still be hated? Or will they just end up forgotten?
  11. Futher, there’s a SECOND character embargo going on with other media characters (and most likely a number of games that are further away from Sonic team in terms of their development). Why can’t they show up in the games? The embargo between Classic and Modern that exists is made a little better as long as Mania keeps getting follow ups in some form, so we can keep seeing them. A “Dreamcast Embargo” would be weird to see as well.
  12. I feel like an arc based on Archie material could be cool, even if just used to fill the gaps with the Shattered World Crisis.
  13. That’s more or less what we’ll aim for with the combat and action. Soft puppetry is also used for close ups and non-action scenes, for more expression. My other idea was something heavily based on the SATAM premise and lore, coupled with elements from every other version of the series, in an effort to make a grounded prime-time series that would be in live-action.
  14. I’d look into using puppetry as my main medium, to make it more distinct from every prior series. Story-wise? Have the story be akin to X, where the heroes are se t to another world by chance; yet it’s explained this is in fact their true homeworld, with them having been exiled from the human world long ago due to powerful chaos magic that has faded away in the years since. The Robotnik family were also victims of this exile, and Eggman was doing this to find his way back home. (Only his head is a puppet, similar to the villains in Three Musicians of Bremen). In exile, Sonic and his crew are forced to take disguise as humans/mundane animals to avoid human ire. They also have to use a Chaos Siphon to use and break this disguise act for battle against Eggman’s machines, GUN, and other threats. Arcs would include rough adaptations of various games, mostly the Dreamcast era; as well as original storylines. The puppet system is used to quickly construct extras using modular parts attached to generic bodies. Episodes would be about 22 minutes long on average. I’d shoot for Netflix again, to keep the franchise a consistent home.
  15. Until we hit ROL levels of bad reception, perhaps...
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