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  1. GOTG was quite obscure before their movie. Ant-Man? Ant-Man was considered a joke. BH6’s comic remains obscure to this day, (and they’re now deliberately burying it) even with the movie.
  2. I could see this coffee shop being how they start a SEGA Cinematic Universe, and there might be some characters from certain other games being there, as workers or consumers. But I feel like at least one scene showing Sonic’s reaction to caffeine could work.
  3. Michael Latham, the man behind Eternal Champions, died today.



    1. AWild No.1 washed up gamer

      AWild No.1 washed up gamer

      I just found out about eternal champions recently. That game has beautiful graphics for the system it was on. May he r.i.p.

    2. Zaysho


      That's sad. My sister and I used to play that on the Genesis way back in the day.

    3. Milo


      I remember watching Matt McMuscles Flophouse Files video on Eternal Champions; it's a shame how that was made as a Mortal Kombat rival (with lots of emphasis on story) and it actually turned out quite good; but Sega screwed the franchise over because they didn't want to support multiple fighting game series (since Virtua Fighters was taking off around this time), among other things.


  4. Back when we had the original design, I was afraid the movie would make SEGA clench as tightly as Nintendo. I sincerely hope this is as tight as the mandates will ever get, and I want to see them relaxed sometime.
  5. Given the OVA rights hell, the Sonic Twitter did use Old Man Owl a while back, indicating the rights issues are being solved. And on the other hand, a few Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles elements stayed with their creators or other companies, one example being “The River”, which is owned by Rick Veitch.
  6. Am I the only one here who thinks they’ll strictly become “classic” characters, given what became of Mighty, Ray, and the Hooligans? I feel like they could replace the Classic Chaotix.
  7. I feel like that’s a valid interpretation of this trait as well. Regardless of what the trait amounts to, it’s still interesting. It could be funny if other characters believe she DOES have magic powers, but she’s been faking it in reality.
  8. ...you took the words right outta my mouth there. I completely agree with this; and hope that we can do better than what Aligned Transformers tried to do over its lifespan. Buying all Sonic-related assets from Archie Comics would be a major help in this department, in order to give us more characters and worldbuilding to potentially introduce via the “Covenant of Solaris” or something. I suppose we could retell all the Genesis games as one unit, sort of, similar to WFC 2010. This lore book would even be published and sold at retail, similar to the Covenant of Primus and Stay Sonic. Maybe, just maybe, we could try weaving in other Sega games down the line, similar to the Hasbro Comic Universe.
  9. What about Puyo Puyo? Jet Set Radio, Crazy Taxi wouldn’t be too hard either. But a lot of others would be too awkward unless we just went with cameos... but the MCU at least tried.
  10. What about the possibility of incorporating other SEGA games into the mix? I also want to see the Chaotix interpreted more similarly to their Fleetway versions, and make Blaze a member. They could be in movie 2 or 3 to be Knuckles’s backup squad. Oh, and Boom was not tied to the games and had it’s own, if shallow, mythos.
  11. I’m not as obsessed with her as I was way back in the day before SLW knocked a lot of the wind out of me, but she’s still a fantastic character with solid gameplay and narrative potential. We could explore where and when Marine comes from, for example.
  12. A Classic Collection should be massive enough to justify a full price tag, via packing it with additional content; I agree with GentlemanX on the Sonic Mania name, perhaps including Mania itself. Sonic 1-CD are Taxman versions, with some tweaks from the M2 versions added, as well as Knuckles in CD. The others get at the very least the Backbone treatment for them, though some more major games, such as 3 and Chaotix, get M2-style treatments. MBM, Spinball, 3D Blast (based on the Saturn release), Fighters and R round out the collection’s starting lineup. Art galleries and original manuals from multiple regions are available as well, but there’s still much more to unlock as you progress, much like Mega Collection. Unlock the Master System/Game Gear games first, via simply playing the other games included for some time (much like how you got Flicky in the first Mega Collection). Sonic 1, 2, CD, and 3 unlock 1, 2, Chaos, and Triple Trouble after playing for 10 minutes on each. The same also lets you unlock Genesis 3D Blast. Play 5 minutes of R to unlock Drift. Play 25 minutes of 2 to get Tails Adventure. Spinball and MBM, however, must be beaten to unlock their 8-bit counterparts. Play Drift 2 for 10 minutes to get Drift 1. Get Sky Patrol by playing Adventure for 10 minutes and Chaotix for 25. Unlock SegaSonic Arcade by beating Mania. Now beat both Fighters and SSA to unlock Waku Waku Sonic Patrol Car! Play all the 8-bit games at least twice to get Gameworld! Beat Adventure and Sky Patrol to unlock Tails and the Music Maker. Galaxy Fighter is obtained by beating Waku Waku Sonic Patrol Car twice. Unlock Schoolhouse by playing 3D Blast Genesis and Saturn versions for at least 1 hour each. Keep the compilation on for 3 hours straight to unlock Jam. As you unlock games, art is also added to the gallery, as are video clips including commercials, clips of the various TV shows, behind-the-scenes videos, and interviews. Beat Sonic 1 to unlock Flicky, and then beat Sonic CD to unlock Ristar. Play both for 10 minutes to unlock NiGHTS into Dreams..., then beat that game to unlock Burning Rangers! Beat Mean Bean Machine to get an enhanced Puyo Puyo Tsu (based on M2’s version with the addition of beginner mode from Saturn) Some of the more interesting goodies to find include a guide to Sonic’s official cameos over the years, playable prototypes, 3D model turnarounds, animation viewers, comic book and chapter book scans, rare music, and much, much more.
  13. All the “gadgets” in Lost World. They basically just float around, do their thing, and that’s it. No wonder people don’t count it. I agree on Big and Heavy as well. And then there’s Classic Sonic in Forces if he counts.
  14. And a lifeless 3/10 is the worst thing of all. So, aim for ambitiousness, as even a lifeless 10/10 is still lifeless.
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