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  1. If the Sonic Franchise ended, SEGA should be bankrupt and Their Characters will be in the Public Domain so Everyone has to make Fangames of SEGA's Characters and Sonic Team will be defunct.
  2. Nintendo can DMCA fan games but SEGA does not because They Make Worst Sonic Game, C'mon, We need a New One, It has to Be Good


  3. Regular: 1. Open Your Heart (Sonic Adventure) 2. Live and Learn (Sonic Adventure 2) 3. Unknown from M.E (Sonic Adventure 2) 4. Sonic Heroes (Sonic Heroes) 5. Green Hill Zone (Sonic the Hedgehog) 6. His World (Sonic '06) Wild Card 1. Casino Night Zone (Sonic the Hedgehog 2) Remix 1. Reach for the Stars (Sonic Colors) - Sonic 30th Anniversary Symphony
  4. I think I have an idea, There might be a Spin-Off featuring Knuckles the Echidna in the style of Spyro Games, Another SEGA Developer might develop and SEGA will release the Game, The Game might be on Nintendo Switch and Next Gen Game Hardware.
  5. hello, i am following you

    1. meruemsama


      hey ok cool please comment on my current post! ThanksĀ šŸ˜„

  6. Daytona USA is so good, It really needs a Nintendo Switch Port as part of SEGA AGES. It really needs a port, I think it will be good and not Bad.
  7. Will Maria Robotnik be Evil or not?,
  8. I think yes because We need the Werehog fourmula back and all those Hub Worlds and The Composers of Sonic Unleashed will be able to remix the Music for Unleashed's Remaster, and I think the release date is unknown, But SEGA might announce it soon in the Future.
  9. Sonic Colors Ultimate is like Sonic Adventure DX: Director's Cut (SADX) in a way because They are both Remasters and has New Features (SADX has Mission Mode & Metal Sonic, Sonic Colours Ultimate has Tails Save Mode, Sonic Movie Boost and a Rainbow Homing Attack), and Sonic Colors Ultimate has Remixed Music but SADX does not. These Games are different in a Way.
  10. Hello pooletracy, Welcome to the SSMB, Hope you have fun talking about Sonic.

  11. My Name is a reference to a Move that was in a cancelled Sonic the Hedgehog gameĀ calledĀ Sonic X-treme underĀ the name of Spin Slash

  12. I'm hyping for Sonic Prime, I hope We will see it at a Netflix Event!

    1. Chili Dawg

      Chili Dawg

      PlotĀ  twist: netflix wins e3 with sonic

  13. hey could you make me part of the sonic community

  14. please follow me now

  15. i wish Sonic Rangers or Sonic 2022 could be mde using Hedgehog Engine 2, and It might include the Boost. It might really have music by Sega's Sound Team/Wave Master and also Sonic Rangers still has the Homing Attack, as far as notes go, I think Classic Sonic and Movie Sonic should be Skins for Modern Sonic in the Game, and it might release June 2022. I might want a new Chao Garden in Sonic Rangers.
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