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  1. being horny for a character is not a valid reason for why they're good


    1. Wraith


      What inspired this epiphany 

    2. Nergal


      90% of rouge and sally fans

    3. Wraith



    4. iambitter21


      ok we get it, u no lik horny, but let me hug my rouge pillow in peace for once, JEEZ!

    5. Sean


      Please stop making accounts on this forum.

  2. people who grew up with 2000s sonic/are fans of 2000s sonic aren't the GP though. The GP is more receptive to Classic-SA2 era Sonic than Sonic games after that. the niche tastes of fans doesn't necessarily reflect on how greater audiences will react.
  3. thanks for skimming my post and ignoring the final part that proves your "point" wrong ig
  4. Yes, it's true coolness has a contemporary edge to it but to really understand what "cool" truly means you have to look into the etymology. Cool came to be in standard American English from its usage in African-American jazz music culture. At its essence, coolness is something regarded as desirable and attractive to the majority population while still keeping its edge that gives its excitement. It has a composed and collected quality without being too stiff and unnatural.. Yes, it's true what is considered cool changes with each decade but the bare essentials remains the same. The first trend associated with "coolness" on a global level were the Beatniks that was essentially a musical subculture. The Beatnik and Bohemian movement lost its edge factor once it got absorbed to the mainstream, quickly then being regarded as pastiche and out of style. The same thing happened to Disco once it went from an underground musical culture to being on every radio station in 1979. Coolness instinctively is something that is unique, unusual, or edgy [something that is experimental and counter-cultural] that is also attractive and inaccessible to the majority public. Since it's something tied to popular culture and music there is an innate rhythmic and soulful quality in the concept of cool. Moreover, it's intuitive and very much about how you tap into the public consciousness with a natural ebb and flow. From a commercial standpoint, demo testers and marketers can understand what cool is to the public audience they're trying to get if they aren't too out of the loop like many suits were in the 90s. But Sonic wasn't one of them; hence why he was so popular in the States and West for years. As of now, hip-hop and rap culture is currently considered the cool thing, though it'll eventually morph into something else since it's incredibly mainstream (in the US, at least) and becoming watered down in its initial concepts. In other words: you can't have coolness without edge and you either have it or you don't. Otherwise, it's just impossible to get it. That's why it's so easy to go into the "try-hard" zone. And to go on with my point, you're pretty much wrong in that coolness can stop being cool with the next decade. Yes, it falls out of trend and isn't the in style any more but special quality can still be recognized by newer generations. There are past musical artists still considered cool (although not TRENDY for the contemporary period) after all these years so that throws what you said out of the window. Michael Jackson, Prince, Tupac, Biggie Smalls, Selena Q, David Bowie, Queen, and other immortalized pop stars come to mind. Why Sonic stopped being cool has nothing to do with him being "outdated" but rather his creators erring in changing his image without demo testing the US market like they did in the 90s [hence why classic Sonic's personal style was based off of MJ and the music of his games were a mix between house, hip-hop, funk, rock, and new jack swing]. Sonic Heroes Sonic was something never considered cool in the US in the 2000s. That shonen hero trope was still only regulated to a certain base in America who watched anime, not the GP. That buttrock, Avril Lange and Evanescence music wasn't something really considered "cool" either despite being popular with some American teens. Justin Timberlake, Beyonce, 50 Cent, Eminem, and Lil Wayne were artists considered cool during that time. Dry humor snarky heroes weren't considered "cool" in the 2010s either. If anything, after SA2, Sonic's creators choose to pander to a niche/nerdier crowd instead of courting the general public like they used to. Even now, most people (and I don't mean nerdy Youtube game reviewers) regarded 90s-early 2000s Sonic with positivity because.. it's almost like that style he had actually aged well [and the last time Sonic actually successfully tapped into the Western cultural parameters of coolness and style] And Sonic hasn't done well like that since then... so uhh lol.
  5. Idea: Character arc in the comics/games/whatever where Amy Rose goes on an adventure, makes friends along the way, and has her own antagonist without it revolving around her love for sonic.

  6. Never cared for Cream, never will. Her sweet badass little girl with a OP chao shtick doesn't do it for me. IMO, it's all spectacle and no substance. Cream's role was really Amy's role in Classic games (at least the ingenue/sweet girl) part. Either way, I don't really get how it has a place in Sonic...? Even the child characters like Tails have a gimmick of being tech-savvy geniuses, stuff like that. But even then, classic Tails sort of played that role as well..
  7. The problem with satam/archie/western sonic female characters and rouge's sa2 design was that they had humanoid porportions compared to the males who had spherical torsos and noodle-limb designs. the disparity was so obvious you couldn't help to notice it since it was an artstyle clash and an attempt to make the female characters appear sexy by making them look like reskinned humans. from an aesthetic and marketing viewpoint designs like that is a no-go since it doesn't particularly appeal to young girls and it kinda restricts your franchise to way too many furries instead of casual players/normies because y'know... who actually wants to see a hot anthro outside of that crowd? designs like satam sally having a curvy female humanoid shape and narrow limbs while sonic had a round pot belly was still rather subtle because it wasn't extremely obvious (even though she did end up getting tons of furry fanboys *cough*) but with rouge and archie girls they pulled no punches about making them look like mature, minimized women. personally, i always hated how female characters (in general) were designed with attractiveness in mind while male characters were never particularly attractive in -that- way. at least have both or have none, you know? I think Sailor Moon and Inuyasha does that well.
  8. Making Amy an ordinary girl character after the popularity of Sally Acorn and Bunnie Rabbot in the West was incredibly tone-deaf and stupid on Sega's part. I admit I dislike most things ST/SoJ does but their handling of Amy's character was one of the worst outside of the botched gameplay and constant changing of what wasn't broken. I think Amy was really missed potential and a massive disappointment for most of her existence. To answer the OP: I can imagine she's not very strong without her hammer despite logic and intuition saying she might have massive upper body strength after carrying that huge ass thing all the time.
  9. I do not think Amy Rose is a good role-model for me. I don't see how a female character who's purpose is to just simp for her (indifferent) romantic interest would be motivating for me. If Amy was a real person I would consider her a pathetic "pick-me", so yeah, I'll pass. I have to ask where is Amy's strength in being persistent in her romantic pursuit of Sonic...? All these reads to me as someone who can't take a hint and probably likes to be dogged out [several interactions in the games of Sonic being grossed out like in Riders or even outright pushing Amy like in LW] because her heart is bigger than her sense of logic and respect for herself. Unfortunately, all of this reminds me of Sakura and it does not help her modern design closely resembles her. Just yuck.
  10. Sega of Japan using characters they didn't make? Never. They only used Whisper and Tangle because they came from an extremely regulated, pre-approved comic that suited their anal-retentive guidelines. I'm sorry to say, SATAM and Western Sonic fans. I've got my criticisms with Sally Acorn as a whole but my general feeling is that I like her. I don't have an issue with Sonic having a romantic interest at all. I've only got concerns as to how it's executed between him and the girl.
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