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  1. I subscribed to Dashie just last year. Definitely one of the best on YouTube. Never got bored of him ranting and raving whilst playing games. Especially with Super Mario Maker in which I always watch every Saturday. Speaking of Mario Maker I have made a level for him in which I'll try get him to notice next week or when he does another one soon.
  2. Disappointed with the result. Can't help thinking some people who voted to leave will want to regret it. Being screwed over with all the lies and broken promises. I didn't vote to leave because I am smart enough to not trust the man leading the campaign whom just admitted live on TV that he had lied about the NHS. Also younger people complaining that older people get to decide for the future and they don't ever get a say in this. So stressed out with everything today.
  3. Happy 25th Birthday Sonic. Videos coming any minute.

  4. Finally my 25th Anniversary Sonic video is done. It is 30 minutes long.

  5. That's all of the video footage done. Now need to record my voice and do a Sonic Fan content showcase.

  6. I am currently making a video for Sonic's 25th. I like to do a showcase of content to celebrate the success of the Sonic community. Anybody got anything you like me to include?

  7. I'll be soon start to make my own Sonic The Hedgehog 25th anniversary tribute soon for my YouTube channel.


  8. Okay guys. I have updated with some new information. Check out the top post and discuss or get involved.
  9. I can see why my capture card won't let me record 60FPS because of the Wii U screen resolution changed. Duh :lol:

  10. I broke my Wii U Gamepad accidentally.

    1. ThatOddLiam


      On the bright side that's better than breaking it deliberately!

  11. Roger Craig Smith mentioned me in a tweet saying that I am officially his 27,000th follower.


  12. Oops. Watch me play Super Mario Maker Super Mario Maker 21.

  13. Watch me play Super Mario Maker


  14. I don't buy games, watch movies or listen to music based on the opinions of critics. I totally rely on other people's opinions by reading user reviews just so I can decide whether or not I'll buy, listen or watch specific content or thing or whatever. I personally find it a bit sad (no offense) that people rely only on critics to base their decision on whether or not they should go for it without reading other user's experience but at the end of the day there is no right or wrong and it is down to the individual. That is the fact of life with or without regret. I'm not saying they should not read critic's reviews but just do both before deciding what steps to take next. So to sum it up I don't really care much about the critic reviews because I can easily source experiences from other people or just simply risk it and only ending up making the best choice or the worst choice to make.
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