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  1. Everyone knows how the 4Kids dub of Sonic X turned out, but what if Saban, the company behind Power Rangers and the English dubs of the first three Digimon series were behind it instead? How much censorship would there have been in comparison? And what would've been the voice cast?
  2. I would like to see a remake that's essentially an entirely new game just like the remakes of Final Fantasy VII and Resident Evil 2. Because let's face it, the game is pretty dated in some areas. Probably the most notable one being character animations: Not to mention I'd like to see the lore being explored more.
  3. And how would Sonic characters play off of the casts of each series that IDW makes comics for? Transformers: Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: My Little Pony: Samurai Jack:
  4. Yeah, I know I'm beating a dead horse here, but given the overwhelmingly negative reaction to movie Sonic's early design, it only makes me wonder how the whole thing would've turned out if Bay was in the director's chair.
  5. Oh, I get it. It would definitely be a horrible experience for Maria; finally being able to visit Earth like she always wanted, only to be shunned by its inhabitants because of crimes her family committed.
  6. From our perspective, Maria might as well be related to Hitler. As for Maria getting attacked by an angry mob, Team Sonic would be defending her and trying to calm the mob down, while Team Dark would be trying with all their might to prevent Shadow from slaughtering the mob in a fit of rage.
  7. I agree with most of what you said. Though I get the feeling Omega wouldn't be very fond of Maria being a pacifist. Likewise, Knuckles would also be wary of her initially due to her relation with Eggman. Unfortunately, the fact that Maria is Eggman's cousin would result in her being ostracized by a good number of people in Sonic's world. It would be especially bad if this is after the events of Sonic Forces. Expect things like this to happen to her a lot:
  8. How do you think Maria would be treated by characters other than Shadow?
  9. Not to mention it would come off as incredibly mean-spirited? Much like those bad episodes of Spongebob where a character is punished despite having not done anything to deserve it?
  10. And what do you think would be the problem with Shadow suffering a torturous beatdown like the one Vegeta got from Frieza afterwards? Especially if the results are detailed panels of the villain's fist connecting with his face, Shadow screaming in primal agony, Sonic and his friends reacting with horror to the scene, (with Cream possibly being traumatized after seeing the horrific moment), and Shadow's pride being completely shattered and him falling into depression deeming himself a failed experiment?
  11. Yeah, that question was more or less a joke made out of frustration towards Sega's mandates. I doubt they would allow anything like that in any Sonic media without deeming it too graphic or disturbing for kids. Even if there's no blood. (Hell, an entire episode of Ren and Stimpy was BANNED because of this.)
  12. Since SEGA is so dead-set on turning Shadow into Vegeta (as seen in the Metal Virus arc), what if in the future there's a scene where Shadow gets the absolute crap beaten out of him by a new villain in the same manner as Frieza torturing Vegeta to death? Just for shits and giggles?
  13. Maybe he could use all sorts of magical powers like Dark Gaia or Erazor Djinn.
  14. Funny, Palpatine had a similar plan with Rey.
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