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  1. I think this is how Eggman is portrayed too. Personally I wouldn't approve of a devilish character in a Sonic game. I feel it would make the series even more incoherent than it is now. I think Doom series handles the whole hell villain -thing very well.
  2. Dreams are truly something that make us think. Is it another life from a parallel reality we observe? Or is it a simulation of afterlife? Or just thoughts going nuts? Shame that no one can know for now. Oh and I mistyped. I've had adventorous dreams but they weren't related to Sonic, lol.
  3. 1. I want to see how the Universe was born. 2. I want to know WHAT REALLY has happened in our past. 3. I wish I had proof of both of these subjects. Then, I would start explaining.
  4. I can't say I ever had such an adventorous dream. I saw one years ago. In my dream Sega decided to cancel the Sonic series and replaced Sonic with some generic Bubsy the Cat-type mascot thing which they advertised as "True successor to Sonic!". It was depressing.
  5. Yes, this is how it was. I was visiting my friend who owned Sonic Gems collection for PS2 and he showed me some CD gameplay. To that day I hadn't really been into Sonic but something changed then. To this day it remains a classic for me.
  6. Frankly Sonic CD was the game that directly got me into the franchise. I had played Sonic games before that but I was more into Mario during my younger days. IDK there was something about CD's style, atmosphere and music. Also it intruduces 2 good characters which are Amy and Metal Sonic. When Amy got kidnapped on CC act 1 it was really cool moment. I like to play CD to this very day.
  7. Very interesting. This post won't be related to Sonic but it's a little advice I want to share to help you get started whenever you feel you could start making videos. Having studied media career I have slight knowledge of the field. Basically the equipment what you need: - Obviously a computer. You can go with a PC or a Mac, whichever you're comfortable with. Mac is often advertised on being the standard of the business, but you can get as satisfying results on PC aswell and at the same time save some money on other stuff. Just remember that video editing really demands kick from your computer parts, like RAM & Graphics card. - A decend Microphone. Idk how prices range in your country but I bought my mic (Audix F50 Dynamic mic) for 50 € if I recall, could be more aswell. Microphones tend to have different recording variations, you have dynamic and condenser etc. As a person who records voice at home for my videos, I've managed well with a dynamic mic which in general record pretty well in close distances. I suggest you take a slight research on the topic before you invest, surely there's a lot of articles in the web. - Stand of a microphone. It's not mandatory but it will make your life a lot easier when you want to record your speech. - Pop filter. Again, in theory not mandatory but it is a practical tool. It's designed to smoothen your speech when it comes to microphone, eliminating those "pops" that are born when you talk. Basically you can also make one DIY-style, search for a guide if you wish. - External sound card. This will propably be the most expensive gear you need. I use Focusrite Scarlett Solo at home, perfectly suitable for solo recording. Again tutorials for sound cards exist on the web. - XLR / microphone cable. This is the cable which connects your mic to the soundcard. As for the software: - Recording software. This is all up to you which one you prefer, there exists free and purchasable programs. I use Audacity for home recording myself and I've been perfectly happy with it so far. - Writing software. Obviously you need to write a script for your videos. You can either go with MS Word, but I myself use a prog called Trelby which uses the script standard automatically. - Video editing software. Again a large world and all up to you which you prefer. Adobe Premiere is the basic standard on the field, though I've been using Magix (previously Sony) Vegas Pro for years and I'm very fine with it. Some video editing software are freeware, but remember that you can't have prime without paying for it. Most video editing software offer an trial or demo version. And in the end, it's up to your own artistic vision on how the videos end up. This is something that you basically can't learn from articles but it comes from yourself. You can study the basics of editing and recording and the slowly start thinking about the more complex stuff. Don't try to chew more than you can swallow or you'll end up frustated. It takes it's own time until you learn, but that's basically the same with everything. If you have any more questions related to this topic, send me some PM. Idk this post might be a confusing mess lol.
  8. I remember buying Sonic Colors 3 years after it's release because I never were into Nintendo consoles, just by having a Wii U "accidentally" I managed to play Colors, and ... I truly fell in love with the game on the spot. At first I had some hard time getting familiar with Wii controls but once I got the hold of them, the game was a pleasant experience. Can't say that the plot was anything groundbreaking and frankly I prefer the Japanese script now that I've managed to see them via YT. Some of the Wisp powers were a fun add on but some felt absolute. I don't know am I alone in this post but sometimes I prefer Sonic Lost World Wisp powers to Colors - or then time has given me false memories. There's pet peeves with the game, though. One critical complain I have is the exclusivity for Wii. I'm dying to replay this game but how can I do it nowadays without a functional console? I'm not familiar with Wii emulation on PC and I'm not going to buy another one just for the sake of one game - So if Colors ever gets a release on PC or some other platform, I'd definately buy it. Also the soundtrack is spot on, but that's pretty much a standart concerning Sonic.
  9. Wow ... Have you ever considered making YT videos with commentary? You clearly have enthusiasm to do reserarch, I mean that post alone could make for a decend lenght video.
  10. Thank you. Very odd. I don't recall Eggman ever showing interest towards any female character. Well excluding Sara from the OVA ofc, but I'm talking about the games.
  11. Simasuu

    The IrateGamer

    To me Irate Gamer is truly a relic from the old Internet. I remember when people viewed him as a AVGN wannabe and a copycat. I have to say his humour does feel a little forced, I wasn't his fan then and I don't have a need to watch him now. But on the other hand I can't really respect people who think trolling him and calling him a loser is "big fun". He clearly loves what he's doing and making videos like he does isn't something you can make up in 1 day. He's actually contributed more than some people who were trolling him.
  12. Something like Sonic VR ? Or I have an idea, a Sonic CD sequel that's actually using a CD-R and features elements similar to late 90's or early 2000's games. The plot could have Little Planet actually taken over by Eggman (Bad future style) where the whole place is a polluted technological nightmare. Act 1 would be set in the dystopian bad future, act 2 in the PAST setting (time period where Eggman has barely started the construction cycle) and during every ACT 2 you could have a optional bonus side quest to turn Act 3 into good future.
  13. Hard to say. Maybe people want the modern game plots to be more serious again and Maria's character were from that era. Also maybe they want Shadow to have a good plot, like atm he doesn't really have much to do, so idk Maria's comeback would do something about it.
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