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  1. Do you guys remember the age of flash animations and Windows movie maker-tier videos? The magical era of simpler web, where passion and fan culture succeeded. I just wanted to make a thread where we can post our most memorable Sonic related fanwork, let it be videos, flash animations, drawings or fanfic, you name it. Myself I found this one particular video the other day. One of the earliest Sonic fanworks I ever found. I love how it's such an product of it's time. It's so bizarre and abstract but also nostalgic. This is the shit the web was filled with back in the day. Please post your favourite fanwork etc.
  2. Whatever happens, I will raise a toast of vodka for our dear hedgehog friend.
  3. Today while I was browsing through my shit I found some Sonic related stuff which I don't think are very popular. Could be that I'm wrong but what the hell. - A Sonic poster (duh) which I presume dates back to 2013. It was taken from the local children magazine appearing weekly and it's quite minimal: it's basically just Sonic on a blank white background on that Sonic Lost World pose you know, hence why I presume it's dating there. - McDonalds Happy meal Sonic X merch, except I have no idea if it's official. Actually I dunno how to even describe the thing. It's a dark blue plastic "something", an hollow case about the height of an pencil pen. Featuring Sonic on that Sonic X pose and the text "Sonic X".. Except I see no reference to Sega anywhere on this whole thing. Sure there's an trademark note on the Sonic X logo, but the back text just states copyright for something titled "SONIC Project". This thing dates back to 2006, according to the back, too.
  4. I'm playing Heroes Might & Magic 3 against AI and I'm getting my shit pushed in there.
  5. This is a thread dating back to the now defunct offical Sega forums. I'm dying to get some shit for my / Sonic / folder so I hope you guys got anything funny, abstract, cringeworthy etc. You name it. Let me start with the infamous: Here's some original content: & here:
  6. Would love to see a photo of one. I've seen some retro electric soundbook from the 90's. Never owned it myself but saw it on Youtube. And in 2019 I saw some Sonic related merch on a fast food restaurant, now that I think of it.
  7. In Red Alert 2, when you play Skirmish / multiplayer and choose Libya as your faction, the country flag is a modified pre-Gaddafist state flag instead of the, you know, official Libyan flag. What's weirder though, RA2 came out in the early 2000's while the Gaddafist flag was used until 2011.
  8. idk something like PRIMAL FEAR IN A STRANGE DIMENSION - A MYSTERIOUS PAST COMES ALIVE . . . 100 internets to anyone who recognizes the reference.
  9. I want to hear what is your personal rarest Sonic appearance you have witnessed. What do I mean by that? Well something more obscure that is not very related to the main Sonic series. Not saying that it can't be related to Sonic or Sega in general, but something that you have found outside Sonic. You get it? Good. As an example, I'll start. When I was 8 years old or something, I visited this huge amusement park in Helsinki, which featured an arcade hall with pinball machiness, rally cabinets etc. Obviously most of them were made by Sega, and they featured this cool logo theme video where a shark was diving in the ocean "jaws" style, with it's fin only visible above water. However, when the "shark" got up from the water, you'd see that this "fin" was only Sonic's spike, and there he was giving a thumbs up to the player with SEGA logo fading in. Cool stuff. Does this mean that Sonic can canonically swim without a lifejacket? If you happen to know where I could find this shit, I'd love to know. Please post in the thread if you have any idea! I'm trying to come up with other instances. Please post your original stories if you have any, I don't mind the generally known Sonic weird tales but it's always funnier to hear new personal stories from people themselves.
  10. Gerald Robotnik made an functioning clone of an Echinda found from a DNA sample while he was investigating Angel Island.
  11. Hell yes I am, and I'm also very concerned about it. I think it is safe to say that the internet has become a way of life. Everything is there: entertainment, news, your daily needs like food ordering, social media etc. But I can't help but feel something is very wrong. Forgive me but there are some feelings I can barely put to text, but I'll try... Like there is just so, so much bad shit going on in the internet .. Bad energy you could say. Everywhere I look at I can see people are starting to argue about issues, whatever the case. Not saying this didn't happen back in the day but now it's more like an rule than exception. Most of the people just don't treat each other with respect but with hate - I guess this is easier to do since you're communicating online. Social media at it's worst is making everyone's life miserable. To it's defense I have to say that platforms like Facebook give an opportunity for like minded people to meet up in groups, but even that I feel has gone downhill. As for the bad, I can see why mental illnesses and social media go hand in hand; when you browse your feed day by day and see other people's "perfect lives" where it's all smile and shine (despite you have no idea what happened 30 min. prior the photo) you might start to feel envious, sad and angry.. It's a competition, a race which has no end, until people just burn out, or in worst case die. One of the issues that personally grinds my heart is to see my precious YouTube transform into Youtube™ and that there's nothing I can do about it. Why in the fuck do I have to see an commercial for a 2 minute Sonic Adventure music track? Let alone 2? Because that's what's happening, they just keep on adding the commercials as time goes by. There's only a handful of reasons I still stick to platforms like Youtube but to be honest, it's becoming more and more redundant for me. So what I think are the alternatives to internet? Books, outdoor activies, learning to do stuff, making your own content. These things make you feel better in general than just browsing that FB feed for more bullshit. So turn off that phone (or whatever you use) for a while, dress up and get outside, just go and don't stop for a while.
  12. Ain't this the truth. I guess Shadow was such a big deal for Sonic Team at the time that they really, really wanted to promote this character. After all this was the period when Shadow had only starred in 2 games prior, so they must've really been excited about his potential.
  13. - Good soundtrack. I guess it's more about hearing than seeing but you get the point. - Humour, not over the top but something that makes you chuckle every once in a while. - Focus on main series characters - last thing I want to see is yet another new character designed solely for the show. IDK is there anything else at the moment.
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