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  1. A port that nobody asked for in place of a big next gen title? It's 1996 all over again.
  2. Welcome! I wouldn't consider 32-33 to be "old hag", but I'm 28 so I'm not far from your age. I also grew up with the classic games, cartoons, and comics a bit, although I was very young. I have a feeling that "new game 2015" was referring to the Boom titles. I guess 4-5 years age difference really does matter here. My brother got Dreamcast on U.S. launch day, only console we ever got on launch. This was our first 3D console and one of the first 3D games I ever played (not counting 3D Blast because). I would've been like 6-7 years old. I guess I was highly impressionable at that age. The game just blew me away. The loud rock music that was so different from the Genesis games, the new graphical art style, the darker themed and more expansive stories with 6 playable characters,... it seemed mature to me somehow and that made it "cool". Also it's one of the few times we had full control of a 3D Sonic. I guess being 11-12 would've made this all seem a bit corny and like it was "trying too hard" from what you were used to. I was the same way with Heroes, and Sonic X, so when Zoomers go on about how those were the best, I have a similar reaction. It's an age thing I suppose. But yeah it is nostalgia I suppose as well.
  3. I've had them on every popular site at this point. I'm just so done but I need to socialize somehow. If I weren't so lonely, I'd do the same.
  4. It just plays into trendy identity politics. And if we point out how it's often used to bully or doxx people, we get banned.
  5. I began Pokemon Quest. I just hate the whole "free to play" mechanic though, but otherwise sorta like it? There's one part where the difficulty just spikes right up and it takes forever to get new Pokemon.
  6. A part of me wishes we got that version but then again, we already had to play the same game 4 times as is.
  7. Tbh Sonic looks kinda terrifying in that pic.
  8. Wait- there were originally 6 teams!?? I wonder who the other 2 were!
  9. This one hurts the most. The old YouTube used to be a place for losers and dorks like me to just... be ourselves, among each other. Not having to compete with billionaires and superstars for a chance to be seen. Not forcing ourselves to follow trends. Just posting whatever comes to mind. No fancy video editing (Windows Movie Maker, maybe), or super-expensive 8K cameras. No cinematography courses needed. Well the internet made it very clear they don't want anyone like me. And that's that. More and more I just find other things to do, as painful as it is to leave the place I called my only social home for well over half my life (nobody IRL will go anywhere near me).
  10. ...Sonic Labyrinth? :v Tbh I just looked through their discography... I mean... gameography? Didn't realize they made Pinobee! I enjoyed that game as a kid. I wonder what stopped it from becoming a notable IP. Glad we're outta that era tbh, the near-death of 3D platformers.
  11. That's why my female OCs don't wear clothes either tbh. But also I don't sexualize anthropomorphic underage cartoons so.
  12. How did you even find this thread? xD
  13. Sonic 1 gets a lot of flack for, ironically, being too slow in certain sections, and too difficult to build up speed if momentum is lost. If anything, spin-dash helped fix this. Idk how anyone could hate it.
  14. Do they at least deliver good food to you?

    1. SaelvibkG



  15. Wow, can't believe I somehow missed this topic a few months ago! Wonder where I was or why I missed it (tbh I was sick with COVID and gaming a lot but anyways...). The only one of these I'm really familiar with is Ice Cap. The music for Diamond Dust (Genesis) is amazing though, as is of course Ice Cap's. These ice zones always have great music. We deff need more ice zones going forward (which it seems has been done more in later games).
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