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  1. I honestly agree. It might be possible to consolidate the canon up until now, but the last time this series' lore has felt consistent with itself was like, Sonic Adventure 2. (not counting spin-off games, I suppose, those have always been weird)
  2. I honestly wonder if Blaze was supposed to have Elise's role incredibly early on in Sonic '06's first drafts, and it just got heavily changed as development continued. They are both princesses with fire powers after all, if you count Iblis being sealed away as a "power", that is. Maybe '06 would've been an origin story of sorts for her? Plus, that would explain why Blaze is so pointless in the game's story; any importance she would have had was stripped away and given to another character mid-development. No clue how they would've done it, but it's always interesting to think about what could have been.
  3. So, I don't think that anyone has made a post about this on here yet, and I haven't seen many people talk about this. I stumbled upon a Tumblr post the other day talking about Sonic '06's canonicity, and hidden details surrounding Blaze's backstory (which you should go ahead and read if what I'm talking about here interests you). For a long time, people have been confused about where Blaze truly comes from, as '06 and Sonic Rush seem to have her come from completely different places: the future, and the Sol Dimension. But the script writer for '06, Shiro Maekawa, has stated on Twitter that there is a connection between the two games, it's just never been mentioned before. Maekawa: “The truth is, when writing Sonic 06 we wanted to add the sense of a connection between Sonic Rush and Sonic 06, but I don’t think that’s ever been officially stated.” The connection he's referring to comes from one of Blaze's final lines in Silver's Story: This means that the dimension she's referring to is the Sol Dimension; meaning that Blaze did initially hail from the future, she was just sealed inside the Sol Dimension via Chaos Control. Heck, Blaze even briefly turns into Burning Blaze for a moment before fading away: (notice the magenta-colored fuzz around her shoe cuffs rather than the usual white) Then why does she seem to be familiar with Sonic when she says, "blue hedgehog"? Its a translation error. The Japanese word for "blue" can also mean "naïve", meaning that she was talking about Silver this whole time, it just got lost in translation. This becomes even more interesting when you consider Eggman Nega's whole deal. Like Blaze, it's been wondered if he comes from the future or the Sol Dimension; however, it has never been stated that he came from the Sol Dimension, it's just merely been implied that he is Eggman's interdimensional counterpart. He's always been from the future, he just crossed over to the Sol Dimension through unspecified means, making him both Silver and Blaze's nemesis. So the stories of Sonic Rush, Sonic '06, and Sonic Rivals are all connected in a way, their chronological order just likely differs from that of their release order. It seems bizarre to have all of this hidden plot, just to never address it, but it is possible that they were planning on giving Silver a solo game that would clarify all of this; it just never happened due to '06's poor reputation. What do you think about this? What could they have truly been planning? Would you have liked to see all of these plot elements explored? Because I know I definitely would've.
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