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  1. There are some critical takes in here that analyze things I didn’t think twice about. I guess the last 10 years, the games, comics, TV shows, and certain elements of the fandom have undone a lot of the progress that I at least thought this series had made.
  2. Sonic has more female representation than most video game franchises. It’s done a lot, but it’s also not good enough. I like that we have this topic here while the Sonic subreddit is having a repulsive circlejerk.
  3. The world would not be the same if the Sonic games stopped at SA2. I don’t know how I would be able to sleep at night.
  4. I’m just laughing at the timely use of the term “embargo” and I can’t even disagree that that’s what this mandate technically resembles.
  5. I’ve been playing it and honestly Big’s gameplay is a lot of fun and incorporates interesting elements like floating and the lure upgrades and lifting heavy objects. The highlight of his gameplay is probably the fishing learning curve. It’s a lot of fun once you get the hang of it! The maker of this video definitely had some fun with Big. They show you where the lure upgrade is first thing. Really nice video.
  6. What do you think art is? And Sunshine is the best Mario game so this is wrong by default.
  7. What I don’t like is the way they specifically mention that they are trying to appeal to Mario fans in particular without demonstrating a comprehensible knowledge about what makes so many people want to play Mario games in the first place. I don’t think that many people play Mario games because they honestly believe that Mario is the coolest guy in the universe, the greatest video game character of all time, (although he is indisputably an icon and a legend). They play Mario because almost every Mario game is widely regarded as a world class creation in the art of video games that most players strongly encourage everyone to play at least once just for the experience. Sonic games seem to have been missing that kind of innovative, highly-recommended experience for some time now. I feel like Sega should have considered themselves above such comparisons since at least the first Mario & Sonic game. Instead it almost feels like those games immortalized Sonic’s race to catch up to Mario’s fame and acclaim. I don’t think that kind of competition leads to good art, which I believe speaks for itself in this case.
  8. I think Lightning Sonic would be cool. It could even bring back glide-running like Shadow’s shoes.
  9. I might be changing the definition, but I think of an RPG as designing your own character and deciding your own story. I pretty much equate the genre with The Elder Scrolls. Sonic games seem different because it’s all about the flagship characters and, (of course), the awesome platforming.
  10. There’s no way. Forces seems like a novelty. I don’t think anyone plays Sonic games for RPG elements and that’s essentially all Forces offers in the way of innovation.
  11. This is so dope. Casinopolis is so cool. I still go in there to play spinball.
  12. Fish Out of Water, Time’s Arrow, and Free Churro are three of the most outstanding episodes of any television show I have ever seen. Each of these three episodes practically revolutionized the television format. Cartoons will never be the same. I think the 4th season dealing with BoJack‘s mother’s origin story was my favorite. The first part of season 6 was unpredictably fresh and fun. Totally not what I was expecting. In fact, the show only got zanier as time went on. That’s why I was a little bit curious why it would be canceled when there were so many more stories left to tell. I think the simple answer is that the creators actually wanted to move on to other projects, as the teaser the user above me posted suggests. I think there’s no way the show wasn’t a success for Netflix.
  13. I’ve seen this before. Thank you for posting.
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