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  1. Fish Out of Water, Time’s Arrow, and Free Churro are three of the most outstanding episodes of any television show I have ever seen. Each of these three episodes practically revolutionized the television format. Cartoons will never be the same. I think the 4th season dealing with BoJack‘s mother’s origin story was my favorite. The first part of season 6 was unpredictably fresh and fun. Totally not what I was expecting. In fact, the show only got zanier as time went on. That’s why I was a little bit curious why it would be canceled when there were so many more stories left to tell. I think the simple answer is that the creators actually wanted to move on to other projects, as the teaser the user above me posted suggests. I think there’s no way the show wasn’t a success for Netflix.
  2. I’ve seen this before. Thank you for posting.
  3. Oh my goodness I just got to Security Hall with Rogue and I gave up after my fifth try. I don’t know how I ever beat this as a kid. And Eggman’s kind, soft, loving voice buzzing in your earpiece every 30 seconds telling you to “hurry it up!” was surprisingly not very helpful.
  4. No, the M.E. gave him purpose. This explains everything:
  5. Corporate social media tries to appear woke, but it’s always business as usual. I had a very nightmarish experience on Reddit in particular.
  6. I hate social media. You’ll only find me on forums. I have an Instagram to follow artists I like and a Snapchat to keep up with friends, but corporate social media is a joke. I have been banned from basically everything for political statements, always liberal ones. Checkmarked Twitter users can spew all kinds of hate speech but no one is allowed to tell them to **** off. Corporate social media is a centrist nightmare. A bunch of weak morals, shallow virtue-signaling, and more and more censorship. I never looked back from Facebook, the biggest fad of the 2010s.
  7. lol no one is going to respond to this? Too weird?? 😂😅 This discussion is actually the first time I’ve even thought of chao’s gender. I think it’s kind of weird myself, and I would stick to the game information that does not specify. I think if chao had genders then they would have been specified in the games, but they’re not. Because I think chao were created as a genderless species. As for how they reproduce, I don’t think it would be anything like the way we think of it.
  8. Maybe they’re just hermaphroditic organisms? They basically are considering any two can mate.
  9. This is a great look for Knuckles. Sonic’s still got that giant forehead like in the movie (or maybe it’s just because his eyes are smaller?)
  10. I lived for spindash in Sonic 2. They wanted to show us something new that Sonic could do, and I think most would agree that it worked beautifully. It was (like many things) clunkier in CD but by Adventure it was clear that the spindash is always going to be one of Sonic’s signature moves. A2 added some fun mechanics even though it seemed a little less intuitive and there was a greater danger of spindashing into outer space. I would say spindash is only bad in Brawl where it’s basically just the easiest way to roll off the stage and KO.
  11. My own personal headcanon is that Knuckles protects the Master Emerald to pay off the debts of his ancestors. His life is extended to protect the Emerald. His existence is inextricably tied to the Master Emerald.
  12. that’s funny because I remember drowning in the water several times as Super Sonic. Here is what my final boss fight absolutely did NOT look like for reference:
  13. Robotnik has Sonic’s quill? That sounds really interesting I bet it looks really cool in the movie I haven’t seen yet. I think he’s going to use it to make Metal Sonic, no doubt about it, and Shadow will be introduced in movie 4, I’m guessing. Of course it would also be cool for a story where Eggman engineers Shadow, but that would quite certainly quash any chance of seeing Metal Sonic in the movies and I think ole Metal is too big of a screenhog to pass up.
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