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  1. FIrst i want to thank all the guys at SSMB for giving me my soon to be bride a shout out. (She was yelling in the backroom while i was blasting music)

    Second I want to thank those who liked my content because apperently im number one on the leaderboard for the week!

    Third i need you guys for wedding ideas me and Asha are trying to make it the best we can and we need a theme (we thought video games but haven't narrowed it down to one


    This is the best day of my life and Asha says the same!!!

    1. Indigo Rush

      Indigo Rush

      We don't like being lied to.

    2. Angyu


      Did you really lie to us Levi? :( Why??

    3. Indigo Rush

      Indigo Rush


    4. Jovahexeon Jax Joranvexeon

      Jovahexeon Jax Joranvexeon

      Yeah, you can kiss a lot those likes (mine included) Goodbye liar.

  2. I would have prefered sat-am beginning but who am i kidding they would'nt do that to save their lives!
  3. I'm probably the only groom who's blasting Crush 40 thru his apartment cause he's getting married!!! After all it is going to be a video game themed wedding!!!(if i can convince her) (help me out @Indigo Rush
  4. @Indigo Rush The jewelers said they would have it ready the day i proposed to her. However someone else bought it from the jeweler when i specificly told him to hold it for me (this actor does'nt make that much money) So i just said what the heck i've been waiting since Christmas to do this so i proposed. She asked me where the ring was i told her i would take her to the jewelers to pick it out herself(not the jeweler who didn't hold on to my ring!) She actully might pick it out online. Thanks man, this is the second best day of my life(the first is my wedding of course. Ps. Lol she literally just sent me the link for the one she wants(took a screenshot for ya) https://personalized.kay.com/?s=8916&hs=kay&hc=4846bab6-0033-4df9-a0b8-bf89a468bf1d&hu=622352000&m=s
  5. @AshaTheFair as Sonic say: Don't be afraid to accomplish your dreams.
  6. Love it, Shadow needs a goal! This plot reminds of "it's A Wonderful Life" if you remember Clarence said one life can affect so many others! So some thing throws Silver back in time while Sonic and Eggman are having their first fight. Then Shadow out of impluse screws with chaos control and messes with the past (accidently) allowing eggman to defeat Sonic and robotize the planet! Shadow remember if Sonic wasn't there to change his mind he would have been Eggman's slave. So Shadow goes off on his own adventure(Silver will catch up later). Silver exploring the new world finds a grave stone (cue the cutscene, cue the tears) Then Blaze shows up and says "that's what happens when you mess with the fabric of time" They get over the stone and start to try to find Knuckles and guess who they find the echidna tribe. The echidna tribe explain Silver (and Blaze and robot rep) are the chosen ones to turn back the time and forge a better future. Game play switchs to Shadow who soon finds Uncle Chuck. Shadow being edgy for a minute. Until he finds out that is who raised Sonic and created the power rings. Uncle chuck mentions he is working on a ring to turn back time(but needs the Chaos Emeralds) and since Shadow (nor SIlver) can go back in time anymore he agree to find them apon finding Silver
  7. Blast your favorite video game tunes because guess what?

    I'm getting married!!!

    Be sure to look for @asha the fair to be joining ssmb today.

    (I was so happy i had to tell you guy's since i don't have much family)

    But enough of that lets celebrate!!!!!!

    Ring | Sonic News Network | Fandom


    1. Jovahexeon Jax Joranvexeon

      Jovahexeon Jax Joranvexeon

      Well man! That's awesome news! Congrats!

    2. blueblur98


      That's great news! Congratulations!

    3. TheOcelot



    4. DarkRula


      Great news. Wishing you a congratulations.

  8. Would you rather the Sonic die and someone else take over. The "Sonic can't lose" thing is the charm of Sonic You know he's going to turn out okay. In other words Ian knows Sonic and his capabilities. This hedgehog has turned into a werehog,forced to collected 7 world rings,turned into mecha sonic among many other things! So it's not like it's easy for Sonic to do all these thing as you see Sonic does start to lose in some instances Like the most recent "Metal Virus Saga" where the Deadly Six take over and Sonic's speed loses it power to fight the virus. Ian just showed that Sonic isn't OP or a God-Like figure he is just like everyone else without his trademark speed. I would never change the "Sonic can't lose" thing because i like him being fashionably late and blowing through badniks(robots) like shredded cheese. However i do aplaud you for your first point. That also begs the question without Sat-am or Archie(Sonic Underground) would we have even got Sonic's story? I think we should be grateful we do have one. This leads into character stories and giving characters more depth etc.... It's more than just non-game relatives. I appeciate the effort though.
  9. DId anyone one notice Dr.Starline is like Snivley 2.0


    1. The Master

      The Master

      He's also Dr Finitevus 2.0.

    2. AWild No.1 washed up gamer

      AWild No.1 washed up gamer

      Snively hated eggman. Dr. Starline is obsessed with him.

    3. LeviTheGreat


      @AWild No.1 washed up gamerStarline is starting to turn trust me just like everyone else Starline is going to do things his own way soon.

      During "Metal Virus Saga" when Sonic attempts to protect Barricade Town.

      Starline has a moment when he sees eggman's not all he's cracked up to be(pun not intended)

    4. AWild No.1 washed up gamer

      AWild No.1 washed up gamer

      Just like when snively usurped the eggman empire he betrayed him. So yeah he is snively 2.0.

    5. Plumbers_Helper


      Even Snively originally looked up to his Uncle. It wasn't until Robotnik turned him into a slave that he hated him. (17:36) So the comparison isn't unwarranted.


  10. @Rabbitearsblog you opened a whole new world for the movies i LOVE that idea and i hope it's the case!!! @Leebo4 I had my doubts for the last movie i'm keeping my hopes up for this one.(Aka i really want a Shadow Cameo)
  11. @Shadow Chaos Control I feel a lot of testing would go into making this game because Silver and Blaze are probably not going to be easy to control. They would have to make Metropolis even more futuristic than it is imagine that! Silver has to defeat someone so maybe Eggman Nega? Silver's world is gonna have to be kinda Cyberpunk 2077. I want it to be open world like Sonic Adventure but not lots of restrictions or in game gadgets (gamers will find a way to get them before their supposed to). Shadow needs to be his rival i want them to have a rivalry like Sonic and Knuckles! Blaze and Silver can find the Sol Emeralds and/or Chaos Emeralds to make the game more fun (players don't have too but if they do the result is legendary)! Each team has a path in the story and each play a role in world around them and effect's what Silver's Future looks like.
  12. I dont agree with you when you say that she is more parallel to Knuckles. Why because you forgot a cruicial piece of Blaze's puzzle. SILVER!!!!!!! Then again I wouldnt look at it like are they parallel i would look at like do their personality fit each other. When i think of Blaze i think of Silver these two are a package deal. Blaze keeps to herself, in Rush games she only got involved because she wanted to,Blaze has great power but humble. Silver needs freinds,loves to get involved when he can,great power but humble. If we look at Sonic, he's very social,relies on his friends and always has confidence. There is one loophole here that you needed to address. Which is CONFIDENCE! Silver and Blaze both lacked confidence, they both came from different diemensions, they both connect in way no other characters can. So with that said do i believe Sonic or Knuckles parallell Blaze no i do not.
  13. I can't believe i just thought of this but... if Knuckles and Tails are in the same movie that means we are getting Sonic 2,3, and Sonic and Knuckles all merged together. The human world makes things interesting if you remember Sonic X took place on earth! Could Tom be a ancestor to Chris?(maybe,maybe not?) If Sonic and Knuckles are going to fight i would like them to do it on the Death Egg while Tails is hacking in. I don't see why Randall is an important character(since he's a newbie to the franchise),but people say Chris Hemsworth might play him if not Knuckles. Then again none of this is official. Randall is probably gonna be that guy on earth who puts together all the pieces of the problems happening on earth compared to Sonic's World. Tom, to be honest i would rather it be Chris and Sonic (maybe it's because i'm a Sonic X Fan?). I'm Interested to see if we get a third one will it be adventure 1 and 2 merged together(that'll get me even more happy)
  14. @Shadow Chaos Control I like the way you think! If i were a writer for his game his story would go something like thing... Silver grows up with parents. Parents die because of Metal Virus. Silver gets angered runs away from his parents. SIlver gets flashback.(fans get to see how he got his powers) Silver goes back in time (a couple of cutscenes of Silvers help to Sonic flashby indicating that this is now the present) (in the present time) Silver in the present time senses something wrong in the future. Blaze reluctant to let him go alone again asks if she can tag along(stats she has Sol emeralds) Silver lets her tag along. They go to the future and find out Eggman is wiping everyone out of existance. So they decide to stop him (After they find an abandoned robot screaming for help) Silver's Future 2021 coming to a store near you!
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