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  1. I just want like 2 good 3d Sonic games then we can have the extra stuff
  2. That's sounds pretty interesting. But I wonder how they would handle something like that.
  3. The entire reason Mania Adventures worked so well is because it was just a compilation of shorts, when you turn it into a TV series it becomes this thing that you have to try and make a plot around AND work out the characters emotions in 11 or 22 minutes. And if you're only referring to 2-3 minutes it wouldn't work on TV since times have changed to where they want you to watch things longer.
  4. I really only like Blaze and Amy whenever the writers try and make her decent. There are a few missing since I don't know some or just haven't seen enough of to judge. Blaze, Sally??, Amy??, Rouge, Bunnie, Wave, Marine, Cream Might tie Sally and Amy idk
  5. Looking at the people who are working on the show I'd say the best option would be to go a Sonic X route, comedic and serious. But they should do it without a human who replaces the main character, and is only there to annoy the audience.
  6. Well I mean ok. Since we haven't seen anything about this cartoon I can't really say I like it or hate it, so like whatever. As someone who only watched the dub I didn't really think it was too bad or good, just kinda plain.
  7. Does he work on all the designs for the movie? Just a question.
  8. You do list off some cool ideas but I feel that this would probably work better as a short cartoon series. There definitely are some cool ideas there but it being a short series would make much more sense. The whole 1930s style doesn't work for a Sonic game in my opinion.
  9. While that's true it doesn't really make since for a game(even a spinoff).
  10. So pretty soon I'll be getting a Wacom Cintiq 16 which is a screen drawing tablet, so I'll be making some new art to share.

  11. Yeah, they really have no reason to when it ended over 4 years ago now.
  12. I think a way you can improve on these is understanding how Sonic characters are drawn. For example you obviously didn't use actual construction on your characters, you just drew them from your head. Here's a tutorial on how to draw Toei/Junio Sonic:https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UQqfOm-CHwI The reason I gave you a tutorial on Toei/Junio specifically is because this is the only Sonic drawing tutorial I could find with actual construction. Once you do that you should practice a bit and if you want to draw modern Sonic just apply what you've learned when drawing him. Something that will help you is looking at references so you stay accurate. Once you do that and understand how you can draw Sonic apply it to your OCs.
  13. The main games are the most important though. Playing a racing game or olympic game can only be fun for so long. I think a big reason why people say 4 years (myself included) is because before lost world we would get Sonic games every other year or so, as to now we've had to wait 4 years twice. Another thing about the 4 year thing is that a lot of people were disappointed with Sonic Forces, and apparently half or 3/4ths of the time were spent making the game engine instead of developing the actual game. I don't know if this is %100 true since I've seen some people calling this information false but the other factors are still worth looking into.
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