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  1. i’m not quite sure i mean it could be sega rushing games to meet deadlines or just laziness they’ve shown us plenty of times that they’re very capable of making really great and fun games i don’t know why it’s so hard for them to stay consistent
  2. i’m hoping it balances comedy & seriousness the same way sonic X did i think it had a great balance & maybe shove some of the meta humor sonic boom had when the series poked fun of itself but nothing else from that show
  3. i think this sums it up perfectly tbh i don’t think the problem is sega listening to the fans , it’s that when they do listen they execute it in such a stupid way for example : sonic boom , shadow the hedgehog , team sonic racing , forces , riders zero gravity , sonic 06 etc
  4. it feels like they mostly did that out of laziness so they’d have an excuse not to re-design or bring back any of the “classic” characters in modern games
  5. i agree tbh & another problem with sega is that when one of the things they throw sticks & is liked by the fanbase they find a way to mess it up then abandon it just like how 06 basically killed the adventure games & forces probably did the same to the boost ones
  6. since the next game is probably coming out next year i feel like this is the perfect time for sonic to make a crash bandicoot-like comeback , fix up and remake sonic adventure 1 + 2 with a few additions here and there (upgraded chao garden , online , fix big’s gameplay etc) then bam , everyone’s happy after that in 2022 when the netflix series is released they could make mania 2 & possibly a sonic riders 4 (ik that’s a bit far fetched) within the same year or in 2023 and then they can go on from there , that way they pleased the 2D sonic fans , the people begging for adventure games since they don’t wanna make an adventure 3 & saved the franchise for the time being in reality we’ll probably get another low budget mediocre game starring zavok , classic sonic , wisps & green hill but hey! it’s good to dream once in a while how do you guys think sonic could make a comeback ? id love to know!
  7. just started getting into the idw comics and it’s SO good , it’s nice to see throwbacks to heroes , riders etc i wish who ever tf wrote the games was this great at storytelling 😔

  8. this is great!! i love how u incorporated a crash like art style
  9. possibly around the sonic 1-sonic 3 era it seems like sonic kinda started falling off in popularity as early as sonic adventure , he didn’t become irrelevant obviously but less popular than he was in his 2D era
  10. to be honest there’s 3 sides to the sonic fandom there’s the talented people who make amazing rom hacks/remakes/fan games etc , normal people who just like to talk about sonic and then there’s the pervs who draw sonic hentai and make sex dolls i mean someone straight up made a sally acorn sex doll (no hate to him) but like i guess that’s where the fandom gets it’s bad rep from
  11. i’ll never understand why people hate sonic’s cast or think that there’s “too many” i think most of the cast are actually dope , fun to play & more interesting than sonic himself like i’d choose playing as tails , knuckles , silver etc over sonic any day also imo sonic riders (the first one) is one of the best racing games the only problem was the learning curve but other than that it’s actually really fun and mario kart + ctr aren’t even close to its level
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