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  1. nicknyte.com No really.

    1. Nicknyte


      Finally found some Japanese avis. Took forevVVERRrr

  2. Don't worry, I am not concerned. I just know that I am more concerned on what the Congress will look like when a third of the HoR is reshuffled. I consider it more important at times than the Presidental Election.
  3. Someone give me a tl;dr version of TSSZ.

  4. Does the Sonic Universe needs a reboot or should they continue messing up the Storyline with bad writing?

    1. Soniman


      ....that's kind of a guided question

    2. sonfan1984


      and a reboot can suddenly fix the quality of the writing because?

    3. -blank-


      What sonfan said.

    4. Nepenthe


      A reboot does not fix that problem.

    5. KHCast


      if anything, a reboot might actually end up making things worse.

  5. Nicknyte

    Ramadan 2012

    They had a breakfast potluck at work. Ugh. Darn this food. I WILL NOT EAT YOU.
  6. *Is secretly trying to be the Fourth big one*
  7. Republican party just needs to catch up to the times and work together with the other party. Seriously, the Obamacare platform was a Republican position, and the party shunned it Just because it had Obama's name attached. It's been their platform TO DEFEAT OBAMA. I mean, man. Look, the country didn't like the fact that the Dem's were spending all this money to get the country back on track, and they voted them out, thus the House of Reps turned into the House of Petty Politics due to Tea Party Republicans. People tend to forget the National Budget Fiasco where we weren't able to sign the budget due to infighting in the Congress. I was almost laid off because of that (I work for the Army as a contractor)! There is no need to hold the country for Ransom just because you don't like a certain President. Get with the program guys! I am not Anti-Republican, but I sure don't like this generation of them. ....Holy that girl's eyes are made of Jello.
  8. Well, I don't wanna go to retro as google says It might harm my computer. XD Edit: Also, shouldn't your location be San Francisco if that is where City Escape is?
  9. Sorry, I must have misread. I thought you were calling someone on the board itself that. XD My bad, Gilda. Yea. I completely agree.
  10. Should I bring back the Sonic X episodes? Hmmm. I am conflicted.

  11. Just wondering. I only really know of this one.
  12. *looks in the topic and walks the opposite direction* But no. I'd like to incur that all of us treat each other the way we'd like to be treated ourselves, not calling each other pretentious assholes. Seriously, would you expect someone to acknowledge your opinion by insulting them? Also, I don't care what the Europeans say. What they think of our country is fine, since everyone is entitled to an opinion. Doesn't mean we have to turn into little babies whenever we hear something negative about America.
  13. Still need Ideas for Nicknyte.com....Comic site perhaps?

    1. Ferno


      why not

      the moar competition the better


  14. I got 12 rep. Man, yall don't understand how famous I be.

    1. Komodin


      I have 1,136...

    2. -Robin-


      Hai NickNyte. How's the SWF Arizona thread treating ya?

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