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  1. So, i'm sure you all know that practically every major Sonic character's previous voice actor is basically being thrown out. ...again. Now, i'm not totally against this. At least, not for the reason others might be. I'm not against this for the blue-arms, green-eyes, 'i hate change' kind of reason because so far some of those changes have just made Sonic a better character for their era, and i genuinely really appreciate them and i'm completely open to necessary change. However, so far, this doesn't feel like it bodes well at all. For a few reasons. One; we all know the last... what, 6-7 years have been a mess? 8, if you count Lost World but Boom was where things started becoming a real problem, only to be followed up by a game that was equally rushed and incomplete. Sega/Sonic Team has a bad habit of, whenever something goes bad, they throw everything out. And that's not what i want at all. Do you think i give a damn about Roger being better or worse than Griffith or Drummond? Or whether it's Pontac and Graff handling writing? No. I don't care about the faces and people behind these things, i care about their quality and their direction, something Sonic Team and Iizuka has a direct hand in, and yet consistently fails to provide, judging by the examples. I fail to see simply replacing everyone being an automatic, perfect solution. And two, the change in writers, actors and direction is incredibly likely to only muddle up the continuity of the franchise more. Character voices, personality, direction, writing, lore, have all shifted and waivered across the series lifetime and that's the ONE THING people have begun to realise, only for Sega to yet again be forcing a fresh start that will only screw it up more, and yet they'll almost guaranteed shove in some references here and there that create connections that shouldn't exist. And knowing Iizuka, he WILL try to connect it somehow like he FOR SOME FUCKING REASON tried to do with games like Forces, and with Generations, though that was more reasonable. They are way too attached to their fanservice for me to trust that they won't leave their past continuity behind, both brand-wise and lore-wise, in favour of the clean slate they've desperately needed. And that lack of trust is only further proven for the fact Ben Schwarz is going to be Sonic, which, while he's an INCREDIBLE actor and was good for the role, i GUARANTEE he wasn't simply chosen on that merit. The Sonic movie hit it big and people will love seeing him in it when future games come out. That's the sole fucking reason. I genuinely think that this new reset is only further proving that Sega & Sonic Team still have no idea, still don't listen, and are just digging their grave deeper with the same god damned mistakes they've made every generation... like always. But on the bright side, we can trust this means one thing- the next game will probably be good. The series almost certainly won't STAY that way, if history is to be repeated, and it sure fucking looks like it- but maybe, just maybe, 2021 won't suck for Sonic. But if IT doesn't, 2024 or 2025 will. I try to be reasonably optimistic when it comes to the future of the series, but the timeline really looks like it's going to stick to Sonic's schedule of ups and downs in the past. They'll release a good game, think they've hit it big with their current brand and names and faces and concepts, get cocky, Sega will push for a little bit more money-making, and a little faster, and the big release a few years ahead of the road will suck, and it'll all begin over again. Maybe not a game in Boom's position as that was an incredibly exceptional circumstance, but i'm talking maybe 5, 6 years ahead of 2021's big release, like Forces. I already was lacking in hope from 2020, as it felt like they at least could have made an announcement then, even if the game was delayed- i just wanted to see something, and they already had something by at least march/april for SXSW. But they just ignored it, rode the timer out, probably to avoid HAVING to say anything. Maybe they genuinely valued the extra development time, and after Forces they sure could have used it. But it feels like even if it was delayed, it should have still been announced- at least, that's how the situation was pointing. That already gave me little confidence, and now they're repeating the timeline... again. So, i hope you'll excuse my [at best] skepticism or [at worst] fear for the future of the series.
  2. THIS, this exactly. It's like, the leaks say that it's what we would think is bad, so people believe it and somehow come up with flimsy connections with older leaks to somehow justify it so we can temper our expectations in time, or something? It's like at this point people WANT it to be bad because it's expected, and that way at least they're reasonably disappointed instead of being on edge that it'll be like, the worst game ever, because they have no idea what to expect. Edit: I rushed to make that statement because that's exactly what i was saying, and after getting around to the rest of your comment- well said. It's like, even Boom had so much potential, it just got shafted royally in development. But Forces doesn't have an excuse, and 90% of the last decade's releases haven't. So yeah, it's definitely draining. Like "And FORCES... is so soullessly mediocre i can't possibly have an opinion on it, it- it actually sucks the life out of me", repeated since like, 2011.
  3. ...jesus christ, and this got reported on? It's worse than i thought, apparently. No, i know. That's part of my confusion, it was already admitted as being a hoax but now some hack looking for attention has brought it back and Sonictubers are eating that shit up like they totally forgot it was ADMITTED as being a fake. Read above. TL;DR fake leak gets brought back by a bunch of people probably looking for the exact response they got; eg, a shit ton of videos on it. Oh my fucking god you're right I'm glad i'm not the only person awakened to this bullshit then, at least. I used to adore Premy's content for... some reason. Stupidity, probably. But then they just started saying the same thing across 15 different Sonic 30th anniversary videos and i realised "Jesus christ this guy is a tool". Cybershell slaps though
  4. Edit: And, to add to that, you're pretty well wrong about the idea we have 'nowhere to go'. As i said, Twitter is like, the exception. I'm one of those people who had no friends in school and turned to the internet to discuss the things i like, and in my experience, 90% of people who 'win' irl either stick to Facebook or generic-ass Twitter accounts that only their friends follow, anyway. If anything, with how corporatized the internet has become, the people on forums like this are no less misfit-like than they used to be, it's just that people used to be more spread thin on the internet due to the wealth of places and sites, and now theres hundreds of millions, if not a couple billion on just a handful- it really puts into perspective the scale of the internet, unlike the more decentralized nature of how it used to be.
  5. Well, you're right and you're wrong. Twitter is a cesspool of people with superiority complexes and a desire to be some kind of hero, i agree, but there's a good chance that anyone making this argument about 'cancel culture' probably mixes in actual, deserved consequences as 'cancel culture' because it's against someone they like. Not all of them are justifiable, but not all of them aren't, and frankly, part of me would rather play it safe in this culture as opposed to the younger internet where i'd basically be e-lynched for being trans, if not being a woman at all. I don't use Twitter much, and i like to leave it that way, but as the internet is now, at the very least i can exist as who i want to be and not be bullied off the internet for it. Twitter is like the one exception to the internet being kind of a good place now- minus the corporatization of the whole internet.
  6. I watched a few of the recent Rift-related videos and now i'm practically getting recommended all of them so i feel an obligation to discuss this. Why in gods' name are these leaks getting as big as they are? The only validity these leaks hold is based on the fanbase's cynicism that the franchise won't improve and Sonic Team will be just as deaf to nuance as they've always been and will continue to try, and fail, to please every part of the Sonic crowd with these leaks. That's not an unfair judgement to make though, mind you- in fact, part of me feels the same but part of me also realises Sonic will be in grave danger if they really don't learn from this, and since Forces, the opinion that 'they need to stop listening and just do what works for an experience' has grown exponentially in popularity- where the hell could they ever get the opinion that we need X from Adventure or Y from boost, or some specific story formula changes? All we want is a decent, cohesive experience. It feels like there's no reason for a game like this to even be able to exist, it'd basically be Sonic Team unloading an entire mag into their hideously deformed foot, though in hindsight that isn't exactly a new move for them. However, these leaks on their own have no validity. The fact it's allegedly told by a 'playtester' is the biggest load i've ever seen. It's literally the equivalent of 'my dad works for Nintendo' and that stopped functioning as an excuse the moment the internet evolved to be anything more than a digital fetus. Who's believing this stuff???? Well, anticlimactic as this segue is; no one, or at least not many. What is happening however is that clickbait-ass Sonictubers are milking this shit for all it's worth and it's even stupider than the time where the Half-life 3 conspiracies were unironic. Almost unarguably the worst example is GamerGuyd7Aces, who has basically taken leaks with zero connection- some holding more validity than the others- and tied them up in ways that would make Valve fans in 2014 blush. There's no connection between the recent Rift leaks [with the playtester] and the leak regarding how Sonic Team had been spread too thin between the Adventure remakes and 'project 2021' and there was no evidence 2021 was going to be a boost game, especially in response to how 'sonic team felt like they were finally making something original' when Sonic Rift looks literally no different to Sonic Colors but with a maybe decent story premise, not even explicitly execution. The "Sonic Team Cycle" should only prove that this ISN'T happening, as Forces was the failure that should have set a revamp of the gameplay concepts in motion, NOT whatever game they're making now. And NOTHING about the 'development hell' Project 2021 and Adventure 1/2 are allegedly going through should point towards this being a Boost-style game. For one it doesn't matter what Sonic Team makes, Sega, if they feel like it, will put their grubby hands over it and twist it into something they see as being corporately viable even at the expense of the team's budget, team size, anything. It doesn't have to be a boost game to go through development hell just because Sonic Forces did. However, because of this drought, SonicTubers are forcing this drivel down people's throats and probably making the less aware people believe this stuff because they need their sweet, sweet ad revenue, hence why they haven't moved onto variety content given the drought, because they think they'll never recover from 'abandoning' Sonic and having their fanbase leave, which a ton of popular Youtubers/streamers like Jerma, Ster, RTGame, and all those kinds of people would disagree with. In fact by being a SonicTuber in this era, you're shooting yourself in the foot because there's nothing to report on, and therefore, nothing to watch, and nothing for people to care about or find substance in. But because they already have a viewerbase consisting of kids who believe stuff like this, they don't want to move on because they're afraid they'll lose money. That's all it is to them, money, and they've decided it's more worthy to sell their souls and report on these ridiculous-ass leaks and create paper-thin connections just to give their viewerbase consisting of people likely between the age of 10 and 15 some kind of hope of a new game just to keep them watching. It's gross as fuck. And the fact i even have to say this despite the fact the leak was POSTED by an ALLEGED PLAYTESTER is honestly just beyond me. I had a friend in 9th grade who told me she was playtesting Kingdom Hearts 3, that's how childish, ridiculous and unfounded these leaks are. These leaks don't even DESERVE a grain of salt, you shouldn't be listening to them in the FIRST place. -Sigh- That's my rant for now, though. I hope i'm not the only one holding this opinion and i hope i'm not the only one grossed out by how these people have basically sold their soul for clicks from kids who don't know any better. They're one step away from Fortnite youtubers, and all that step is, is the choice of game/franchise featured on the channel. Not the content they make, not why they make it, not how they feel about it, not the clickbait, none of it, they're essentially the same people outside of the game choice, alone. And Sonic was the LAST franchise i'd wanted to see this happen for, but with a drought like this and people like this, it was inevitable, really.
  7. Not quite what i was going for- i mainly have a lot of nostalgia for the far more unique 'social media' from the time, for lack of a better term. Messaging services, Online gaming services, Forums, the internet had so much personality back then and now it doesn't because corporations have realised the perfect way to design everything to totally exploit as many people as they can, get everyone using their service by making it as sterile and universally appealing as possible. I think that for the time, the internet was INCREDIBLY toxic and i DON'T like toxic. I think there is a lot of value and impact to/on people in what happens on the internet, so i don't wanna excuse transphobia or racism or generally just being a piece of shit just because 'no one took the internet seriously'. I think it's a good thing the internet has become more accepting- it's the corporatization of the internet that concerned me. Obviously not that anyone gave a damn about some silly toxic kid on Xbox live- obviously there's a difference between that and literally telling someone to go to hell for being X thing. Just to clarify that. I don't take silly Xbox live hate seriously, don't misunderstand that.
  8. I don't think it's a matter of following it loyally- i'd like to believe the SPIRIT of what they're saying is pretty on the money, it's just that it wasn't really adapted in a way that flowed well in English, at least not to me. I just think it was a cheap, and probably rushed, localization- it was likely either pretty close to a literal translation for the sake of time-saving, or had some kind of input from people who didn't really understand how the English language flows. That, combined with the infancy of cinematics in video games, seems to have led to some issues with the game's cutscenes, whether it be the script, or the voice acting. After all, what professional actor was gonna voice act for a video game? What kind of Video game company HAD that kind of budget, at that point? They probably considered it an unnecessary expense and kept the cost of it down thinking no one would care- splurging on writers and actors that match up to today's standards likely would have exceeded the costs of creating the game itself, at that point. Sure it'd be to its benefit, but what executive was gonna say 'yeah, maybe we SHOULD spend an extra 2x the current budget on voice actors and translators alone'? Though, i ramble on like it's particularly terrible- for the time it was totally adequate and 90% of other video games were in the same boat, with mediocre, up-tight direction and generally cheesy writing. But naturally, if it were to be adapted today, it'd probably need a total rewrite. Plus, i can't speak on the quality of the Japanese script, as i dunno Japanese. But i do know Japanese when translated literally is incredibly awkward and just does not work for English. So it's possible that's why the English version ended up with a worse script. It was likely pretty close to literal, but not totally. Obviously they fixed any glaring issues but nothing really flows quite right, so that'd probably be about it. Fix terminology, fix vocabulary, just make the WORDAGE work in English, but cleeeaaarly not much else.
  9. Totally rewritten script. I think despite the aged voice acting of the original, the script is the game's biggest issue in terms of taking it seriously. Naturally, better execution. But i think that would be a-given. Better timing[editing, i guess?], more realistic dialogue pacing in cutscenes, better animation, more contextually appropriate screenplay instead of static poses in static places doing static things, those kinds of things. Gameplay should stay mostly the same, but the hub worlds could use some work. I don't expect anything MASSIVE, but i do think that there could be a bit more in the way of actual explorable content instead of some puzzles hiding things in an otherwise small world. It should be based on going places, not just weird, cryptic puzzles. I'm not saying a fully open world is needed, just one that promotes checking around places instead of just Go X place, do Z thing, bring Y there. Angel Island/Mystic Ruins is pretty good for that, i just think the other hubs, especially Station Square, deserve a bit more love. On the note of hubs, just make it less confusing, give more guidance on where you need to be and when [maybe within cutscenes], remove the train voice when you don't need to use it, allow us to access levels whenever in it, give us access to missions... the hub world should be more than just a means to get to whatever level you need to be at within the story. Why should i have to use menus for other things when there's already a hub world there? Otherwise, i just want the controls to be refined. Perhaps the Mission system could be refined into something more SA2-esque, as opposed to the weird massive Missions screen in SA1 as well as the 3 different 'difficulties' of a level. Better menus. SA1's menu system feels way too bland, it's literally just lists upon lists, not to mention some slightly confusing things like Missions being separate from the regular stage select? Maybe some slight extra content, within something like the Chao garden? If we get a dual-Adventure remake package, then it'd make sense to have Chao-based content like animals and drives and the way they interact be the same across both games so you can grow Chao from either one. Plus just some of the neat, Quality-of-life stuff in SA2 would be neat. It feels like its menu has a purpose, it has neat features, whereas SA1 just kind of exists for the Play and Options button. Basically, i wanna see a dual-remake where the games are the same except for the level format, story, story layout, etc etc. As well as the actual gameplay mechanics. The levels are alright as is, and don't need to be reshaped around SA2's speed or momentum or anything. If the Chao garden is the same, QoL is the same, menu system is the same- basically i wanna see the Spiderman [PS4] remastered treatment. It's still Miles Morales [the game in particular] but you get a full port of the story, world, and all the important mechanics that mattered to the original game. That last point is a bit of a pipedream, especially the whole concept of remaking BOTH, but if they did, that's how i'd wanna see it.
  10. For me i'd say it's the Xbox 360, 2006-early 2010s era. There was something about that era of the internet that just can't be matched today, where 90% of content seems to be on all the same main sites. And i think the Xbox 360 embraced that far better than the PS3, even if they were the same generation 'n all. The way people interacted back then was way more interesting, with most people interacting through services specific to things like Steam, Windows or Xbox, all of which had interesting layouts and features that 90% of social media today totally lacks, and that's where most people talk now.
  11. I feel like it depends on whatever's gonna be happening. If we don't have multiple releases in the works, it'll likely come next year. If we do, which apparently was confirmed [though i missed it clearly] then you'll be right about it releasing a year later. Mania and Forces were in a relatively similar situation, after all. The new big release lining up with the Sonic movie would be a very interesting tactic if the movie turns out as well as the first one did. It'd be a good way to get the game sold. Though i'm wondering if it'll be a wholly original game, or an Adventure remake... I'll admit, i'm not much for Sega pandering to people's nostalgia, but it'd be incredibly smart if they used the movie to get older/previous fans talking- again- and then release a remake of one of the more beloved games in the series. That alone has me thinking it might be a remake of some kind- i can only hope it's Adventure, but i suppose an official remake of one of the first three games would be interesting. All they've had so far are re-releases. Guess we'll find out later though
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