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  1. Here is my favorite in each era so far... Classic era: Yes I know it's a very popular opinion but I have to say Ice Cap Zone. The level is so gosh darn good. Adventure Era: Speed Highway. The exhilarating speed and multiple pathways makes the level have so much replay value. Modern Era: I can't decide on Rooftop Run or Skyscraper Scamper. I love both these levels because they show the potential of the boost formula on how much you can have with it. My favorite out of all of them is Speed high.
  2. I would really want them to reanimate the cutscenes. Since because of budgetary and time constraints(the game was only developed in 10 months),SA1 never got to have properly animated cutscenes, so doing this would be awesome. Another thing I would want is the cutscenes to have more life, motion, and expression. Most cutscenes in sonic games are really stiff with characters just standing there so following of off the style Vicarious VIsions did in the N-sane Trilogy. But they should still keep some of the legendary moments .... They must keep these.
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