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  1. Most people view Sonic as a kids franchise so according to them, that makes a good chunk of the fandom weirdos by default. But due to the likes of Chris-chan and SammyClassicSonicFan going viral, they also assume that you have to have something wrong up there to like Sonic. Of course, you also have a small but vocal minority sharing their...uh...drawings with the world. Ever heard of rule 34? Stuff like that exists in every fandom imaginable, but for some reason Sonic “drawings” get the most attention. Don’t get me wrong, I love the Sonic fandom; very few fandoms can even hold a candle to the level of loyalty and passion we have. There are so many talented people creating fan art, covers, fan games and much more. But because of the reasons above, it’s easier for outsiders to write us off as autistic perverts.
  2. If that’s the case then maybe they aren’t too bad. They are a bit strict, but I guess it stops us from getting Ken Penders 2: Electric Boogaloo.
  3. I believe Ian Flynn mentioned it on his podcast not long ago.
  4. Egg Fleet and Final Fortress, hands down. They’re probably the most immersive levels in the series; the size of the levels, as well as the abundance of set pieces and alternate paths, really makes you feel like you’re infiltrating a massive armada, tearing through the ships one by one. And the music! Oh man, the music! Listen to this and this and tell me they don’t get you absolutely pumped.
  5. That’s fair. I can understand backing out of “obsession” territory, but it seems like Amy isn’t allowed to be openly in love with Sonic anymore. While I agree that her character shouldn’t completely revolve around Sonic, you can’t deny that her love for him is a very important part of her personality.
  6. Didn’t you know? He’s doing a panel at AnthroCon next year.
  7. I adore the sixth generation of games. Games were just as experimental as the previous generation, but they felt more polished since devs were starting to get used to 3D. There were so many new gameplay mechanics, IPs and even genres during that time. I also just enjoy the aesthetic of them. JNCO, Hot Topic and Linkin Park were all the rage at the time so a lot of games tried to be cool and edgy which, while it seems cheesy now, adds a ton of charm. Games didn’t take themselves too seriously back then; you don’t see that a lot nowadays.
  8. I would love the Rush formula to come back, it would give us something to play in between main games. But with handheld gaming being more or less a thing of the past (except the Switch), I doubt it will.
  9. Short answer: To cut costs. Long(ish) answer: I assume printing stickers is much easier than printing new covers and labels. It would also be more cost effective in the long run, since if they decided to bundle a different game with the Mega Drive they could just use the stickers.
  10. That’s a great idea! I think there should be more completion bonuses in general; in my opinion there isn’t much of a reason to go back to SA1 after beating the main story.
  11. The real Sonic Adventure 3 was the friends we made along the way.

  12. Why? He's literally 8 years old.
  13. The usual suspects: quality of life improvements, updated graphics, bug fixes, you know the drill. More clear direction in the hub worlds. Sometimes you have absolutely no idea where you need to go next and end up running around in circles. I’m here to go fast, not scour Mystic Ruins for a dumb stone thing. I’d also like if the cutscenes were actually choreographed (I think that’s the word?) instead of cycling through the same animations. Finally I think it would be cool if levels had remixes of the song used for different characters, similar to the Blazy Mixes in Sonic Rush where it’s fundamentally the same song but is altered to better suit the character you’re playing as. There’s probably more things I’d like to see in a SA1 remake, but I don’t feel like writing an essay on a Sonic forum at 1:30am.
  14. But The Rock is supposed to be President! Serious answer: Dwayne Johnson is a great pick for Knuckles, but is an obvious choice. Call me crazy but I think Hugh Jackman would also fit Knux. P.S. I had no idea Mark Hamill voiced Chucky until I saw this thread. Thanks for the fun fact! 😁
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