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  1. Who said his spines were heavy? They actually seem pretty lightweight the way that they fly in the wind. The spines on the Sonic Forces design don't do that because they're so short. The Jakks Pacific Sonic figures can stand perfectly straight without falling over, by the way. They're based on the Generations design.
  2. I like the GIF you made! It really brings out the differences in the models. See how much shorter his spines are, how much lighter the blue is, the bigger body, smaller hands, and how much rounder the shoes are in the Sonic Forces model. He might as well be Classic Sonic! The design of Sonic in Mario and Sonic Tokyo 2020 and the Jakks Pacific toy line has given me hope for his design in the next game, at least. Here are some comparisons:
  3. I do miss the Yuji Uekawa art on the covers. Maybe if they made some smaller games between main releases, they could have some more 2D cover art. I was hoping the next Sonic TV series would be a cartoon in the Tyson Hesse style after seeing the Team Sonic Racing shorts, but CG is fine with me. Just as long as it's canon with the games, the modern Sonic style, and no character design changes. ( I'm looking at you, Sonic Boom.) I think I need to rephrase my initial question. What do you think of the tweaks made to Modern Sonic's in-game model design over the years?
  4. Sonic has had several design changes over the years. I think that the best was his design in Sonic Unleashed/Sonic Generations, and the worst was his design in Sonic Forces. What do you think of the tweaks made to Modern Sonic's in-game model design over the years? Sonic Generations design: Sonic Forces design:
  5. All the profanity in the Sonic community doesn't help either.
  6. The Phantom Ruby is only presumed to be destroyed. Somehow, Classic Sonic is transported back to his dimension when the Phantom Ruby returns also. About where the Ruby came from in the modern dimension, my guess is that when the Phantom Ruby and Classic Sonic where transported by the Chaos Emeralds, Classic Sonic was stuck between dimensions while the Phantom Ruby landed outside of Dr. Eggman's base. It wasn't until Tails was being attacked by Chaos that Classic Sonic was finally freed. I think the other dimension can be explained as like the Marvel MCU time travel. When they travel to the past in the Marvel movies, they are actually travelling to another dimension which has a similar or identical time line. If you change something in the "past" in that dimension nothing changes in the "present" dimension. That's probably the only way it can be explained how Tails knows that Classic Sonic is from another dimension instead of the past. Sega probably wanted to be able to make more "classic" style games without worrying about implementing something that conflicts with the "present" dimension. (Not that there aren't any conflicting details already) That way, maybe they can keep the Classic and Modern styles separate from now on. I really don't want Classic Sonic in the modern games anymore. Sonic Forces (aka Sonic Generations 2) was more than enough.
  7. What do you think about the Jakks Pacific Sonic the Hedgehog toy line? I've gotta say, they're doing a great job with it. Their 4 inch Sonic action figure is definitely the best Sonic so far. I just wish I didn't have to pay the scalper's fee for them, since they buy up all of them at the stores.
  8. Just out of curiosity, has anyone else seen any Sonic games older than Sonic Unleashed at stores recenty? One time, about two years ago, I found a Sonic Rivals at a Walmart for only $12! It was on their clearance table, so it had apparently been sitting in the back room for years.
  9. I'm in the US. The stores here still have whole racks of 360 games. They sell them for $13 because they're the Platinum Hits variants like the Nintendo Selects. I didn't say it was wrong. I'm just surprised that Sega is still making money off of retail copies of it. (It's a really great game by the way) Kind of like how Nintendo is still profiting from Mario Kart Wii sales.
  10. Has anyone else noticed that Walmart still sells Sonic Unleashed at their stores?
  11. The whole genderless chao situation is probably just Sega conforming with the 0.01% of people who have lost their minds in recent times. Let's just hope that this won't spread to the games. Corruption spreads fast, though. As for the two worlds thing, I don't get it at all. Is the IDW series in the Sonic X universe or something? Humans and the "Mobians" (as people call them) are supposed to be in the same world in the games. A lot of people don't seem to know that. Even the Archie series had only one world. I hope Sega hasn't changed this fact in the games. I always thought that the games should have had generic Mobians mixed in the crowds, but then Sonic Forces went completely opposite and had only Mobians and no humans! It makes you want to pull your hair out! They need to keep the details consistent with the past games. About the Team Dark dilemma, I've read some of the IDW comics and Shadow, Rouge, and Omega have been together like a team several times in the series. I think that Sega just doesn't want them to be so stuck together the whole time. Team Dark Is still acknowledged in the games. It seems that Amy has adopted her Sonic Boom personality. I'm not quite sure if I like it or not. In Sonic Forces, the way that she was kind of the serious leader of the resistance didn't seem fitting for her character. It is also claimed by her that Knuckles would get distracted. I don't like how Knuckles is being portrayed in recent times either.
  12. I think that "garbage" is a bit of an overstatement. And if you don't finish the game, you'll miss the point all right. They may have been different experiences than past Sonic games, but they can be fun if you give them a chance. Yes, the werehog levels did get repetitive at times, but it derserves more credit. Finishing the time attack on the Eggmanland level was really hard, but it was a fun challenge and was all the more satisfying when I completed it. Its seems to me that nobody likes being faced with a good challenge. Everybody just adores Sonic Generations, probably because that game just hands you a S rank for looking at it. If you want the classic experience that most everybody agrees on and is super easy to play, then why don't you just stick to playing Sonic 1 every time they rerelease it.
  13. Rooftop Run and Windmill Isle from Sonic Unleashed. I also like Leaf Storm and Dead Line from Sonic Rush. Great levels and great music tracks. "Rooftop Run", "Windmill Isle", "Right There, Ride On", and "What U Need"; best tracks ever!
  14. I meant that the version of Lost World that Dimps helped develop was better than the Wii U version is terms of game play. The Wii U version had better visuals, of course. Anyway, I didn't think Lost World was that bad. When I finished the game, it gave me hard mode, so the game lasted me that much longer until I completed it 100%. S rank on everything. As I was saying in another post; people are way to quick to judge a game when they didn't even finish it! If you didn't even play past the fourth level, how did you even push a snowman's head? Did you just watch a review video? If I played games based on other people's reviews, I would have missed out on a lot of good Sonic games. If you actually finish Sonic Lost World, you might change your tune. If you opened yourself up to these different play styles like Lost World's physics, Black Knight's sword play, and Unleashed's werehog, you just might find yourself having fun, instead of putting down a game you didn't even finish. Not every game can be the best, exactly the same, and just so, or else it would get kind of boring after a while, right?
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