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  1. Colors is particularly "interesting", its a game that has just soured in the eyes of people over time. Games in general sour and get better in the eyes of people overtime, its how that works. But colors has just soured. Colors was a game that came out at a time where there were a lot of people in media and jaded lapsed sonic fan who saw this as " a return to form without all the meaningless fluff of the adventure era" those people then proceeded to stop pretending to care about sonic and their opinions notably soured. They cared about mania it was the thing they specifically wanted but , colors was left in the dust. On the opposite side of that there were fans at the time and now who saw everything in colors as setting a bad precedent, and it did. Power ups as replacements for characters. Bad writing and scene direction , gameplay that continuously tried to copy better idea's excited well in better games rather than leaning into things that made sonic work. These two groups in combinations created this general souring opinion around colors. So if colors is the only thing we get, there's a chance this might not go over well for sega. The game will be isolated in its criticism. This on top of that game , just isn't the direction a lot of folks want sonic to go. Porting this and not unleashed or maybe doing something with generations two games who's opinions have only gotten better over time. Speaks to on some level kind of being out of step with what a lot of people buying their product actually desire. Which is very sega Do I believe this is their next big project? No they have talked about working on something that ain't this. However due to delays and what have you, there is a chance they just announce this by itself. I just don't think that would be interesting to a lot of folks
  2. Being thrash. Shadow should kill a bunch of characters people love, people will like our new direction then I can see that out of touch level happening, then followed by. Why didn't people like this new direction, I guess they do not want the adventure era or shadow. So we will not do those Out of touch people in positions of power tend to screw up media. Its a thing. And it is unfortunate. At this point I don't even keep track of release dates. The books come out they come out.
  3. I feel like , The arc is a " don't mess with shadow zone " . While I think shadow's characterization can get worse and think it will in the future (i will speak on that below ) I feel like they haven't full on gone " maria doesn't exist anymore" there are still references being made to sa2 and I figure if they ever have to be on the arc no one will really bother him because they know the deal. However I can see something like this. I dunno about abuse because they aren't his friends or team mates anymore, I can see a scenario where shadow is brutally fighting them without any of the regard he had for them previously. Some people took his line from the end of the last arc as development. By the writers own words these characters don't actually develop, its the illusion of development. So the " don't get confused " line he says to sonic is quite likely litterally. No one there should get confused, nothing has changed. He's still a shit. I can totally see a scenario where someone at sega has a bad idea and what's to show shadow beating up the other members of team dark in a new game. And have that portrayed in the book, while I don't know about getting the book canceled. It may cause so much of a backlash that sega would actually have to come to terms with what they want to do with shadow. Get rid of him because they want to keep going with whatever plans they have, or change him back. It would be a rare scenario where the material is so bad the people handling the IP for the people who own the IP would have to flat out say " No one is buying this and no one likes this we can't do this " . And I can see this happening. We are a couple of sega mandates away from that. It scares me to be frank, All that said a scenario I think is more likely to happen first is. Sega tries to sell shadow toys, they want pack in comics, they see shadow looks bad in all the IDW comics. They get mad at IDW for a somewhat reasonable reason, but don't do the introspection of why those comic's happen and maybe their poor leadership and direction is how we got here. Sega's usual MO, and in that then makes them do a comic where he looks cool but it consists of maybe him killing off some villains. Shadow being thrash and becoming much more unlikable because sega can't be bothered to change course is the most sega shit imaginable and I can see it
  4. That's interesting and explains why the president was so gung ho on shadow being allowed to exist. While i never liked them working with gun, and am very glad its retconned. It would have been interesting to see like, I dunno him apologize to shadow for what happened. Not just because it might be some form of closure for shadow. But like, it would kind of be fun to see what exactly the protocol for that would be? Or what you could imagine it would be ? Like you are now the leader of a country and you have to for lack of a better word appease a living weapon , like what protocol do you put into place to prevent this from happening again. Are there like shadow specific laws? Like Shadow in fake sonic USA just gets free food, whoever he goes, if you see a 3 foot 3 black goth hedgehog , he just gets free food. Did they give him a house? Did they give him a bunch of money? Did they like show him files from the arc from back then. Something
  5. Oh i forgot about that, that's fair. All that said, maybe? The only game where people kind of know who he is was 06. GUN know's who he is , and theoretically they could just have people who spill the beans on GUN stuff. That does happen in real life and to imagine grocery store trash papers with secret pictures of an " alien government experiment " running around on is a very VERY fun thing to imagine. But there's no precedent for it that's still canon, shadow's a weird mystery entity. Ian Flynn has on occasion had people know who shadow is for example sally's father knowing who shadow is and the black arms , and more recently tangle knowing who shadow is and the whispers former squad knowing without needing to be told. But I can't really count that. Shadow even when he was being used more often was never one to interact with people outside of the main cast and even then still very few. He's a too the point kind of dude and often works in secret it seems. I guess people could know him from his escapades during his game but Ian flynn has recently elaborated that no route is actually canon ( even though the ending implies some things ) except the final ending. So we don't actually know what shadow did during that entire thing besides the final ending. He could have played virtua fighter the entire time, we wouldn't know. That stage select screen is actually a black box. There's actually at this point due to him not being connected with gun anymore, no way to know if people even know shadow exists. He could just be a collective fever dream of the main cast. Which a very SEGA thing to do. Have a character who is supposed to be batman levels of intimidation and brutalness, but he's known to no one because I guess they don't want to clutter up the cast too much with background characters? Dunno. This is actually a thing that could have been handled in forces but you don't really get the reaction between the bigger characters and general resistance. Even infinite doesn't seem to actually know who shadow is before he gets his but kicked, and then dies. I guess the people could know shadow for his illusion clone, for all the people he killed. But its never referenced, IDW in the archie comic that's supposed to be the sequel. Not only is it never referenced, its actively UN-referenced. His appearance in issue 6 has all the background characters magically disappear from their homes. And whisper a character people would have thought had beef with shadow because of forces was actually because shadow the hedgehog related stuff with the andriods. I guess starline knows who he is, but given how poorly that issue was received or rather shadow's part in it I don't think that will even be referenced at this point. Might behoove them to , don't want sega to get weird and have shadow " thrash" starline because they were upset about something in retrospect. Uh, i guess the possum dude knows who he is.... but he doesn't see him kick him. And even after all this the comic's aren't canon. I think I have created the " Shadow isn't actually real " theory about sonic
  6. I firmly do not believe comparing someone who was born yesterday and knew nothing but violence reacting in the only way he knew how are and was kind of made to do to Gerald and/or Ivo is possible. Shadow did a bad things and was going to do really bad thing. I'm not going to argue that, but to compare him to gerald and especially Ivo is a mistake Gerald is a monster. There is no "sure he was a fully grown man...", he was a fully grown man who with full context understanding the horrible act he was commuting manipulated the memories of his son. Abused his son , and manipulated the memories of his only friend to convince him that destroying the world was the only way to move forward. So not only did he in his rage sick a space and time manipulating living weapon on a world full of people he had full context for. He was going to doom shadow to literally doing the exact opposite of what maria wanted. That's horrifying. On that same token, we don't know eggman's backstory. He's a middle aged old man that chooses violent fascism. There is no backstory in the world that justifies this. Shadow isn't absolved of his sins, he did a bad thing. But and I know some may not like to hear this because we like to visualize these characters as perfect individuals who always know what they are doing. But he was born yesterday, exposed to violence and had everything taken away from him and stored in a pod 50 years. He lacks the context to actually make any type of sensible choice in that scenario. The only context the could have had was taken from him. It is not dangerous to consider this. To the point Ian Flynn recently in a bumblekast called sonic's choice of words and how he handles the argument with shadow tonedeaf for that specific reason. Ivo was a man who lived 40+ years and chose fascism to his own admission against the wills of everyone else Gerald was a man who chose the destruction of the world and abusing his son because of his grief Shadow, didn't get to choose. Wait , he did get to choose. When he got his memory back, and he choose to do the right thing. When he went to the actual world , when he finally got that context and and experienced that there are people there. He choose to do the right thing. That's the entire point of his story. And there is not an ocean a PLANET's worth of difference between those people in terms of blame and leniency. The planet shadow choose to save, because when he was given the context. He did the right thing. Unlike those two, well Gerald did eventually in secret. So you know kudos he's much better than his grandson in that regard. Am I misremembering something but I don't think he was ever on TV. In X they captured him on camera's but unless i'm mistaken... I don't think he was ever on national tv. Maybe during the ending of his game, that one is fuzzy i know Gerald starts talking about his mistakes and I don't know if he shows shadow there
  7. There's a lot of questions here. Because knuckles can speak has some understanding of other people and most importantly has some duty to the M.E. All these things are thought, its why he's more fuzzy lumpkins and less tarzan. His parents could have died young but that doesn't explain why there aren't any other echidna's besides his parents. Sonic's world is a pretty chill place outside of eggman and eggman is a rather recent occurrence all things considered. So there should be other echidna just...about really. Maybe there was a curse infectious disease that caused them to go instinct? But why didn't infect knuckles? I think there is another solution here something no one considers and I think is pretty relevant. Shut up and don't think about it. Seriously though, knuckles' premise is something that wasn't well thought out ( like a lot of sonic's premises) and due to ken penders will never be expanded upon or at least not soon. Outside of possibly the film. So he's just... one now, because branding separating said brand from the dumpster fire that was the pre flynn archie canon and avoiding any potential legal issues. So don't think about it , there is no sense to be found here. Only advertiser speak and legal jargon.
  8. Fair enough. For myself everyone being gone doesn't really matter to me either , I just hope a hypothetical reboot of the material would be good or have interesting ideas.
  9. I think you underestimate sega's willingness to throw the baby out with the bathwater. This isn't because I actually would genuinely like a sonic reboot, its just how they operate as a business. I can simultaneously see a timeline where the external material just works really well and the reboot material to be similar to it. I can also see a timeline where shadow is decided to not be as valuable to their overall vision of the future and just gets rid of him. The latter would be very dumb. But you can't sit here and tell me that very bold dumb decisions that don't end up working out or don't help at all isn't sega's MO. If recent leaks are correct its the reason we are the situation we are in, now. They can still sell you those shirts or toys and and that nostalgia imagery with the actual series not representing it whatsoever. Reboot is never out of the question, heck I think its an eventuality. I think if those movies keep doing good, that show does well, and the comics continue to do strange things a reboot might be sooner than we think.
  10. I legitimate think it does deserve the hate. I don't think it gets enough hate. It is a game who's terribleness is layered. I don't think its about disappointment though that's a lot of it for some. HOW its bad is the problem. And its very very bad.
  11. Not now, due to sega's overbearing restrictions and the lack of other consistent books the world feels cluttered already. Even though it is not too defined. Maybe when there is more room. But even then I don't think they bring any inherent value to this book that couldn't be done better with none of the baggage and expectations of new characters
  12. I for he most part agree with this sentiment its just the issue of shadow's existence makes it weird. Shadow isn't like eggman who woke up and chose whimsy and violence. He was born in a tube released to that tube exposed to extreme trauma and was put back into that tube. Its literally all he knows. I'm not absolving him of fault , he did a bad thing. He's going to do things that people see as bad. That's the nature of his character and that's part of the reason why I and so many other's like him. His willingness to bad things for what he thinks is the right thing at the time. But on some level I'm willing to give more lenience to a guy who was born yesterday exposed to extreme trauma with no other life experiences had those life experiences manipulated to make him angrier and then was let loose. You say aim at the people responsible, he doesn't understand there are different people, he just knows they are from earth and his memories said that people from earth are bad and took the only friend he had away. Shadow did a bad thing but I think its important to remember why he did the bad thing. All he knew was violence, the game was him learning there were other avenues besides that. I feel similarly about silver, If I grow up in a apocalyptical future and no nothing but pain and strife and some magic dude comes to me who has the power to send me through space and time and goes " hey if you kill like one dude it will fix everything " I understand believing that. Its not about not questioning one's self but rather not having the information. Sonic's stories of this type since knuckles have been this way. They are acting on limited information doesn't absolve them of guild trying to judge them harshly is also a mistake because of the context they have as characters and the context they lack as people in the world. Its what made infinite so potentially interesting as a character, and why it sucks it was wasted. He had context and just choose violence. The world hates him for who is part of the story always made no sense. Because most people don't know who shadow is. Like eggman was the face of most of sa2. Like the immediate circle of sonic friends in that game , eggman, The GUN general and the president are the ones who know what was up. The last two is and feels responsible for what shadow is. So it always felt like at least in 06 them framing it that was was more reaction to the black arms stuff rather than sa2. IMO anyway. The world, would GUN in this instance and as a person being told this story , I don't give a shit what gun thinks. They are the reason why everything happened and if they are the world in this instance they should be trying to help. But hey constantly oppressing a people for no reason is accurate to real life governments. No one earth who's like a normal person knows who shadow is , besides he kind of looks like one of those aliens that invaded that one time. I guess shadow knows he tried to harm them, but even then his arc at a time shifted from " i'm tyring to protect them because I screwed up" to " I'll be what I want to be screw everything else" so ultimately I guess it doesn't matter. I mean it doesn't matter because now shadow doesn't care about anything but that's another discussion. I would say saving rouge in sa2 is.
  13. I would make the argument that whatever was going on with boom is worse. Both aren't great though. Ian flynn suggests that this shadow is an interpretation of the end of his game. I personally think 06 was never canon, his attitude was from that game had been used because it was a natural progression and people liked it. We have gotten to a point where the idea of a brand has taken precedent over actually producing quality content or maybe they think that's what quality content is. And shadow being complicated and actually having a story in the eyes of people solely looking from the outside in the most cynical advertiser friendly capacity may see this as bad. I think this is a bit more of an issue of liking him less although that does suck for many there's a genuine fear he wont exist. I and many other's feel as though part of the reason shadow got hit so hard with mandates because he matches the least with what sega's direction is. And there's a fear that the company known for throwing the baby out with the bath water will just throw shadow out rather than taking any stock in mistakes they have made. And on some level people will say " good he can't be ruined anymore" but on a visceral human level...it just kind of fucking sucks bro. It just kind of sucks. This is very doom and gloom, there's actually a very good chance that these mandates are only comic only and wont be reflected in the games going forward at least in the English dubs. And maybe you can yell at sega enough to change him back, he is valuable and sega is for better or for worse pretty good at listening to specific groups of people yelling at them to fix things specific things that doesn't require them to spend more money and this is one of those. But in the moment, it just sucks and shadow in IDW is a perfect representation of sonic's worst enemy is sega themselves and their inability or possible unwillingness to actually understand the people that buy their products. Recent rumors and leaks being perfect representations of this. I don't think shadow was ever a character who would march to anyone's tune, even before the mandates he was like this and if he's ever fixed... he will still be like this. Team dark not really team but rather was a loose collection of friends who barely listened to each other and times. But they cared about things, which is what I solely missed. The worst thing about shadow's mandates I would argue is that in archie shadow's character was so good, he brought characters up interacting with them. Specifically reboot shadow. Now, his characters are so bad, characters have to get worse to match his energy. How rouge is in TSR, just...sucks There are some things in the comic I think sonic has underreacted to , and I think these things are issues but even I have to admit some of it is issues with the story telling of the writers themselves rather than that mandate. All that said, I do agree with your assessment that most of Sonic's issues lie within the games rather than the spin off material, this combined with the weird rules of the world and shadow's situation. It really seems like people at multiple levels at sonic team and sega do not understand the IP they have or why people enjoy and indulge in it. Which is uh, cool. Cool and good and a sign of a very healthy franchise. Really cool that all the bad things can be traced back to the people who can't be argued with. To be fair the comic forces doesn't really inform much. The only character that actually deals with things related to forces is amy, by directly referencing her time with the resistance and I feel like up until this point it was a detriment. She felt like a character trapped in a much worse narrative. Forces as a connection to the series is dropped after the first year , heck arguably after issue 7. All the traits of the world eggman almost taken over and there being people fighting that and helping other's is bog standard sonic stuff and you can switch out forces for anything else. I actually think its really funny how little forces actually mattered and infinite as a character. He gets brushed off as " Sonic and Shadow beat him up and he sucked " by eggman which is fitting. As far as retcons go I think the nature of Licensed IP adaptive material leaves you in a loose loose in situations like this. This certainly isn't anything new, and sega's notoriously very fickle and and changes their minds at the drop of a hat. For example with aforementioned topic. If they changed shadow back tomorrow, the last several years of this book is going to be weird and you are going to need to reconcile why if you want to tell something cohesive. But I an himself seems to have given up on that opting for a " just move on " ideology with a lot of this stuff. So I figure if anything ever gets too wild, they will literally just say " magic rock made this non canon " and move on, isn't elegant but when your re dealing with sega nothing ever is
  14. My issue is about it being taken to literally. I think most people read it as " Oh damn sonic i screwed up really bad. Here's a compliment " or in some cases shadow not saying it to sonic himself but the franchise at the time due to sega going through a lot of things sonic's future wasn't set in in stone and that line was a very talking to the camera moment for the brand. However there are some people who believe in this theory that secretly sonic is the omega super ultra hero of all time who is everything incarnate including the things i listed. And I feel personally that takes away as sonic as a person and misses the point of the compliment entirely. Sonic isn't the ultimate life form, he wasn't something created in a lab. But he stuck it out and impressed shadow and he got a compliment out of it. I don't think that line stays in a modern retelling of sa2 i imagine shadow living is less of a mystery so a whole bunch of things would be changed. My point was more so the literal interpretations though One more thing though I do thing shadow's character at a point evolved in which it is kind of important he be the ULF. Shadow went from a character wanting revenge to an anti hero who's perspective of what heroism is , wildly different than most of the cast. I think in narratives like this ( and why i think the amnesia thing actually kind of worked ) because it adds to the framework of what SHADOW thinks a hero is. What he thinks the ultimate life form is, and its what he's doing. I have always found shadow at his most interesting when written not antagonistically but with a wildly different perspective from the cast. And him being the ULF works with that and how he thinks about the world. I don't think that works though. SA2's shadow's revenge fantasies are planted, or rather his motivations to do so. To talk about rouge for a second, part of the reason rouge as a character works as a partner character for shadow is because she gets him out of his own head. And for a while shadow thinking he was some type of monster or people thinking he was , was a story being told in multiple mediums ( its one I think that should come back. Insecurities and emotional weakness are fun and not things that should be avoided. Sonic has this problem too these days ) . Part of the reason that story works is that in sa2 part of it wasn't his fault. He was some hedgehog born in a tube with no life or world experience and he knew was his friend died and the fake memories his father implanted in him. Once he saw the world and figured out he had been sold a literal imaginary lemon he changed his tune. Shadow isn't a perfect angel or what have you. ( Though Maekawa has said on multiple occasions he wrote him as a "pure " character. Whatever you wish to interpret that as ). But I think the point of sa2's narrative wasn't about emotional maturity it was about being ones self, and shadow finally got to be himself and not a tool at the end of that story. And shadow is , a hero. That natural drive to help other's is in shadow's campaign too, but its obfuscated by him being blinded by hate. And IMO the compliment he gives sonic comes out of him not liking that he was manipulated, even if that makes literally no sense whatsoever. But, that's who shadow is , he's a pragmatist , if something bad happens under his watch, its his fault. No matter if it literally wasn't his fault, he could have stopped or changed it. No matter if he literally couldn't. Him constantly blaming himself for everything even is something that is persistent with his character, even now with his current bag of issues. I don't think it ever worked to frame it as shadow being toxic , it works less considering he looses his memory. Themes of individualism run heavy though sonic, and particular with shadow as a character and this was just another time it did. But i'm getting really far away from my original point , is that I really dislike literal interpretations of trying to make sonic everything. I think that's bad both in gameplay and in stories. His friends compliment him, and vice versa. I guess i'm saying put the friends back in the games dangit
  15. Sonic is not secretly an emerald guardian Sonic is not secretly a guardian of sol or have sol powers Sonic is not the ultimate life form All things i have heard, all things I think are bad. Trying to take interesting unique characteristics from other characters and graft them onto the main one not only makes those characters worse and gives them less reason to stick around. It makes the protagonist character bloated along with removing other peoples abilities to potentially be protagonists in their own right. I find the desire to make sonic everything and connected to everything and related to everyone and uninteresting form of story telling and I'm really glad not only has sega not done any of this is actively moving farther and farther away from this
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