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  1. Same here, @batson accept it was against my own will. My mother would let me read the books or watch the movies she thought it was some dark magic or something. Star Wars i'm pretty good with but when Disney-Plus came into the world i pretty much had to drop it for now( but i have to say it did inspire my Signature). Funny enough i missed out on Star Trek i know i missed out and tried to make it up i couldn't it was to much to bare i got bored quickly. The bad live action video game movies that is another thing that went over my head. Tron the movie i never saw. I probably have more that are at the back of my mind but that's all for now.
  2. Most of us have at least picked up a controller at one point or another and dared to sit down and play a round of Street Fighter on the old Genesis or smash some badnik's in Sonic The Hedgehog but what was the moment you knew you were hooked and you had to have more? What was your feeling after going head to head with your friends online in Mario Kart 8 (Deluxe)?, or that feeling of seeing Eggman(Robotnik) explode into bits after you just wreaked his robots for the last time in the game with all 7 Chaos Emeralds? I've always wondered what would happen if we went back to all the special moments in gaming that fueled our passion to keep going and continue our playing of multiple games across multiple platforms. So i challenge you to do just like me and take a Top 5 best gaming moments (or maybe just 3 or if you can't do that then one gaming moment) in your life and think back to how satisfied you felt that you acomplished what you set your mind to. 5.Obtaining The Master Sword and The Remaining Water Stone Zelda Ocarina of Time was just as much a pain in the ass as it's twin Majora's Mask but lets face it. I loved it because i had a fun open world that i could explore and a lot of new things to discover. The most annoying stone has got to be the water stone. You never truly realize how big the inside of a whale is until you experience it first hand to attempt to rescue Princess Ruto and grab the water stone which would complete the quest for the Master Sword. That whale was a maze of corridors and pitfalls and well you get the point not the greatest if you don't here is a map of the whale I absouluty hated collecting the stones the Goron Challenge was fine because i had unlocked Epona (my trusty steed to ride my lazy behind across Hyrule). This however was stupid, annoying and lets face it i was so close to giving up. Thank Goodness! I didn't i got past the boss and showed my true strength rescuing Princess Ruto and hightailing it to Hyrule Castle. When i got there and pulled the Master Sword from it's slot i can't tell you how much happiness i felt and then to find out there was more to go you would think i'd be happy but i was furious at this game because it was so freaking hard and once i found out there was a Master Quest i stopped right there and said i was finished. 4.Reaching 9.9 difficulty in Smash Ultimate This was a pain espicially when your first adapting to the wide layout of the Switch (or in my case the Switch Lite). I used up almost every character to try to reach 9.9 but the closest i would get was 9.0. So i took my best mains (Sonic,Fox,Peach,Rosalina and Lucas) and made a plan. I said usually the more combos the more points, I think i have to have no continues and so for those reason we are gonna try this with Rosalina. The reason i did it with Rosalina is yes she is fairly easy to launch with enough damage but i couldn't let the cpu's screw with me so i studied up on Rosalina's moveset (a couples youtube tutorial later) and i was ready for action. Then it happened again that great feeling in the pit of my stomach and the voice in my head that said you did it now what are you going to do next. 3.Watching Sonic Forces Cutscenes All Over Again (for Roger Craig Smith's Sake) I dunno about you guys but when Roger left it left a huge empty space in my heart and i didn't know what to say but "Wow he had a great run how could Sega do this". So to cope with my grief i watched the cutscenes of Sonic Forces all over again in rememberance of his hard work as a Va. Yeah the writers may not have given him the best material but he gave us the best that he had and i'm proud to say i miss him but he will go on to do bigger and better things and i'll be keeping an eye out for it. (The last cutscenes is unbearable it brings me to tears so yes i'm including it) 2.Throwing Bowser To His Death In Super Mario 64 You don't even have to ask why i love this one. It's like Mario is a freaking wreastler and you get to have all the fun by swinging Bowser around like a Human on steriods when in reality Bowser is like feet taller than him and a lot pounds bigger than him. Mario must workout in secret or something cause just look at this dude he doesn't even break a sweat not even Sonic could throw a Deadly Six like that(or would be allowed to). Just check out the pic below and you will see why throwing the ass hole who had you collect all those stars for this moment 1. Playing Any Sonic Game And Hearing Crush 40 Knock The Soundtrack Out The Park Crush 40 is a great band and a lot of their songs i get stuck in my head either because i made joke about it or the Game Grumps made jokes about it or i just like it in general take Knight Of The Wind for example. The Game Grumps mimicking it was hillarious and i actually started to do it myself going Whooooooa,Whooooooa,Whooooooa you get the point it's pretty repetitive and sounds like it building up to this great fight it's funny and enjoyable. Most Crush 40 songs all i have to do is look at the Lyrics and i'm motivated to play that game again just to hear the song like Sonic Heroes and i will kill this song because it is so catchy and so damn fun. Don't listen to me anymore just check it out below and i bet you you'll sing a long sooner or later. That was a great top 5 moments. Got 5 moments,3 or maybe just one please comment below and share your thoughts with me! I enjoy your feedback!
  3. Twitter 13 hours ago.... "You know what they say: the more the merrier! You've not yet heard the last of me as Dr. Eggman in Sonic the Hedgehog video games! Kindly prepare your ears accordingly. If you guessed otherwise, SURPRISE!!!! Now if you'll excuse me, I have to stock up on lozenges." Wow i'm relived that he's staying but i dunno if he is confirmed for Prime so i'll keep my expectations appropriate. How do you feel about this roller coaster ride the fans have been on. (i know for me i'm pretty much the guy who was all the way in the back puking on the way down).
  4. This could be a great signature if only it This could be a great signature if only it would fit!!!! 🤣🤣 🤣
  5. I believe being optimistic is a cruical part of life and when we avoid it or put it off we can miss the joy of the anticipation of waiting for that Sonic game that you know may have flaws but overall your just happy there a new game out that you can play and enjoy. I've notice a lot of people use the Sonic Team as an excuse to why we can't have good games or can't do well as a franchise that is most likely the case but those people are willing to point out the issue but not willing to add some meaningful soultions. I'm not talking about Jallel White or Jason Griftth coming back we can be optimistic but balance it with realistic. So this topic is for your hopes for the franchise not what you predict will happen cause in reality we all don't know when Sonic and his franchise will finally be finished with that said shouldn't we enjoy them while their here and making games not matter how much you dislike them. So i'll start the topic off with what i look forward to and you can add on your thoughts and what your optimistic about. I'm optimistic for how the new Sonic movie will turn out. I'm eager to see Tails and Knuckles on screen and interacting with each other and the awesome boss battles that gonna take place. Sonic Vs Knuckles is gonna be epic. Randell could be played by a celebrity but he could be played by someone we don't even know and that's okay. Either way i'm just happy that my dream of him speeding into the movie came true.
  6. We should try to be optimistic but i somewhat feel your pain on this constant cycle. With all do respect you don't know the future "life is a series of random events" and we are just in for the ride. So in my honest opinion do you wanna down the franchise and pout on a ride that's supposed to be fun or enjoy the ride don't worry about it . So Sega isn't the best you could easily say "been there done that got the T-shirt". That's all i had to say.
  7. There have been couple people who dislike Sonic either because their favorite youtuber said so or he's not what's popular. That okay just because you like something different does'nt mean it's any less important. @TalonFarmer these comments from you show me your a passionate Sonic fan who just isn't in the right enviroment of people. Right here is where you meet those fans who love Sonic and embrace the franchise instead of dragging it down. The haters are gonna do their thing because when Sonic does hit success those billonaire haters are gonna want in on the action to. He is just trying to be little optimistic. To be honest i do the same thing maybe not in the way he just did but i like to have high hopes too. Hopefully we get a good Sonic tv show, games and an awesome movie sequel with an all star cast. I'm not saying that's gonna happen in fact it's highly unlikely but i am saying that we should look forward to the future and tread lightly toward the future of Sonic and of the franchise.
  8. @Soniman i have to agree with you here Sega may not be the best at making games but they know enough to plan ahead. I don't think we are going to know this actor. Like someone said Sega goes for the actors that are not well known and the games make them more well known and help them achieve more parts. Moving forward i hope this changes before good changes in this series were highly unlikely. It depending on how Sonic Prime and the new games come is how we can know for sure Sega has changed for the better.
  9. @azoo exactly what i was thinking. Hey i'm gonna redecorate my Profile, Replay Forces, Finish up 3d all stars and get in a couple games of smash ultimate so i've got plenty to do. (and maybe buy Super Mario Oddessy LOL i know i'm real late)
  10. Whether you like it or not.... (sorry i had to make the reference). There are video game songs that get stuck inside your head! I know for me most of the time it's this... cause this song i constantly play on the guitar for practice and put my amplifier on low because my neighbors will rat me out. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Jw6KRkx0vNg or this one that tends to get annoying but it's funny when you think about it! Legend of Zelda Ocarina of Time - Song of Storms (Extended) Lifelight from Smash is engraved in my mind so much so that i went on to find this great parody Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Main Theme - Lifelight - YouTube 4:28 Sakurai's Lifelight (World of Light Song Parody) YouTube · Now Joining · Dec 6, 2018 So what fun, annoying, haunting or cringy video games tunes have you had stuck inside your head before?
  11. Imagine seeing something similer to this with Knuckles and Tails for the second movie!
  12. Manic was technically the first Bablyon Rouge. Right, cause he's a thief and rides a hoverboard and all the futher more he's Sonic's brother.
  13. This makes sense and could work if they put in a decent effort. I just wanna jump to the topic of VA's. How long do you think this tradition of Va swapping is going to go on? Just gonna clarify this right now Ryan was good but i don't think he's coming back. Jason was good but i don't think he would come back, Jaleel was good but he is definetly not coming back. So where are we many have talked about Max Middleman and others but who do you think will best benefit Sonic's voice not just for ourselves but for the future generation.
  14. I agree here SatAM was a great show had the perfect cast and a great storyline and of course the Archie Comics to build off once it was all over. My favorite episodes are in the video below... Sonic Boom was amazing because it got people interested and we actully got to see a parodied Sonic and friends which was awesome. I know people have their different opinions on it but i looked forward to each episode and what stupidity i was going to see next (mosty Knuckles) but i would love a season 3 even though with Prime out i doubt it. The episode Unlucky Knuckles is what really got me hooked on to the series and after that i never stopped watching on Cartoon Network. Sonic Boom (2014 TV Series) Episode 13 Review - Unlucky ... To be honest your right it did get a bad rep because some how it just didn't fit. It came out in 99 and ended in the year 2000. Eggman taking over the planet made more sense to me this series was the prolouge to SatAM. Sonic was royalty for the first and last time ever. Extreme Gear Manic had the first board somehow before Sonic Riders Manic had the first Extreme Gear. Sonic and Manic going undercover was always hillarious. Most times Manic was dragged into being silly when he is picking a lock or causing some sort of trouble.
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