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  1. Welcome Maakroth! Do you have a favorite old school game?
  2. 1. I wish for the deconstruction of Capitalism and Communism, instead reinstating it with Social Democracy which has a focus on increasing everyone's standard of living while preventing any one person or entity to hold an obscene amount of wealth and/or create a theoretical or literal monopoly of any industry which will hopefully encourage local businesses to be able to not only spread, but leave more gaps in the market for new local businesses to fill. (A product, entity or person is deemed as a theoretical monopoly when they're the only known product, entity or person in the industry, the first product or business that comes to mind to 95% of people in a country's census or become so widely known to the point of the product or business changing the very day to day language humanity speaks EG "I'll google it". If this occurs, then the product or business is still allowed to operate as normal, except it donates a percentage of it's profit to charity or back to the local government which is calculated of either the percentage of market share the product or business has over 75% or if that requirement isn't reached, the percentage difference from the product or business in question to the second highest product or business's market share. If a person makes over $480,000 annually or is in possession of over $1.5 million (including all debit accounts and amount received if the person in question was to sell their shares of a business) , then they must donate any amount above this limit to a charity of their choice or local government. Businesses can't have over $500 Million in their bank and over $500 Million in assets other than bank, any earned over that will be provided to a charity of their choice or the local government. Also within this social democracy, Charities are unable to be made for the primary or secondary purpose of being a runoff for any of the above mentioned scenarios for those affected to simply siphon the money back into their accounts through the illusion of a charity and all businesses (this includes churches and all other businesses where the aim is to make a profit) and people who earn over $50,000 must pay tax, no loopholes, no exceptions. 2. Discrimination of any kind ceases to exist. 3. Everyone gains Altruistic values while still allowing a bit of freedom for one to be slightly selfish as being greedy is a human trait, and to deny that would be cruel.
  3. What? I've always called it Mobius! They need to change that back ASAP
  4. As someone on the Autism Spectrum, i don't think i help these arguments much by chiming in as i'm apart of the people many try to say doesn't make up the whole sonic fandom. Some of my friends don't like sonic but they at least respect that i like the series so I feel that the negative stigma has at least slowed down slightly, at least in my neck of the woods both IRL and Online. I think it has something to do with fandoms becoming more present than ever before online and how the loud minority/majority of every fandom can be heard at once, not just the sonic fandom anymore.
  5. I didn't even know that design existed! I didn't even know that design existed! whoops... double post
  6. I agree You're absolutely right about this, i was fooled by the Rift "leak" even though i follow the artist who made it on twitter. The lack of Sonic game news in combination with the pandemic has definitely seemed to be the main reason why the rumor blew up.
  7. Wah! Maybe you're right! In all seriousness, i find both @jackyjoy123's and @LeviTheGreat's explanations both make sense considering that Silver's almost-naivety is parallel to Blaze's levelheadedness and how Blaze's relationship with sonic and her character grow throughout the rush games
  8. Hi! I've started doing a little restoration of the mid 2000s sonic wallpaper. I've started with two sonic rush wallpapers and a sonic rush wallpaper (A google drive link will provided with the HQ versions). I've also posted a time lapse of my process on my YouTube channel too. I'd actually love to have others give me old sonic wallpapers they wish to see restored too! https://drive.google.com/file/d/1WXazADTe4NOj-hASIQuP4WpcS-Tg3WIO/view?usp=sharing
  9. I honestly agree with @SonicFan2832, i think sonic from forces looks more bland than Sonic from generations. Even if it is just the lighting, i think the colour of his quills also has something to do with it. Personally, I think Sonic's best design is his Riders appearances. To be fair, this design really only works in context of the riders games but i believe these to be the coolest designs of Sonic to date, the anime style is also incredibly fitting for him and the sunnies just add to it! But for mainline games, i think that the unleashed version is the way to go
  10. Hey! Since i grew up with boost game play through Rush and Rush Adventure, I'm wondering if there's any sonic fan games which use the boost mechanic well? I've heard of one but i can't remember the name at the moment 😓
  11. Hi, I'm James AKA Steph the fox! I got into sonic during the Rush/Adventure era because i got sonic rush adventure with my DS Lite when I was 6 and ever since I've been in love with the game series, TV shows, comics and now the movie (I know there's an OVA but i haven't watched it yet)! I especially love most sonic games and soundtracks from the rush-venture™ era (Excluding 06 and Wii colours), the punk attitude, great soundtracks, beautiful opening cut-scenes, honestly solid stories and art dripping with style (Riders, Rush and battle are the first that comes to mind). I've also made my own custom OC (I know, how dare I. Pics below) I also love building Gunpla, PC gaming and other SEGA series such as Jet Set Radio and Yakuza. My discord is StephKutzmark#0584 and twitter is @KutzmarkSteph
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