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  1. Given the topic of leaks in Sonic, I went down a rabbit hole again of looking into other insider stuff. After checking Resident Evil, it's astounding how the stuff that lines up correctly comes from one off nobodies on the internet with casual intent. Meanwhile the bigger personalities, especially YouTubers, are hijacking or just passing speculation off as leaks with as much dramatic tension in as possible. No surprise this pattern has happened elsewhere....

  2. Note, there are similar sounding leaks elsewhere, but these are less reputable because well, it's from today rather than months ago. Anyway, in regards to other stuff, teaser was animated by Marza (check the whole thread):
  3. Exactly why this leak is more credible, the person doesn't act like they're in cahoots with a brand manager in how they know so much for the whole dang franchise, yet are vague as heck. Granted, the playtester angle has been done to death, but still. Also apparently press release data leaked and it's all saying Sonic Rangers.
  4. Wait you can just look at the metadata like that for YouTube? EDIT: Nope being dumb, it's a leaked 4k version of the trailer.
  5. So in regards to leaks™ from non-stores, this is the only one that seemed correct in regards to Colors Ultimate: https://soahcity.com/2021/05/06/rumor-new-sonic-colors-ultimate-details-leaked/ Mainly because of the Movie Sonic mention.
  6. Alright let's goooo- -wait shoot Pocket Adventure wasn't confirmed, darnit.
  7. Sonic Colors getting new Sonic Colors animated promotions is pretty funny.
  8. Sonic Rift rumor and then Sonic Prime isn't too surprising to me. Fanbase has been circuiting rumors in the vein of travelling to different worlds for years: https://www.sonicstadium.org/2012/03/iizuka-says-sonic-dimensions-a-hoax-comments-on-sonics-future/ Anyway, let's go Sonic Pocket Adventure port?
  9. I sooner will believe "Maekawa will return as a designer and make Sky Deck 3" than think he's returning for another Sonic story.
  10. Petitions are so worthless in changing opinions of.......most things that if you were to remove every Sonic petition in history, nothing would change. They listen to feedback discreetly, they collect their own numbers (at least they better have), and figure it out themselves in terms of what to change. Boycotts are almost as worthless, needs to be a large collective effort and well, I doubt it's ever worked for Sonic. Though at least Jason Griffith occasionally laughed at some of the hate mail he got.
  11. If there's one thing I figured out about prominent leakers often cited in articles of video games, it's that a majority, if not all of them, are all hijackers/liars. Hijackers in that, they take existing obscure rumors/leaks, pass it off as exclusive info, and get all the credit for it unless they are wrong, in which case they'll try to backpedal from it. Liars in that, they make vague predictions that can seen as true in nearly all future contexts, but again, pass it off as a leak. Combine this with "I can't say...", or "All I know currently..", or "Eventually I'll..." and you got utter shenanigans people buy into. I should be ignoring all of this, but seeing it pop up a lot it's hard to ignore. There's a whole mini economy sprung from this, and amazingly of all the elements involved, the "sources" are arguably just doing it more for clout than cash. Which is the nicest thing I could say about all this.


    And given how secretive and quiet industries are, this isn't going to be a fad and more people will slide their way in social media. Admittedly it's a fun thing to analyze.


    1. Chili Dawg

      Chili Dawg

      Good thing that doesn't sound like anyone we know!

  12. What in the what the what? Ok, dial this all back, forget the unplayable point for a brief moment, forget the movie stuff. Per the article, the Sonic Colors remaster details were leaked via previous leakers, who leaked the Sonic Forces script. And that Sonic Forces script I recall looking very legit and lining up with Sonic Stadium comments section leaker who definitely had a lot of details right. So, that leads to credibility assuming it really is the same entities leaking, and that none are faked. So what in the flying fox is going on with everything else? You got Zippo saying similar stuff, is he credible then given he's said similar info? Cause he ain't that script leaker. But why does the article claim the age of the info was circa August 2020? Was there a hijacking of information, a common leaker™ tactic. Whose lying? Am I missing some obvious detail here that explains this? I got like 6 tabs open and nothing is making any sense! So that blog predates the soahcity article on Adventure remakes by 1 day. Does that mean info is being shared among soahcity and Zippo? WHAT IS GOING ON?
  13. I like test levels that test the physics for fine tuning. Though I don't recall the levels needing the spin dash much. 


  14. Absurd Sonic difficulty moments are the greatest because of how utterly confusing and memorable they are. The memorable part I think is a large factor in some of the reception of games. 

    1. Blue Blood

      Blue Blood

      Sonic is typically quite easy by design. Right from the first game, his jumping ability has let him damage foes from any direction, rather than having to land on them like in most other platformers. In 3D, enemies pose even less of a threat because you usually have the homing attack. And of top of this is the rings system, giving you effectively infinitely regenerating HP. 

      What moments of absurd difficulty are you talking about though? I'm trying to think of some. Chemical Plant 2 is quite infamous for the rising water section, where is very easy to get crushed or drown. And immediately after that you have a very tight platforming section which makes you repeat the rising water section again (already fully flooded) if you fall. Labyrinth needs no explanation. Carnival Night 2 isn't so much difficult as it is obtuse. Metropolis is full of incredibly cheap moments too, I guess? But that's not really difficult for any reason other than being incredibly cheap. Same goes for the S2 final boss.

    2. jungle_penguins


      There's some of the classic examples you mentioned. On the 3D side it's often levels near the end or in the middle of the game with a difficulty spike. Fun stuff like Mad Space in Adventure 2, Lost Impact in Shadow, Eggman Land in Unleashed, Frozen Factory 3 in Lost World 3DS. Just a random moment of an increased difficulty that frustrates players.

  15. I've only glanced at Sonic YouTube™ but I could've sworn this franchise had enough material to creatively milk from. Guess not. Oh well the occasional quality stuff is good enough. 

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