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  1. Not criticism, just wondering, why do companies/creative groups extensively rework old IPs? I get that, it's IPs, but some formerly dead franchises are rebooted entirely to the point where I wonder why they didn't just make a new IP, since it's more or less the same thing. It's especially common with superhero/comic stuff,. I find it very cool, but I don't get the business reason, if there is any. Cause some IPs had very low brand recognition anyhow like......Guardians of the Galaxy before the movies?  

    1. Piko


      My guess is that they think the IP was ahead of its time and want to try it with a new audience. As for GotG...Marvel's owned by the biggest entertainment company in the world, they have the money to do pretty much whatever they want.

    2. Strickerx5


      From my understanding, little brand recognition >>> no brand recognition at all. A lot of companies simply don't like risking resources on new IP as that's often more difficult to put out over than shaping up an old one. Plus, those small amount of fans will probably still invest in it simply because of the title alone (let alone the few hours of social fame they often get for even mentioning these old names). Not to mention how those companies still own that IP either way so the mindset could also very well be "might as well use it" or even "use it or loose it" depending on legal.

      On a bit of an aside, I don't think GotG is the best example here. It fails to take into account the entirety of the MCU and the direction they were brining it at the time. There it made sense to bring in that IP as it was both beneficial to the story and tested the waters for the more weird Marvel shit going forward.

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