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  1. The more a leaker knows about wider topics the more likely it's nonsense. Traditionally a leak of a certain game/entry is a one off event in terms of who leaked it. Credible Insiders of whole series/genres/systems are very rare, maybe even nonexistent. Not like the Sonic Forces leaker popped up again, did they?
  2. Okay but can they restore the Sonic Colors original level structure? Got to see how this would've worked.


    1. Polkadi~☆


      Yes please. I want the full levels, not a level split in two acts.

  3. Sonic X's story was supervised by the Adventure 2 writer, so one could interpret some of the elements there as a reclarification of things. Of course, best to take that very lightly, since they definitely wasn't a Chris in Adventure 2, or two launched capsules (why). Shadow the Hedgehog's version does contradict, mainly in dialogue. The cutscene after Lost Impact level (why after that level I don't get): https://youtu.be/l1KOD0c6sHk?t=599
  4. The replay value Wikipedia page using a user created info graph of Shadow the Hedgehog is pretty funny. It counts as replay value but lol of all the examples to use. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Replay_value

    1. JezMM
    2. Blacklightning


      Replay value assumes the player wants to extend their time with the game of their own initiative. If the developers extend their game for no other reason than for playtime's own sake - as was the case with ShTH - that's padding, not replay value.

  5. I have no nostalgia for the Archie Comics, they were something I read a few years ago, but I admittedly like a lot of the unpopular ideas of it. Still think Mobius 25 Years Later was boring though. I like the idea of the original Freedom Fighters, the execution was average (also the snake thing is dumb). The whole "we solo defended Knothole for 10(?) years" never sat right with me. There needed to be some fall guys along the way. Robotnik throwing the snake in the roboticizer and going overkill on them was cool, maybe too cool.
  6. Lost World having a lot of old badniks was strange. Also the ghosts from Adventure 2. I do like the variety of robots though. Wish the designs were better like Colors.

    1. AWild No.1 washed up gamer

      AWild No.1 washed up gamer

      Yeah, I was so excited about sonic 3 rep. when the shark badnik from hydrocity zone returned in aquarium park. They looked so cool too. In lost World, they're more... Simple looking.

  7. Wonder where he got the balloon from.
  8. Did Ray's shoe design in Mania Plus originate from the Archie Comics? If so, that's pretty cool. Miss that universe.

    1. Cuz


      That's the popular theory, I mean it fits, Mania also carried the idea of Bean, Bark, and Nack as a trio forward. Fang was more of a solo act before late Archie. 

    2. jungle_penguins


      Read that Team Hooligan was an idea for Sonic Heroes. maybe Ian Flynn was given more info than he lets on lol. Wouldn't be surprised if Ray's blue shoes came from somewhere else but I'll lean towards Archie origin.


    3. Zaysho


      This was the last solicited cover before we found out Sega cancelled the book.


      It precedes the release of "Plus" by over a year so it more than likely had an influence.

  9. Not criticism, just wondering, why do companies/creative groups extensively rework old IPs? I get that, it's IPs, but some formerly dead franchises are rebooted entirely to the point where I wonder why they didn't just make a new IP, since it's more or less the same thing. It's especially common with superhero/comic stuff,. I find it very cool, but I don't get the business reason, if there is any. Cause some IPs had very low brand recognition anyhow like......Guardians of the Galaxy before the movies?  

    1. Piko


      My guess is that they think the IP was ahead of its time and want to try it with a new audience. As for GotG...Marvel's owned by the biggest entertainment company in the world, they have the money to do pretty much whatever they want.

    2. Strickerx5


      From my understanding, little brand recognition >>> no brand recognition at all. A lot of companies simply don't like risking resources on new IP as that's often more difficult to put out over than shaping up an old one. Plus, those small amount of fans will probably still invest in it simply because of the title alone (let alone the few hours of social fame they often get for even mentioning these old names). Not to mention how those companies still own that IP either way so the mindset could also very well be "might as well use it" or even "use it or loose it" depending on legal.

      On a bit of an aside, I don't think GotG is the best example here. It fails to take into account the entirety of the MCU and the direction they were brining it at the time. There it made sense to bring in that IP as it was both beneficial to the story and tested the waters for the more weird Marvel shit going forward.

  10. I'd include Pocket Adventure as a bookend for the Genesis/Game Gear collection. It be good to have more rereleases of the obscure games. Surprisingly, Unleashed is at a stable 30 FPS.......on the Xbox Series X. Only took more than 10 years lol. https://youtu.be/IfLz97AbBg0
  11. Was Sonic Rivals difficult? I hope I wasn't the only one who got stuck back then.

    1. Blue Blood

      Blue Blood

      Erm... From my memory, no. It was on the easier side. Had to replay some levels a couple of times, but I never got stuck. 

    2. jungle_penguins


      Looking back seems like I was just bad at all 2D games lol

  12. Part of this story reminds me of that episode in Sonic X, the one where Amy is mad that Sonic didn't show up for a date. Probably just a coincidence.
  13. While things have certainly felt low budget for the past decade, I don't think it has to do with them chasing the younger demographic. Maybe the writing is affected, but the game contents itself seem lower effort because they just don't want to invest as much. (Honestly I don't think it's preferable to the jank of the past). Lower price is more an evaluation of content within, like I recall Generations wasn't full price in the US.
  14. Sonic games have been feeling a bit "budget" ever since 2010. This is a knock on length, which is bad because arguably a 2 hour game just needs to be fun to be worth it. But I do think it affects perception when combined with other factors. Colors had to pad its way to make it "worth" the price, including weird gimmick Acts (turns out there was going to be a regular 2 Act structure that got chopped into multiple). Granted, Generations looks pretty good with lots of replayability? You can tell they struggled with Lost World given the amount of reused level themes between zones. And Forces despite 30 Stages is just barren.
  15. A few days ago found out Adventure 2, Heroes, 2006, Riders series, and the Storybook series share the same writer, which is amazing and has me dumbfounded. The 2000s still feel like an inconsistent mess no matter what. Seems like there are many fans who want him back.

    1. Ferno


      the 2000s was wild af, even the spinoffs and racing games had near mainline-level presentation complete with cutscenes and CGI. 

      i miss it

    2. Jango


      I miss the CGI openings/endings tbh. I know it's barely relevant to a game and many times it could even turn against it, but man. That fucking Sonic Unleashed intro is unskippable.

    3. E-122-Psi


      At the very least it seems like they tried to find a better balance in tone as they went along. It kinda comes off like they had an Archie complex at first and tried too hard to make Sonic a 'big boy's story' (besides Heroes, though it does kind of explain the juvenile tone of that one, like their heart wasn't as much into cartoony light hearted Sonic at first).

      Did they also write Free Riders?

    4. jungle_penguins


      CGI openers were hype. I guess the trailers fill that role more than ever but I miss them.

      I agree, the idea of Adventure 2 seems straightforward (let's go to space again) but the structure of it all was weird tonally. Writer is https://sonic.fandom.com/wiki/Shiro_Maekawa

      Funnily enough, it's been said he didn't like the Mega Drive era all that much. His last credits on Sonic is Black Knight. However, he designed the Sky Deck level, which is practically a crime against humanity.

      I looked at Free Riders' credits and it lists Otake Yasushi, who also wrote Colors? That wasn't solely Ken Pontac + Warren Graff? huh



    5. E-122-Psi


      Maybe Yasushi wrote the Japanese dub of Colours?

      Sky Deck wasn't bad conceptually, it was way too ahead of its time to be programmed competently.

  16. Yeah, I'm going to disregard anything about his claims of owning evil™ versions. Sounds like there's not merit to Scourge either, which makes those tweets even more strange. Actually, thinking about it, there's no way he knew he had ownership of some characters until years after he left Archie. That of course means Archie screwed up massively with the paperwork and legal case, because how else could Athair (can't think of any other pre-reboot-to-outside-of-comic example) appear in Sonic Underground with no issue back then. I guess that never came up in court though.
  17. The Adventure 2 cast knew just enough (Gerald going crazy, heck even mentioning how Shadow saved Earth should be enough) By the time of his titular game Shadow is treated as the real one by everyone except Eggman. No one seems to be bothered by Shadow's amnesia which is confusing. I guess Shadow never asked or was concerned about something else? I probably should've watched all the cutscenes again but I'm not that invested. From what little I know about Battle, he seems to be conflicted on his identity which goes against the ending of Shadow the Hedgehog. Could just be a plot hole and it really is meant to take place after.
  18. This thread gives me an uncommon sense of being lightheaded, it's like my brain telling me to look away at the pure shenanigans that are being described. Kind of scary but some of it is subsided. Copyright is weird. Does anyone have a rundown on who owns what? Like what's Evil Sonic's ownership, if that even a thing? That better not be a thing, but wondering for characters like Athair (who is also in Underground?). Do names even matter for copyright given how you can't copyright a name?
  19. I believe by intent it was always meant to be the real Shadow in Heroes. Metal Sonic says, "Ultimate lifeform data successfully copied" and Omega at the end says "You know about cloning... the original must exist somewhere." Unfortunately, this now has me thinking, and I know I really shouldn't be questioning the meme status of Sonic lore™, but why did no one ever tell Shadow about his past? It's arguably justified in Heroes, where Rouge assumes Shadow is an android and doesn't want to tell, with Sonic being too busy fighting Shadow in their brief encounter for there to be explanations. But what about Battle (though I know little about Battle), and obviously, the Shadow the Hedgehog game, the premise of which is entirely based on Shadow finding his past, with a lot of additions.
  20. Emerl is a good suggestion. I read that Eggman describes him as an robot built long ago, but never mentioning he himself built Emerl. So it could be Gerald Robotnik making another version of The Ultimate Lifeform. Though like the Sonic claim, it also brings more questions on how Emerl was acquired. I guess it could be a tossup between those two.
  21. I haven't watched Sonic X in ages but reading though old posts reminded me of this question. In the flashback sequence we see Maria eject two pods from the ARK. Rogue says, "There were 2 capsules ejected from the ARK when the facility was shut down, apparently neither was ever found." For simplicity's sake (because there's a lot of weirdness with the way the flashbacks and memories are framed), let's assume 1 capsule was Shadow and was recovered after all. But what became of the other one? I don't think the show ever states it or even mentions it again? Is there any obscure answer from the production team? What was the purpose of adding another capsule in the first place? I've heard of one claim suggesting it's Sonic, which I find very interesting. but that raises even more questions. It's possible this ties into the games given how Sonic Adventure 2's writer supervised Sonic X's story. But what do you think?
  22. I never understood this: The Spinner enemy from Sonic Adventure returned in Sonic Unleashed. But why the Spinner of all enemies? I'm glad it's here and sort of a staple ever since Unleashed but I just don't get it. Also I recall some fan sources calling it the E-06 Spinner for whatever reason.
  23. I remember playing Sonic Crackers on a neighbor's homebrew Xbox, sometime before 2010. (It had a lot of stuff, probably my only experience with modded consoles.) I remember being intrigued by something called "sonic 4" and well, was practically traumatized by how Crackers crashed with that audio buzzing. Why that ROM was downloaded onto the system I wish I knew.

    Knuckles' Chaotix honestly wasn't much better, still miss that Xbox though.

  24. With the controversial Two Worlds thing, I was under the impression the first few mainline games in the franchise took place on Earth. But Sonic Forces, evidently taking place on the non human world, has a Green Hill Zone. So, are there two Green Hill Zones? Or was South Island never on Earth? Yeah it's more evidence for how not thought out the Two Worlds thing is but I'm surprised there's not even clarification on Green Hill.

    1. Blue Blood

      Blue Blood

      Two worlds is a post-hoc retcon full of holes 

    2. Diogenes


      i would assume they'd consider the genesis games to take place in the animal world

    3. Supah Berry

      Supah Berry

      No matter what world Sonic goes, he can't escape Green Hill. Thats just how it is with Sonic Team

    4. BadBehavior


      Places you can't escape from that end in Hill. Not the Silent Hill revival I was expecting.

    5. Speedi


      Well, Ian Flynn said that apparently the two worlds idea had been a thing but Sonic X was the first time they actually made it story relevant. But I don't know how much I'm willing to believe that. I could also definitely just be misquoting him lol.

  25. More of an early idea in a story bible, but the premise of Adventures of Sonic the Hedgehog taking place before Sonic SatAM is hilarious. Almost wish they did this in the final two shows: http://ledastudios.rubberslug.com/gallery/inv_info.asp?ItemID=243381 For something more concrete as cut content, I find it interesting how Sonic Colors was going to follow a different act structure more inline with previous games: https://tcrf.net/Sonic_Colors_(Wii)
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