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  1. I thought the issue was alright, the art was great and really carried it. If the Bad Guys arc didn't already get me to start enjoying the D6, then all these great panels with them that actually making their designs pop would certainly be enough. I think the story was fine too, but the delays just make the pacing kind of funky, and I can't help but stare forward wondering when the next "big" ongoing story will be. It would be pretty interesting if Belle ends up becoming a villain or something at the end of all of this, not because of Starline reprogramming her or anything, but her somehow having a wild arc that culminates in her becoming some sort of chaotic neutral or baddie. Also damn with how they describe Sonic's world I wish I lived there this planet freaking sucks.
  2. Can't believe Knuckles gets married during the post credits scene, not a liberty I would have expected but it'll be interesting to see how it plays out nonetheless.
  3. I dropped what I was doing when I saw Unleashed footage out of nowhere. That montage and medley was such a tease I legit cannot believe they didn't announce a remaster.

  4. God pls let Tails be playable. I am begging you SEGA God, lol. There's no real valid reason for him not to be considering he's running around the park all the same as Sonic (although according to the cutscenes, lagging behind a bit.)
  5. Rebranding mobile games, ey? I wonder if they're gearing up to rebrand Sonic Forces Speed Battle (even though they just recently dropped the "Speed Battle" from the name) to relate it to whatever the next upcoming game is. Would be a nice way to refresh the game and extend its life.
  6. I kinda get the feeling SA2 will probably be as early as the 4th movie at best. With how marketably nostalgic and prolific it is to Sonic, it's easy to imagine it will be something they heavily lead up to and try to cash in on. I think things will probably play out a bit like Movie 2: Probably a bit of a mix of the remaining classic games, especially with how easy they are to condense due to how light they are on stories outside of the game manual lore (besides 3&K which puts in the work to have some moments that were more cinematic than the previous games). Tails shows up and is the cute new marketable mascot, Robotnik builds Metal Sonic with the leftover quill to trick Knuckles into thinking Sonic is evil. Emeralds get brought up or probably shown, but no Super Sonic or anything quite yet. Movie 3: Basically SA1, Sonic and co probably kinda start getting accepted as just kinda existing by humans now, Amy introduction (she gets played up in marketing since being the main girl gives her so much merchandising potential), Big as a cuddly marketable side character they can sell plush toys of or something (would buy), maybe Gamma because Adventure, Chaotix cameos or something? Super Sonic could probably appear and the movie will end in a sort of fulfilling way where if it doesn't get a sequel it'll still feel complete, but there will be heavy sequel hooks and probably a post credits stinger teasing Shadow. Movie 4: The big cash in and marketing blowout where they really use Shadow's popularity to get at least one more successful movie beyond the usual trilogy formula these types of movies go for. Rouge appears and with how popular and nostalgic SA2 is they'd probably do a pretty accurate adaption of it since it's been proven the people working on these movies know their Sonic and love stuffing in references. On that note, I could see Gerald having existed in this universe and them retconning Robotnik's fascination with Sonic having to do with bits and pieces he knows of his grandfather's research. If they keep doing stuff beyond that and go full on nonstop Fast and Furious I think they'd probably just start improvising and we'd likely get a time travel movie that introduces Silver and/or Blaze or something but has nothing to do with 06 other than both stories featuring time travel and maybe the whole Silver thinking "Sonic being dead = World Peace?" thing. Oh yeah, and on the topic of Blaze, with how the first movie already introduced the concepts of multiple worlds and being able to easily traverse them, I feel like it'd be pretty easy to explain the whole "Blaze is from another world thing" so I think she's pretty likely to appear in movies further down the line if they go beyond SA2 stuff. I really do hope we get to see some of those like, "tier below Shadow in marketability" characters like her and Silver if these movies make enough money to keep trucking along.
  7. Is this for real? I've been wondering why the Sonic series in particular gets delayed so much, and I can honestly see this being true.
  8. I can see it now. Between stuff like Shadow being characterized like a constant show-offy contrarian jerk and SEGA claiming Team Dark aren't his friends I can easily image some scene where Shadow like tosses Knuckles off of the Ark and has a tantrum in front of everyone. Shadow: Hey, spines for brains. What do you think you're doing? Off the Ark. OFF THE ARK. Sonic: You gonna make us, Shadow? Shadow: No, he is. Omega! Omeg- Omega? OMEGA!? Get up here and do your job. Are you malfunctioning? I said take care of them! Omega: I am sorry Shadow. I can only agree with them. I can not process what you did as "right." Shadow: Hmph, what? Am I hearing that correctly? You don't think the ultimate life form is right? Who said your job was to think, bolt brain? Omega: I- Shadow: JUST USE THAT VAST RESERVE OF PROCESSING POWER TO CONSIDER THIS FOR A MOMENT, IF IT WASN'T FOR ME, NOBODY WOULD PAY ANY ATTENTION TO YOU AT ALL. In fact, my robotic friend, if it weren't for me you along with the rest of that damn planet would have been obliterated a long time ago so shut your mouth and get. Them. Off. The Ark. Do it. Now, Omega, or I'm throwing you off. For real though, old Woody is such a monster compared to the final movie. Whenever I see this clip brought up again it's always a trip giving it another watch.
  9. I dunno if I want to share too much about myself, but you can just call me whatever variation of my username you like. I'm non-binary, they/them. Anyways, I'm a person who kind of falls in and out of the Sonic series, but I've been lurking a lot lately. I first got into the series with the cartoons (primarily AoStH and SatAM) that aired when I was a kid, spent quite a bit of time on the official SEGA forum for a while and used to follow this site and a couple other news sites in my early teen years, a decade ago. Got back into the series recently and caught up on the games I missed due to a rush of nostalgia after the Sonic movie released. One of my favorite things about the series was being able to chat about the series online, so I decided this was the best place to go to scratch that itch. Happy to see this site still functioning and going strong, it's a real feat with how Sonic content has become more sparse these days! Hoping to be a part of the active discussion that follows once the next game is announced.
  10. Someone has probably already said this, but Strassman having Karen as a first name is all too fitting. Regardless, "freedom of speech" or not, if the voice cast truly is going to be entirely changed she was going to be out the door anyway. It's just serendipitous to know that there will be one less questionable person behind the scenes in what we all want to be a good and uplifting series to enjoy. Can't really fault people (myself included) to find a small victory in that. As a person who has enjoyed the series since my childhood, it annoys me that as someone who has lost friends to covid that someone involved in one of my favorite series believes everything about our current pandemic is bogus. Having opinions on like, whether a movie is a good cinematic experience or not is one thing, but if your opinions directly oppose the lives of people that are born a specific way out of their control or endorse foolishly endangering people by ignoring science in favor of peddling conspiracy theories, people can do or say whatever they want on Twitter/the internet about it. If SEGA doesn't want their kid friendly series being associated with an anti-masking, anti-BLM person who chooses to vocally express their ideals online, then that's SEGA's choice. It'd be one thing if they fired someone for visibly being a minority, something they couldn't change about themselves or hide, but it's all on Karen for choosing to align with harmful views and not being afraid to do so. Simply put, you reap what you sow. You are free to say what you want but that only gives others the choice to voice their opinion about what you've said. Besides, Rouge would never do any of this. She would most definitely canonically or at least probably kick anti-maskers in the teeth.
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