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  1. Didn't say lack of skill, but otherwise fair enough. I wasn't aware of what really made AoSTH's art style the way it is and have to admit, that Felix intro isn't half bad because of it. For the most part, sure (but definitely give The Amazing World of Gumball a chance), but I'm not sure if I would put AoSTH among the greats in cartoons. It is a show that relies on the same variety of slapstick and being able to enjoy the show depends on that. If you've watched one episode, you know what the rest will look like.
  2. I remember watching a few episodes of Adventure of Sonic The Hedgehog on YouTube back in I think 2009. Since I've been getting back into Sonic, I decided to watch some of the episodes again just to see how well the show aged. The art style is crude. Characters, backgrounds, and towns have a much more simplistic design compared to the game and even SatAM but that could probably be explained by low budget. Both Sonic and Tails are shorter than their Classic counterparts and there are a lot less lines used compared to SatAM and even Sonic Undergrounds, which highlights its comedic nature. It also takes inspiration from the earliest Sonic Archie Comics issues, a comparison I noted when I started to read the comic. In a way, I like it because it's a not a show that takes itself too seriously. Sonic's attitude really comes through as he infuriates Eggman by whatever insults he can come up and this is a nice glimpse of who Tails was before Sonic Adventure really explored him as a mechanical genius, as Sonic's best friend and side kick. It's also exciting to see Eggman's temper when Scratch and Grounder - his two supposed greatest creations in the show - fail him on a routine basis. Especially when factoring in Long John Baldry's booming voice that seems to make Eggman the center of any scene in an episode. It's also very formulaic and repetitive. Most, if not all of the episodes I've seen are just Eggman trying to capture Sonic once and for all, only to fail. The episode may have their spin, but the plot remains the same. When you've seen one episode, you've seen the whole series. Your mileage varies on whenever you enjoy seeing the same plot over and over again. I don't mind it, but I can see how this might turn off some people. Eventually, I plan to get around to Sonic Boom as I've heard that's an even better comedic show and I've liked the clips I have seen. Japanese Sonic X is a maybe too. Speaking of Sonic Underground, Believe it or not, the show came before DeviantART was even formed. Sonic Underground was in 1999, DeviantART was formed in 2000. So it's technically not possible for a show like this to be a "DeviantART fan's wish". Having said that, I wonder what the fan art and fanfic scene must have been like in the 20th century. Must have been way different before sites like Fanfiction.net and DeviantART came to be.
  3. I come from the Nintendo fandom, but I can relate. Back during the late 2000s when the Wii was all the rage, I saw a lot of criticism regarding the Wii. Needless to say, I got very defensive over the console and it got me in a lot of trouble. I have and will always be a passionate fan of Nintendo's IPs, but I had to adjust my behavior after a year and a half. Notably, Sonic also got a lot of flak and it was cool to hate on Sonic and his fan base. With that said, this is the Internet. People will use the Internet to dump on anything and everything in existence, especially since that anonymity allows people to express their distaste for something or someone in ways that you could not get away with at a public place like a school or a job. It might be crass, rude, and even insensitive, but it is not the end of the world. Sonic The Hedgehog is a great franchise, but at the end of the day, it is the premiere franchise of a big corporation and it is in no danger of going out of business anytime soon. It's not healthy to put yourself up as part of the Sega Defense Force or to get overly invested in defending the franchise. So relax. It's okay to disagree with other people regarding Sonic.
  4. Finally here at Sonic Stadium. Strange time to be a Sonic fan, but there is more to the franchise than what meets the eyes of everyday folks.

    1. Plumbers_Helper
    2. Fuzzy Pickles!

      Fuzzy Pickles!

      I was just browsing through a lot of pictures from the Sonic Screen Share PC game back in 1997 a few days ago. It's so fascinating. That one is probably my favorite.

    3. Crow the BOOLET

      Crow the BOOLET

      You came to France when it was burning. But then again its always been like that.

      ...Now where's Oscar? OSCAR!?

      But Rose of Versailles jokes aside welcome to SSMB! Hope ya like it here!

    4. Fuzzy Pickles!

      Fuzzy Pickles!

      Literally the first time I've ever heard of Rose of Versailles, apparently it's a significant yuri manga written in the early 1970s. The art style is kind of interesting, not going to lie.

      And as always, I appreciate the greetings.

    5. Cuz


      Yeah, it inspired Utena from what I understand. The anime should be getting re-release by Discotek soon.

    6. Fuzzy Pickles!

      Fuzzy Pickles!

      Hmm. Maybe some day, I might look into it.

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