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  1. I have been extremely careful to not get my hopes up too far for Sonic adventure 1 remake. It was my first gaming experience back in 1999, and to have it remade would be the fastest pre order i would ever purchase. But given the remix of station square back in 2019, and the fact that the environment of gaming companies has been to port over old games to new consoles, the stars appear to be aligning. The fact that Ryan Drummond might be reprising his role doesnt really affect the game coming out, because they would just use the old voice clips rather than re-record new ones, but im still very excited about Sega's people and Ryan Drummond maybe working something out.
  2. I have always been so tired of people being surprised that i like sonic at the volume that i do, but its always greeted with the "sonic is so bad" and i understand that there are a few games that are certainly bad. I try not to let it get to me because sonic means alot to me so a couple of people arent going to make me change and i want his games to get better and i KNOW they will get better. The movie's success has certainly helped in his reputation, but does anyone have any situations similar to this?
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