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  1. Shadow and Silvers best interactions and most emotionally strong friendships are with females. As compared to Sonic and Amy or Blaze or Sally who he shares little of his emotional vunerability towards, and its no surprise shadow x rouge and silver x blaze has a big following with me being a fan, if they ever persued a romance with actual comparable reasoning to actual hinting the two hedgehogs finding blaze and rouge being more than just friends to them, those two would be closest imo.
  2. I always felt ash and geoffrey underdogs compared to sonic because sonic was supernaturaly better than them and was born a demi god of speed and coolness. Thats just me.
  3. Shadow and Blaze, its a new way to explore the ally/rival/ship tease between two extremely egotistical super alphas with a cold and no nonsense tude. It would be like Winter Solider and Black Widow but more cute furry creatures with super powers. It would be full of tension/stand offish but comendable if not high esteemed respect, both being high end of style and class when taking down threats, with a hatred for sonics idiocy. Silver and Rouge, a time traveling yet naive dork with the worlds hottest and seductive spy and treasure hunter. It writes itself. Both could bond wanting the best out of life and rouge helps the kid be more confident and maybe helps her become more appreciative to Shadow as someone who protects her time while teaming up with Silver.
  4. I dont get how Sonic gets paired(along with tails) in shipping investment all and not Shadow and Silver who are more or less more mature and conceptually realistic than Sonic and thus easier to promote them in romance based projection, Shadow and Silver have been viewed by fans as a bit of a knight in shining armor to many females. I find it a bit hyporcrtical Sonic is used as a self insert for many ships but is closer to being asexual than anyone outside of the highly ooc archie comics. The other two feels more open to exploring womanly relationships being mostly catered towards females, thus the girls flirting with them seem more appropiate since they both have that bad boy with a good heart vacariousness writers can explorenifnthey were creative enough.
  5. Just a simple question, who do you consider the main staples of sonics entire game/media lore in terms of default narative focus for the sonic universe?
  6. Which characters do you see would be be worthy of wielding Thor Odinsons hammer from Marvel Comics. Personally Only Shadow and Blaze, hes got a warriors heart and does not hesitate to kill his foes to protect people from evil and Blaze because as despite her royak luneage shes devoted to peace and prosperity and is humble about her great powers with a also a warriors resolve and responsibility as a princess.
  7. Shadows anti heroism/character could be in tune with how sonic x portrayed him. A dark and ruthless figure/force of nsture that will do anything without regrets to protect the galaxy to stop some bigger picture villain but has a soft and loyal side and will show a kind side to those with a nature akin to maria.
  8. Whats wrong with it? Sonics a anti hero in a way too.
  9. This isnt as easy as the comic impliments when reguarding the games though and the characters shadow talks to and does stuff with, shadow has to have a fundamental distinctive quirk that seperates him from the others(quiet loner introvert with a cynical arrogance) in working and it has to stay consistent from the past games. My problem is it isnt used creatively.
  10. Rouge is a more shallow character than Blaze and borders on mary sue levels for my taste.
  11. One of the main critisims of Shadow is his limited dynamic and inflexibility in being back and forth with other characters that cant either rival his power or sense of perspective. How would you change this if you could? This can also apply to the characters hes known to share chemistry with like him and Sonic. For example, Shadow and Vector.
  12. Thats the norm these days so other characters dont look useless, shadows the worf effect like vegeta.
  13. Blaze thanks to her no longer makes the series strictly sexist or pro male > female. Having a stigma of males are useful, cool, and fun and females are cute, sexy, and weak produced a character that makes it find a true equality between the cast being a female going on par with men. Blaze unlike Amy isnt feminine or sultry because of the fact shes a token female trope, but shes femine of strength and regal elegance and just as powerful as the top sonic males to boot.
  14. Shes better than rouge imo.
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