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  1. Tails and Knuckles don't change colors or even become shiny, though. They get their "transformations" from Sonic going super. Whatever they are, they're not a "standard" super form. (Video goes to relevant cutscene.)
  2. I think the desire to correct the once (current?) common idea that women are frail by depicting female characters in popular media as being just as capable ass kickers as the guys can lead to tunnel vision where the only kind of strength that is respected is physical or martial prowess, when there are many kinds of personal strength. The damsel in distress is a time worn trope, and in video games used to be all of the representation female characters got in some of the most popular games. In Sonic Adventure however, Amy being kidnapped and escaping her captor is a story worth telling in of itself, not just as an inciting plot point to get Sonic motivated to rescue her. Amy's optimism and kindness are virtues that serve her well on her adventure too; she isn't just the character who fights with a giant hammer. Unfortunately, this basically all disappears in Sonic Adventure 2. It would be wrong to say Amy has no impact on SA2's story, but she does not have a meaningful plotline for herself. The ultimate reason for Amy's inclusion in SA2 is because the writers needed someone who would bother even trying to change Shadow's mind about destroying the world; in other words, Amy exists in SA2 to advance a male character's story. Maria has it even worse. Her entire role in the story is to die to motivate Shadow's actions. If that doesn't reveal how much the writers cared about their female characters in SA2, I don't know what does. Even Rouge, supposedly a skilled jewel thief, has to be rescued while on a mission to steal the Chaos Emeralds just so Shadow can have another flashback about Maria. Things have never really gotten better in the games as far as it's presentation of female characters is concerned. Starting in Heroes they turned Amy's crush on Sonic up to 11(000), and moved Rouge into Shadow's orbit while pushing him as one of the main characters in the series. Blaze actually had a strong character arc when she was introduced, so of course they made her secondary to Silver, despite his unpopularity after debuting in the worst game of the series. By then Sonic Team had such a poor track record with storytelling that they managed to discredit the very ideas of just about everything they had done in the prior half decade. They decided to throw out as much as they could for Sonic Unleashed, and the series narrative and characters have largely remained in stasis ever since. So. Yeah. I do think the games have a sexist history. It's also noteworthy how many of the adaptions have taken the trouble to add female characters to the main cast in an effort to balance out the gender ratio: SatAM/Archie had Sally and Bunny, Underground had Sonia, Boom had Sticks, and now IDW has Tangle/Whisper/Belle. Dr. Mechano is right; boys don't have any problem with rooting for female characters. One last thing because this turned out longer than I expected: I don't like how Maddie is portrayed in the movie. She's a veterinarian but her husband is the one who figures out how to wake up the unconscious Sonic? Come on, let her do the thing she is supposed to be good at and treat the animal herself.
  3. It's fun when writers leave some dots for the reader/viewer/player to connect themselves, and the Artificial Chaos enemies onboard the Ark do hint in that direction, but in Shadow's case I think at least some part of this theory (which is cool, don't get me wrong) needed to be made explicit in the text. It's just so much of the Project Shadow back story left blank that I have a hard time believing that Sonic Team had the connection between Shadow, Chaos, the mural, and Sonic in mind when they were writing SA2.
  4. Cosign that making Rouge both a jewel thief and a government spy was an awkward fit for the character. In Sonic Adventure 2, it really feels like Jewel Thief Rouge and Spy Rouge are different characters. Thief Rouge is vain, petty, and frankly incompetent (unable to escape Knuckles with the Master Emerald intact, needs to be rescued by Shadow, nearly falls to her death after tripping over her own two feet). Spy Rouge is more task oriented, successfully infiltrates a criminal conspiracy to take over the world, and even has Shadow at a (brief) disadvantage when she reveals (part) of the truth about Project Shadow. I actually liked Spy Rouge better (if that wasn't already clear, lol), so of course Sega decided to focus on the Thief side of her character instead. Unfortunately, she was introduced in the same game as Shadow and so the powers that be have decided she shouldn't be anything more than that secondary character's support staff, so it's a moot point really.
  5. The surgery scenes in Dr. Death are some of the creepiest shit I've seen in awhile.

  6. You should look up what, if anything, the creators of these shows have said about why they are portraying these characters in the ways that they are instead of jumping to assumptions.
  7. I haven't played Sword and Shield, but Sun and Moon made celebrating Pokemon's own global appeal to a very diverse fanbase a pretty overt theme in gen 7. Going from having a cast where nearly every character has the same skin color, as is the case in the early generations of Pokemon, to the much more diverse casts we've seen in the past decade isn't something that happens unless somebody makes a conscious choice to make that change.
  8. This series has a bad habit of bringing characters back for no good reason, so TBH I'm leery about the idea of bringing anyone back outside of the designated main cast. But, I like Fang, so bring back Fang plskthx
  9. The memey nature of the social media accounts is grating enough. At best, it repurposes the laughing stock reputation the series developed in the 2000s for its own purposes by claiming to be in on the "joke" too. At worst, being ironically terrible is just being terrible. I can't imagine how Sanic would make the jump from crude drawing to actual character, but I hope no one ever figures out how to make it happen, or at least isn't allowed to make it happen. I'd rather see the Sonic series just be good again, and not have to resort to reminding its fans of all the garbage it has produced over the years.
  10. My controversial Sonic opinion: Tails, and especially Knuckles, don't play that well in Sonic 3&K or Mania. Tails' flying is alright once you're good enough to maintain speed with it, but if you're just using it to get past a tricky jump, it sucks. It's sluggish to get off the ground from a stand still, it's so useful that it often trivializes any challenge, and using the move in that way makes the game very start and stop, something that runs contrary to what Sonic games are at their best. Knuckles is much worse however. His climbing ability again feels sluggish to use, but my real problem with his moveset is landing after a glide. Whether you drop to the ground or slide to a stop, it always feels like I am having to wait on Knuckles to complete some animation before I can get back to playing the game.
  11. Apparently Sonic's real super power is having an iron stomach. TBH the option to play a Sonic game with a first person camera is something I've wanted for a long time... just not one that flips every time Sonic jumps.
  12. This is a good point about lives in platformer titles and other older genres. For Colors I think a good compromise would be removing lives from the story mode, but adding them back in for the Egg Shuttle. The Egg Shuttle is already attempting to recreate part of the classic experience by boiling the game down to a sequence of levels uninterrupted by a narrative. Part of that old timey experience was that how many lives you could stockpile in a single run was one measure of how much you have improved at the game, so why not put that in the retro influenced game mode?
  13. I wonder if this is how Sonic Team is responding to the success of Mania. The layered, multi route level design and physics based platforming of the classics should translate well to an open world environment IMO. I'm not ready to be excited for this game, not until the game is actually out most likely, but I am definitely intrigued if Sonic 2022 is an open world game.
  14. Sonic 2022 is coming to "PC Game" so I'd guess they either made a mistake listing Colors as an EGS exclusive on PC, it is a timed exclusive, or a one off thing for some reason.
  15. It looks like they might have added fur to Sonic's quills in Colors.
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