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  1. I like the name recolors, simple name but its fitting. Hoping we get this on services like spotify as well, I'd love to have the symphony remixes of the vocal tracks easily available. I assume they're included? There is like 3 remixes of each track so one is bound to be the Symphony rendition surely.
  2. If the MJ music doesn't get in, what do you think the chances are that Sega is ok with using the original music after the prototype leaked? A sort of "Well they know what the original music was, I guess we may as well use it now". Were they reluctant to rerelease S3&K with the original music due to people not really liking when it was in the old pc port? That'd be nice, but I feel like those tracks are the reason Sega hasn't rereleased it in awhile. If they do bring those tracks back, I hope they settled on a way to have full rights now instead of just extending the old contract so that they don't have to worry about right issues anymore.
  3. I always saw it as skin, but it seems to differ depending on who draws it. For example, in Sonic X it is sometimes drawn as having the same properties as his fur would (mainly when burned, pic taken from episode 5 after the television blows up). Not sure how "official" Sonic X's depiction of the characters are and/or how much Iizuka oversaw it (if at all) though.
  4. It's worse when half the games in this collection are already available on modern systems (or all the games if you want to consider steam releases). Adding the game gear games, or even previously unreleased games like Knuckles' Chaotix would really help sell the collection. As it stands right now, there is not a whole lot of incentive to buy the collection since most of the games are already widescreen (mobile ports and/or with mods) and are already super easy to get. My biggest fear is that this collection sells poorly and SEGA doesn't make any more because "there wasn't much demand for the first one". Like yeah of course there wasn't that much interest/demand, you keep porting games that everyone most likely has multiple copies of by this point. You need a lot more than just widescreen (which again, is already very easy to get/mod in) to sell something like this. Capcom is the perfect example of how rerelease collections should be, rereleasing older games that until now did not have easy ways to play them without jumping back to older consoles (ps2 for classic especially or the dust-collector that is the Wii U) as well as finally giving us proper rereleases of X7/X8 that fix some problems of those games, and learning from those collections to give us an amazing zero/zx collection. Sega needs to take a page out of what Capcom is doing if they want these collections to sell well.
  5. Just tossing out an odd ball idea here, what if that was how Game Gear games/general unlockables were unlocked? Have the game count how many rings you have at the end of an Act (maybe include rings gathered in bonus stages as well) and adds it to a "collection total" that can be viewed within some shop on the collection's home screen, or give each game it's own specialized shop. What if each Game Gear game was like, 700-1k rings. Maybe characters (for games that didn't have them natively, so think knuckles in Sonic 1/2) were 500 each, so on so forth. 1-up monitors could just be a guaranteed 100 rings. Still gives a reason for ring collecting as well as encouraging the player to take the safest routes (therefore helping the player naturally get more used to stages they may have had trouble in previously) in order to actually keep those rings until the end, but with the removal of lives for accessibility reasons. Obviously, they'd have to make a way for the game to detect the use of debug mode and not count those rings, like how achievements in the recent Megaman X collections are automatically deemed unobtainable if you turn on Rookie Hunter mode.
  6. That'd be nice. Even though we may find 1/2/3/CD easy, I wouldn't be surprised if kids nowadays had more trouble with them (especially since they aren't as handholdy as the current Sonic games they're used to playing). I kind of hope they do remove lives as an option, I hate getting to the very end of sonic 2 and losing all my lives to the Wing Fortress boss zone (which happens more times than I would like to admit). May be redundant for S3&K with it's save system, but it would be nice to not have to redo the entirety of Death Egg 1 again. I'm all for more accessibility with older games, even if slightly against the original design idea (get good enough at a stage to beat it while saving lives/rings for emeralds).
  7. He might at some point, but man I hope not. Best we can hope for is a super quick throwaway gag, maybe part of a montage of them recollecting the worst dimensions or something. I'm starting to get really tired of the Sanic meme (putting him on G-Fuel sponsors? Really?). It was funny at first sure, but the Sonic movie was the only time in media it worked since it was within the context of a drawing by someone who may or may not be mentally sound (at least from the view of the rest of the cast). Do these sanic products really sell well enough for Sega to keep trying to force it onto stuff?
  8. You aren't insane. That voice clip is taken straight from an old Sonic Official stream, where they got stuck on the Metal Sonic fight during Sonic The Fighters. Here's a timestamped clip if you want it.
  9. New trailer looks really nice. I'm curious as to what the "Super Sonic" tab could be. My guess is just a simple on/off toggle, but it'd be really cool if Super Sonic got some skins too (Hyper, Darkspine, etc). I really like how the customizable gloves/shoes look, especially the pink chrome ones they showed off for a brief second. Also. Metal Sonic has animations (even if they look like they're borrowed from super sonic). Sega, please let us play as metal sonic if we complete all the rival rush races. On a final, I wonder if the 100 ring invincibility will change how the "optimal paths" for acts are played. Now that we may be able to barrel through an otherwise long area with invincibility if we get enough rings up to that point.
  10. I'd like to see a character spinoff from the perspective of one of Eggman's robots/henchmen. Metal Sonic could be neat, if they were to pose it as Metal Sonic causing chaos in select areas in hopes of getting Sonic's attention. Even though it was brief, I really enjoyed Gamma's story in SA1 for this reason. It's nice to see what Eggman does during the day when he isn't in a boss battle with Sonic (in SA1's case, sending robots on missions and testing their capabilities). Hell, maybe even Infinite could be fun. Since we know Infinite is likely still alive after the events of Forces, why not make a game where Infinite is searching the world for more power (maybe use this as a good time to bring back the time stones from little planet) or continue Infinite's bloodlust for Shadow. Ditch his mask as a way of showing his resentment of Eggman for not letting him kill Sonic when he clearly had the chance too. A "If you want something done right you have to do it yourself" sort of thing.
  11. Do alternate/metal sonics count? If so, then I'd really like to see Mecha return. As far as we know, Mecha is the only metal sonic duplicate that successfully went super, as well as being able to absorb the master emerald's energy (and assuming the chaos emeralds by extension). Sonic Team seems to have a fear of bringing Super Sonic back for some odd reason, but Mecha could be a nice way to re-introduce the idea of multiple characters besides Sonic having the ability to go super. All that, and I just think the much rougher and spikier design of Mecha looks a lot cooler compared to Metal's more slick design.
  12. Curious as to how the games in here will be presented. While I think the Taxman remakes would be cool, I doubt they'll be used since Sega wants to be sticking with the original source code (as well as the Taxman games, with the exception of CD, being made for mobile phones first and foremost). I feel like we'll get the "upgraded" switch ports of 1/2 (Where those widescreen? I can't recall) as well as the CD remake but with the menu screen trimmed down a bit. Sonic 3&k is the interesting one to me. I wonder if they'll also include s2&k like they did in the DS collection from yesteryear, or if we'll see a widescreen port of s3&k with nothing else. I do find it slightly odd that we have no news on it except that: -Not emulation, using original source code -S3&K is widescreen (As far as I know, if more has been leaked/revealed please let me know) I doubt this will be a 2022 release. Even with the possibility of having to rework most of 3 to work with widescreen, surely that isn't enough work to cause any more time needed than say Colors Ultimate. But then again, I know jack squat about development so for all I know editing old genesis games is a lot more work than just touching up a Wii game.
  13. If unleashed got the colors ultimate treatment, I would absolutely buy it. Colors Ultimate changes some weirdly specific parts sure, but I don't see it as enough of a problem to think it's a bad port. I'm just glad to see sega showing love to older games again (that aren't the genesis era games). I think unleashed could really benefit from being remastered, as well as running higher than 10 fps on most modern consoles. I doubt Sega would feel the need to touch it up graphically since unlike the Wii, Unleashed's home console a generation behind power wise. The game looks more than good enough to warrant a rerelease with little to no change graphically, something that I personally believe Colors would not have had as easy of a time doing. Regardless of what happens, I'm just excited at the idea of sega reaching into the sonic catalog to bring out games that aren't as easy to play nowadays (not everyone has a wii or especially a wii u laying around nowadays). I hope Colors leads to Unleashed, Generations, and maybe even Lost World remasters/rereleases.
  14. Gen 4 remakes looking really cool, and they aren't even done by Game Freak. Glad to see even nintendo doesn't want game freak anywhere near gen 4 outside of spinoffs.

    Harsh aside, I'm looking forward to both Legends and Shining Pearl (the version I'll be stuck with most likely). Here's to hoping they're as good as the trailers make them look.

    1. Blue Blood

      Blue Blood

      You do know that Nintendo doesn't own Pokémon, right? It's not their decision who makes what.

  15. The great thing about those collections is that the ps1, gba, and ds games all run off the original source code instead of simple emulation. Imagine if sega were willing to go that extra mile for older sonic games (since even the genesis games have their fair share of slowdown). May even make something like the ps2 version of heroes ideal, since framerate won't be much of a problem anymore as well as getting Unleashed to run as beautifully on the ps4/One as it does on the Series X.
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