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  1. Gen 4 remakes looking really cool, and they aren't even done by Game Freak. Glad to see even nintendo doesn't want game freak anywhere near gen 4 outside of spinoffs.

    Harsh aside, I'm looking forward to both Legends and Shining Pearl (the version I'll be stuck with most likely). Here's to hoping they're as good as the trailers make them look.

    1. Blue Blood

      Blue Blood

      You do know that Nintendo doesn't own Pokémon, right? It's not their decision who makes what.

  2. The great thing about those collections is that the ps1, gba, and ds games all run off the original source code instead of simple emulation. Imagine if sega were willing to go that extra mile for older sonic games (since even the genesis games have their fair share of slowdown). May even make something like the ps2 version of heroes ideal, since framerate won't be much of a problem anymore as well as getting Unleashed to run as beautifully on the ps4/One as it does on the Series X.
  3. The best game news today was revealed before the PS direct even happened.

    All hail the return of Hot Wheels racing games. hot-wheels-unleashed.thumb.jpg.618a43a40fe912eef0392bf1ef864262.jpg

  4. Is it just me or are the classic sonic levels in forces so cluttered with detail that I often lose track of where I am or what is actually part of the stage and not just the background?

    1. Supah Berry

      Supah Berry

      There's a part of me that seriously belives Sonic Team looked at Sonic Fan Remix, took in how they put classic stages into dystopia with overly busy backgrounds and Death Egg Robots flying by-


      and said "Oooooh! Let's do that!"

    2. Blue Blood

      Blue Blood

      Can't say that I even had that problem at all. And I've only personally heard others level that complaint at Generations, not Forces.

    3. LegoFedora


      Never had that problem in gens (from what I recall, been awhile since I last played it). For Forces, some stages are fine, but it's mainly at the chemical plant stages where it gets really confusing for me.

    4. Blue Blood

      Blue Blood

      With Forces, the camera is static and the foreground is really distinct from the background. But with Generations, the camera turns to show you a variety of angles, the levels have quite a bit of 3D layering and the backgrounds and foregrounds overlap.

      I've never had problem with either game, but I've always thought that Forces created a much clearer distinction between foreground and background. And the level of detail in both games is never cluttered or overwhelming.

    5. Rusty Spy

      Rusty Spy

      The problem I have with the classic levels in forces is that they're so shit I never bothered playing the game.

  5. I believe Sega needs to focus on a gameplay formula. They are always trying new things, which is not inherently a bad thing, but most of those new ideas tend to not be fully realized and dropped before they can be improved (Lost World for example). If they can find a consistently good gameplay style, then I believe there can be room for side-games that explore different genres or gimmicks. I personally think boost should be the main gameplay style, and different styles should be reserved for lower budgeted side games (like riders was, or 3d blast). Another thing I believe Sega needs to do, is stop dwindling in the past. You have heard the GHZ argument time and time again I'm sure, but this stretches far beyond that. Classic Sonic as a whole should either be used minimally, or used as a completely separate entity, since right now he has changed to just another companion for Modern Sonic. Maybe even save the experimental playstyles for classic, he's already seen his fair share of wildly different gameplay styles (3D Blast, Labyrinth, Sonic XTreme if it wasn't cancelled). Essentially, Sega needs to find consistency within the Sonic franchise and stick with it.
  6. If I had the choice to arrange collections in any way I wish, I would have three or four main collections. Sonic Mega Gems Collection Simple enough, just toss in sonic 1/2/cd (m2 versions of 1/2 and the remake of cd) as well as the game gear (or their master system equivalents) that were spread across the original mega/gems collections. Goal of this is to knock out most of classic sonic's games, as well as make the game gear titles easier to play. Maybe even toss in pocket adventure and chaotix as two new titles to help sell the collections. Sonic Adventure Collection Adventure 1 and 2, Shadow The Hedgehog, and Heroes all in one package. Simple as that. Sonic Advanced Collection Sonic advance 1-3, rush and rush adventure. Mainly to get the gba/ds collection done and done. Sonic Boost Collection Colors, Generations, and Unleashed. The main three big boost era games. Only problem with these, is that the latter two collections contain much bigger games than simple 2d games, so Sega may end up splitting them up to have individual releases for $15 or so a pop. Maybe rivals could fit into the adventure era, since it does include modern games. It could also work to fluff out the collection a bit more (since the classic collection is the biggest one by this point) As for Storybook and rivals, maybe storybook could be stuck in boost as well since they use concepts from boost even if not directly (soul gauge in secret rings, for example). Rivals would be in there through association of being from that modern-er era of Sonic.
  7. I like Blaze, I always thought the "princess from another dimension who is just as capable as Sonic" idea was neat. I like how she was portrayed in Rush 1 (haven't played Rush Adventure yet, so I am unsure of how she was portrayed there). I don't know why they decided to make her from the future like Silver for 06 though, always seemed like an odd choice to me. Although I do like the idea that her and Silver are the Sonic & Tails of the future at least, that was fun to watch. Too bad her rival fight in Rush 1 makes me feel like my ds's buttons are going to break any second.
  8. I've always wanted to see more storybook titles. The two we got weren't amazing games sure, but it was interesting to see Sonic and friends placed in old stories/legends. It was different than the world sonic games normally took place on, and was really refreshing and exciting to see. Black Knight especially was one of my favorite games for awhile, though that may be because I'm a sucker for medieval/knight stuff. As for something a bit newer, I'd like to see Sega give Lost World another shot. Lost World was a fine first attempt, and I really think sonic having a more parkour-oriented gameplay style fits him pretty well. I'd love to see how they would improve upon the first in a hypothetical sequel.
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