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  1. Does anyone prefer Discord over forums? Discord gives me the impression of gated communities for some reason, even if they're not that hard to get into.

  2. One of my least favourite fantasy clichés is when the story presents us with this skilled, accomplished woman whose sole role in the plot is to lend training and moral support to some mediocre guy.

    1. HPX


      Or the only black dude is always the trusted "captain of the guard," or right hand man of the white lead. 

  3. I cannot say that Sonic has the worst fandom ever when there are fandoms for various skeevy anime.

    1. HPX


      turns out you can't get mad when you're too busy being horny

    2. Azure Blue Tori

      Azure Blue Tori

      Oh they do get mad whenever anyone points out how skeevy their stuff is. Very mad.

    3. Speedi


      Any fandom can be the worst if you want it to be. There's not exactly a merit to judge this sorta thing to begin with lol.

    4. DanJ86


      I've been wondering that. Like is the the Sonic fandom really that bad when I've heard horror stories of people being suicidal over the hate they got from a fan art of a children's cartoon. It wasn't creepy fan art to my knowledge. Just a drawing of the main character looking a little thinner than they are in the show.

    5. HPX


      I think there's a deep joylessness in tearing down fandoms for their earnest expressions of love/inspiration. Sonic has it particularly bad, but the gradual melting away of cringe culture takes a bit of a load off. The internet has wrapped back around to post-irony to where people feel safer revealing their power levels, if you get what I mean. And I'm here for it.

      As for skeevy anime fandom, I don't go there, but I imagine it's a lot less...wholesome than what you expect from something like Sonic.

    6. Crow the BOOLET

      Crow the BOOLET

      You really must be new here. I've been here long enough I've seen shit no mortal man should ever seen from this fanbase. Its legitimately horrifying here. Like why would any sane man post any...of that publicly!



    7. HPX


      I've seen Sonic as a toilet, if that's what you mean. You will find that anywhere. It doesn't phase me and it's certainly not indicative of the fandom as a whole.

      ...unless you're all hiding something from me. 

    8. Wraith


      Every fanbase is dumb in the exact same way now 

  4. The fundamental problem with writing rich people is that they have way more tools and are in a better position than the vast majority of people to deal with their own problems. It's effectively a superpower in its own right, and fiction writers often underestimate that by just treating it as a character quirk. The better examples are characters who don't have much control over their own lives despite their wealth, but one still has to deal with the fact that lower class folk often have the same problems without the safety net that wealth brings. In the case of Emma and the maids, the social class difference between them also makes me instinctively side with the women stuck doing the domestic labour.
  5. Very well said. I love how Japanese games deal with the topic of mortality, especially how it differs from the way Western cultures approach it. Final Fantasy X was a big deal to me for similar reasons. It really sold the idea of a dystopian world where no one can really build any long-term goals because of how it'd all be regularly wiped away in an instant, yet it still have things like Blitzball because people need joy in their lives to cope. Tidus seems like the typical loudmouth jock protagonist at first, but a good chunk of his dialogue in the game is about Yuna and how she must feel about having to deal with the burden of what her journey entails. It's linear, yes, but that worked in its favour because it made me regret not being able to spend more time in Spira's various locales. I really felt encouraged to try and be a kinder person after finishing it. FFX also stands out to me for how it exposes the insidiously abusive self-blame dynamics of Catholic guilt, which is impressive considering it was never intended to be about Christianity and was more about Japan's own issues with religion. Something dispelling the whole notion of "the world is ending, and it's all your fault for not being pure enough" really helped me with my own anxiety issues, and I come back to it again and again in my memories for that reason.
  6. Next up is Twinkle Circuit (i.e. "Watch out, you're gonna crash! Ah!"), with a twist. I sing in this one, so hopefully you enjoy it, but I'm open to criticism. My goal is to be a singer-songwriter, so I'm always seeking to improve my craft. Also a heads-up: the next song I post here will likely not be a Sonic song. I'm certainly not done with Sonic Adventure by any means, but I've been practicing other video game music tracks which will be fun to share. If people are interested, I may even share some of my originals.
  7. If Mewtwo is the Pokemon equivalent of Shadow the Hedgehog, does that make Genesect E-123 Omega's counterpart?

  8. Imagine a world like Pokemon where every adult animal can fire a giant laser and make shadow clones.

    1. Sega DogTagz

      Sega DogTagz

      If you thought killing a cockroach was hard before...

    2. Crow the BOOLET

      Crow the BOOLET

      But that's what they literally do!

      Hyper Beam??? Double Team????


    3. Supah Berry

      Supah Berry

      Still weaker than a billion lions

  9. I'm curious as to what people particularly liked. Any genre will do, and it can be anything from a linear narrative to a richly designed world.
  10. Just finished Trails in the Sky FC. Its not-London final city puts Pokemon Sword & Shield's not-London to shame.

    1. Cuz


      Congrats, reminds me I need to get back to resuming SC sometime.

    2. Azure Blue Tori

      Azure Blue Tori

      I probably won't try that until I get another long weekend. FC was fun, but slow to build up. Also, the penultimate boss before the last dungeon and final boss were such a massive difficulty spike that I'm glad I picked Normal.

  11. I'm glad for this review. I've heard horror stories about the game's difficulty, but always wondered if it was "eventually get the satisfaction of mastering the game mechanics" or "I'm glad I never have to do that ever again." Seems like the latter. And yes, I agree with everyone that said that a game should be judged on its 100% (or 106% in this case) requirements, because I'm one of those people who gets a nagging sensation in my head if I don't play something all the way through.
  12. Wait, were they inspired by Barkley: Shut Up and Jam Gaiden or Shaq Fu with the lost son plot? (I know it's a Hollywood cliche, but still) Regardless, this is a throwback I can get behind. (also, I barely even noticed the Lola Bunny redesign. It's like every other time horny dudes on the Internet made a huge ruckus over nothing)
  13. I can never get over how Japanese Sonic and the Black Knight is. The obvious one is the Knuckles seppuku scene, but Sonic is peak stubborn shonen hero in this one, and the whole plot twist revolves around Japanese cultural motifs regarding the impermanence of life. While I still love the story dearly, it still comes off as a contorted Japanese dub of the Arthurian myth.

    1. Blue Blood

      Blue Blood

      I just find it funny that Black Knight's story is held in such high esteem in certain crowds. It's not good.

    2. Azure Blue Tori

      Azure Blue Tori

      I suppose if one has seen enough Japanese media, it's not that special. But it handles nihilism better than most other shonen anime of its ilk. And while I don't like bringing personal feelings into it because of how ugly that kind of discussion can get, the story legitimately helped me get through my depression and anhedonia phase.

  14. Picked up Trails of the Sky on a whim. I could say that it's because I heard good things about its political intrigue world building, or because it has that conditional turn-based battle system that I enjoyed in Final Fantasy X for the strategy it added, but only ever was a thing for a short time period around FFX's release. But really, my primary reason is more shallow. You know how so many anime or video games have this cute girl featured prominently on the cover, only for the real protagonist to be some generic dude with a backstory we've all heard a thousand times? I did a double take when I realized that yes, Estelle really is the leading lady this time. And she's not some fanservice-y bimbo, but someone actually relatable, likeable, and refreshingly sincere. That kind of thing shouldn't be as rare as it is, but I'm glad to finally realize why so many people love her.
  15. I sometimes get interested in developing a 3D adventure platformer. Is that a good idea, or should I do something simpler like a 2D platformer or RPG for my first project?

    1. Diogenes


      probably better to start small with a first project. like, very small. no even smaller than that.

    2. The Deleter
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