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  1. I haven't played TSR yet but fair enough
  2. Despite them not knowing the other since 06's events never happened, and I mean that canonically. It's probably best that 06 was erased since it only complicated the canon even more, and even so Rivals 2 doesn't help either. How Eggman Nega knows both Blaze and Silver is confusing to me since Rush 1 and 2 tell us that Blaze comes from a different dimension and the only mention of her being from the future comes from 06 which is non-canon. Rush Adventure tells us that Nega is a descendant of Ivo, so unless Nega is from the future and just went dimension jumping before settling down in Blaze's world the canon is totally screwed up. As for Shadow and Rouge, I honestly have no idea. Shadow seems to be the least emotionally open towards others and Rouge would probably marry a diamond before a person. I'm not the writer though, if Sega caves in and does have a go at involving romantic subplots, that's up to them. I just hope they make their canon less complicated
  3. Force Unleashed was the first thing that came to mind, notably with Force Grip and the Jedi Mind Trick, the telekinesis is there of course but why stop there? Rivals 2 had something called Psychic Control, which wasn't telekinesis based, it left the opponent in a confused state, the word "psychic" has something to do with the mind right? Well I think Rivals 2 was telling us that Silver's powers aren't limited to telekinesis, Psychic Control in terms of gameplay reversed controls, this seems to imply that Silver can affect the minds of other people, not just objects. Sega does list his ability as Psychokinesis rather than just Telekinesis. So how would I implement Silver's Jedi Mind Trick into the game? I guess something similar to the 9S hacking in Nier Automata where you can control or turn an enemy. I would guess that Silver primarily focuses on telekinesis because it's more visually appealing
  4. My guess would be because he's the main protagonist and interacts with more characters than the other two hedgebros, to be fair I don't think any of the three are interested in starting a relationship. Sonic is the designated hero, Shadow is Shadow, and Silver seems to have a strong focus on making sure the future doesn't get screwed up (If Silver started a relationship with someone from the past that could have an effect on his future, it's no secret that the tiniest action in the past could have a massive effect on the future), Shadow is probably the most withdrawn guy you'll ever meet, real fun at parties
  5. I guess you could say the reason why relationships are a complex topic for Sonic is because relationships are complex (Likely more so for a 15-year old superhero, kind of gives you Spider-Man vibes), yeah chances are Sega won't be making anything final, but they're still throwing everyone a bone on occasion, I mean I know I would. Shipping is a pretty big part of fandoms, so it doesn't really surprise me when the staff addresses it in some way, even if it's a tease or joke, you see quite a few of those. I guess shipping is just something that will always exist, it continues to exist even when there's a confirmation
  6. I typed something along the lines of "Sonic shipping" into Google and saw something about whether or not Sega was leaving "hints" on purpose. I figured I'd take a look and see what people thought. To my surprise, people were taking a deeper look into this than I originally thought they would, it's like people started dissecting the meaning of the word "affection" or something. I decided my own two cents would be a joke about Yuji being dumbfounded about how invested people can get about things they're passionate about, no matter how small that thing is. I find this to be an interesting aspect of fandoms, people being invested and passionate about the characters, their world, their lore, their relationships and their emotions, almost as if they're real people. Sonic the Hedgehog certainly isn't the first or only franchise to have this effect, if there's interesting characters, in an interesting setting, with an interesting story, someone is going to be interested in it, and I know how redundant that just sounded but I'm not sure how else to explain it. At the end of the day, this discussion was about whether or not a company was hinting romance in a video game franchise about superpowered talking animal people, while other forms of the media have clearly shown romance as a subplot (Obvious Example: The comics), Sega seems hesitant on making anything final in the canon, I can think of a few reasons why, "just because he's the mascot" doesn't actually sound right to me, there's plenty of mascots who have been involved in relationships, did these work out? Some did, some didn't, but that's how romance works in real life too isn't it? Sega's dipped their toes, and like Sonic, they don't feel like jumping into the water. I can honestly see why they're hesitant, the writing is quite shaky as is, and introducing a full-on romance subplot may make or break everything. Also doesn't help that they're pulling the whole "immortal fictional character" rule and refusing to age characters, 15 year olds usually aren't in relationships but they're not usually saving the world from mad scientists and god-like beings either, the power of fiction
  7. I'm just picturing Yuji Naka seeing this forum and his jaw hits the floor in response to how deeply people are looking into the relationships between these characters
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