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  1. What rubs me the wrong way about most of these pairings is that they seem to come out of nowhere and happen for no other reason than because " Well, they're together now ". Or in the case of Fiona it seems to happen for reasons that seem like a stretch at best. Sure. Fiona said the reason she left Sonic for Scourge was because he was too good for her liking, but is he? We've seen plenty of evidence to the contrary. Sonic's a character who time and again jumped at the chance to do a lot of wrong on his way to what he believe is right. Who seldom plays by the rules or lets things be when he doesn't agree with them. And who seems to be terrified of living a normal peaceful existence. Sonic is a hero in the sense that he opposes a greater evil -- just like 90% of the other mobians on Mobius. He fights on the side of good and is the protagonist, but it's a reach to say that he's virtuous. Hell, I would've bought the idea that Fiona was bored with being a Freedom Fighter and left because life as a mercenary was more exciting more than that reasoning.
  2. It's more about Sonic being a bad leader in addition to being an asshole. Fiona was always some kind of morally gray in the least, and that she ditched Sonic and the Freedom Fighters because she liked Scourge and being bad more than anything that the Freedom Fighters had to offer. Fiona was just one of several could've been Freedom Fighters who decided not to join the team -- or in Tommy's case suffered a bad case of explosions. Then there was Mina who was trained in about a week before choking on her first (and only) mission. And that was brought up because in the issue Fiona left Sonic gave Amy a backhanded compliment after exposing her. Even before any of that or Ian came fully into the picture and better defined his character, Archie Sonic had a long history of doing things that were not necessarily heroic despite being the protagonist. From routinely not following orders to committing treason. The Powers That Be decided the most productive way to channel that destructive energy and keep the Multiverse relatively in check is to allow scores of lives to be lost and/or enslaved by Dr. Eggman so Sonic could have a face to punch.
  3. Kill it with fire. This is easily one of the worst arcs in the book. A Master Class how not to write a story. Actually used this arc in an argument for how Archie Sonic was not a great protagonist in the sense that he can be a bit of an asshole. How so? The tension between Sonic and Tails which bubbles over with a brawl in House of Cards about 20 issues from now begins here with Sonic deciding the best way to end unrequited love is to date the target of his best friend's affections. That girl, Fiona Fox, is so turned off by the contents of Sonic's character that she turned heel and abandons the Freedom Fighters almost immediately to look for the hedgehog who charmed her the first time. That's right; Sonic was such a bad boyfriend that it turned a girl villain. Sonic did everything in his power to stop Sally from marrying " Antoine " -- only to not go back to her for another 70 issues. That included convincing Elias to abandon his happy and peaceful life in Feral Forest to take over a job that he never wanted in the first place in a political move that eventually lead to the dissolvement of the monarchy. ... but hey. At least Bunnie and the real Antoine are suddenly back together, right? Even Bunnie, who never fell out of love with Antoine, questions if they rushed into developing their relationship sometime later. The thing about this arc which seemed to be a officially licensed " fixer fic " in terms of what it did for the narrative was that the fallout from this arc could be felt for the rest of the pre-reboot canon. Not many arcs have that sort of impact, for better or worse.
  4. The more readers the comic has, the more likely SEGA will give it a second glance. The average DC and Marvel book pulls in about 2-3 times Sonic's average. Top 3 for each is closer to 4-5 times Sonic's peak. Think the comic has already made a difference in some ways, for better or worse. SEGA is not as fast and loose about what they allow people to do with the franchise these days. There also are not as many characters floating around, but we're seeing more done with the active roster of characters than we've seen in the past.
  5. To give that some perspective, about 800 times the number of people went to watch Sonic the Hedgehog in theaters than read the bestselling issue of any of the non-Crossover Sonic Comic in the past 15 years. If you include Worlds Collide #1, it's 700 times. How I reached that number - There was a lot more money to lose if they got the movie wrong compared to the costs of producing the comic, and a lot more money to be made by producing a hit. Since Sonic went on to become one of the most profitable video game movies ever and was almost immediately confirmed for a sequel, I'd say they got something right. That's not the say that the Comics aren't good or they aren't profitable. Readership for Archie Sonic improved after Ian came along and peaked around the time of Worlds Collide. It dipped below pre-Ian levels during the third act of Shatter World Crisis and got another boost once they jumped to IDW. SEGA wouldn't have allowed the book to go on or get rebooted so many times if it was not a profitable venture. It's still a smaller audience than other media, though.
  6. Twilight Sparkle is a clearly flawed character in spite (or despite) all that she's accomplished. Her perfectionism and obsessive tendencies are played as both a strength and a liability. Another appealing part of her character was that her being a leader, a princess and/or perfectionist was not all that she was. She had a love for reading, learning and eventually teaching. She had a love for her friends and willingness to do or try anything to help them. And she could kick ass as the need arose. Feel like Sally's character is missing aspects of who she yet beyond the scope of the mission. Or the need to be a princess to her Kingdom. What are her traits? Her quirks? Her hobbies? What does she like and dislike besides Justice and the Eggman Empire, respectively? Felt like the writers did a better job of doing that for every other Freedom Fighter. Antoine liked to cook. Rotor geeked out over computers. Bunnie kept herself fashionable. And even Nicole was beginning to find herself as more an individual than a servant. One idea was to have her as something of a gymnast or other type of athlete. Attempting to work around her lack of superpowers by being at her best physically. Maybe she had a thing for sports which can also help when it comes to planning missions (she knows how to make and work with a team) and finding a connection to Sonic (who also likes competition). Would be shocked if the whole multiverse premise was for any other reason than to make it the Modern and Classic Sonic Show. They are going to ride Classic Sonic's popularity until the wheels fall off. And since they're not (and can't) bring in my favorite Sonic I couldn't care less--.
  7. Sonic " not showing emotions " was more SEGA telling the writing/artistic team to dial it back on panels showing him crying. They didn't say that Sonic couldn't cry, but that they had to revise the panels with him bawling his eyes out over the loss of his family in one of the M: XYL stories. The one with King Shadow. Over time, the writing team found ways around those limitations to show that Sonic could still experience a range of emotions. Like when they showed him never and/or rarely smiling in certain panels of the Mecha Sally Arc. Most noticeably in Remember the Fallen (the issue after Antoine was blown to smithereens). SEGA has representatives check everything from the scripts to the artwork to make sure it's up to standards. They tell people working on licensed works like the mobile games and comics who they can and can't use based on what characters they're trying to sell their fans on. It may not make sense to allow their licensees to use characters that they have no plans to create merchandise for, or use in their games, or may be planning to use in a game in a way that the comics may clash with or may have legal issues because of poorly written contracts from their days of running fast and free with the franchise. Could they change their minds? Sure. Businesses change their minds all of the time, but I wouldn't expect them to change their minds about certain things in the franchise since they are attempting to build up their brand in a particular way.
  8. Maybe because her straight laced, by the books, (sometimes) badass normal persona was too much of a contrast to the eccentric, happy-go-lucky, superpowered SegaSonic characters. The other Freedom Fighters (except Bunnie) were also relatively normal compared to Sonic, but that was offset by their eccentric (and somewhat stereotypical) personalities. Thing is, Sally seemed to be pretty plain even in comparison to the other Freedom Fighters. Sally was often portrayed as Everyman and Only Sane Man, and that sort of thing became a bore as time marched on and stories and the characters involved became even wilder. For me, Sally just seemed too normal in a world full of crazy. The Post-Reboot attempted to fix this by giving Sally more physical ability, making her more active on missions and giving her some things to do now that the political situation in Mobotropolis was stable and she could only be " just friends " with Sonic, but she was still relatively normal compared to the characters around her. Feel like a big part of fixing Sally's character, beyond giving her something interesting to do, would be to give her some sort of quirk or trait to make her stand out against the crowd. It's not just a matter of whether or not she has powers. Or a romantic interest. She needs to bring her own personal brand of madness to the table. ... woo boy ... *weary side eye to Sonic Prime*
  9. Hm. Was going to say that maybe she could act as the Head of State for the world being rebuilt under the Restoration's watch, but then I realized I don't really want her to be a Princess anymore for about the same reason I don't want Bunnie to come back as Antoine's girlfriend/wife. Sally being a Princess and destined to be the Queen of Mobius was such a large part of her character for so long that it seems like we've already explored just about every possible route that we can go with that aspect of her character. ... and Sally being a Princess and the de-facto Head of State by birthright feels dated in this increasingly modern and progressive world. Sure Blaze is also a Princess, but not of this world. Her world is somewhat different than the world that Sonic and Friends seem to be working out of. Guess if I had to pick -- I'd say make her the General of the Restoration Forces. Overly Long Backstory Hidden:
  10. @GentlemanX, hey. I remember you from Bumbleking. You made some pretty quality posts there, too. Let me just say -- I don't dislike the Freedom Fighters. Bringing them back wouldn't ruin IDW Sonic for me. Hell, the current writing team is talented enough to pull it off because they were the ones that made Archie Sonic modern -and- enjoyable in the first place. If SEGA let out a decree that said " Get Sally in there ", you better believe they'll find a way to make it work. All that I'm saying is they can't be what they were before. That's it. Don't think that at all. More that they have to strike a balance between heroic and villainous characters to keep the narrative from becoming stale. Since the majority of SegaSonic's characters are heroes it felt like the villains side got dealt a heavier blow between the Reboot and the jump to IDW. We lost the Egg Legion/Bosses, Dr. Finitevus, Scourge, The Hooligans, Regina and about a half dozen other villainous characters besides Eggman that Sonic could punch in the face. Oh my gosh yes. The only protentional I see in the concept is that Sally, Bunnie, Nicole, Rotor and Antoine may be brought back as individuals who each assist Sonic in their own way and may not (yet) be connected to each other outside of their shared historical origin. That would not only appeal to fans of the characters but challenge the writers to do more with them beyond what they were typecast to be in the Archie Comics. By being forced to look at them as individuals instead of collective parts to a team the writers can redevelop them as individual characters and rework their purpose into the dynamic, Sure, they can ultimately become members of the Resistance -- but at least make them work to get that far. One thing I didn't like about Ian's attempts to modernize these characters was how often stuff seemed to suddenly happen. Suddenly Sally was into Ken. Suddenly Bunnie and Antoine get married after a vague relationship. Suddenly Rotor was into (and out of) politics. Sudden Nicole looked completely different. Can we have some build up? Some progression? So it doesn't feel like a twist and turn at every corner? Bunnie was roboticized the day of the coup in Blast to the Past.
  11. Because that's what happened. That's why I gave that particular example. Ultimately, Rotor and Tails could not both be on the team so they thought up a reason to retire Rotor. Ian also admitted that the original plan was to kill off Antoine in Unthinkable, but he didn't because fans were already pissed over the one (her getting BLAM BLAM BLAM'D) two punch (then getting robotized) that happened with Sally. That entire arc was a conga line of tragedy for the Freedom Fighters that put a bad taste in their fan's mouths; being put on a bus one after another so Sonic could go have adventures with his SegaSonic Friends. ... then stuff like that happened in the post-Reboot, too, though not to that extreme. Remember Champions; the Sonic the Fighters/Generic Tournament Arc? Was a convivence that none of the Freedom Fighters qualified? Nonsense. Any character who's going to have to compete for spotlight against a SegaSonic Character is going to lose that battle. It doesn't matter how beloved or historied they are. Says SEGA. They're the ones who decide who's on and off limits for the writers to use. The Post-Reboot felt like a lot of that. There was a lot of debate over Old VS New when it came to the characters and their role in the story. Nigel VS Max. Breezie VS Mogul. Relic VS Julie-Su. Bow and Rob. Gmerl and Shard. What they did to Muttiski Snively. Few of the new or even returning characters were judged based on their own merit, but their merit relative to who or what they were in the old continuity. There seems to be less of that going on with IDW Sonic in comparison. Feel like part of that is turning this more into a globe trotting adventure than setting Sonic's roots so firmly down in a single location. The other part? Introducing New Characters that are nothing like the old ones. I've seen enough of Tangle, Whisper, Starline and Friends to see them as their own characters. If the Freedom Fighters come back, I'd even go as far to say they shouldn't even be called The Freedom Fighters anymore. They'd have to rework those character's to work with the current format of the book, not the other way around, to the point that they'd resemble to old characters in name only. And if you're going that far, why bother? As I said in the first post, I think we have enough heroic characters. There's like 20 recurring now. That's enough. I'd rather they spend their time and creative energy developing some more villains and/or antiheroes for them to fight.
  12. Sonic and Eggman. Seems everyone else in the franchise is some level of expendable.
  13. The thing about having two characters fill a niche is that there will be fights about which character is superior and calls to either improve the inferior character or remove them from the equation. Guess to give an example -- Tails was the robotics-wiz and Rotor was the computer-wiz. After a while of that Rotor got an injury and was forced to retire and found a new path for himself by becoming a politician. Ian seemed to be heading in that direction with the other Freedom Fighters in the last arc of the pre-reboot, but the rug was pulled out from under him before that arc was finished. If I were to wager a guess more than the character's appearance was changing when it came to the Status Quo. The Freedom Fighters were still around in the Post-Reboot, but it's a reach to say any of them were essential to the story being told. At most they were Sonic's Helper of the Day in whatever problem he was going to solve. At worse they were left on the sidelines so the SegaSonic Characters could shine. That's not much of a future for these characters. Question is should they? The Freedom Fighters are a group of characters who have a long history with the franchise -- but is that enough for a book who's primary purpose is to promote and sell people on characters from the games? How much time and creative energy will SEGA permit IDW Team devote to characters who will only ever appear in the comics and may never have a chance to cross over into the games and merchandise? There are certainly original characters in IDW Sonic now. Seems the aim with them is, from their design to their purpose, to create characters that may indeed one day cross over into other media and be used for merchandising purposes. Feel as though if SEGA wanted that with the Freedom Fighters, it would have happened years ago. For one reason (they have a long and troubled history) or another (so much needs to be done to make them work they may as well make new characters) that they did not think it was worth it.
  14. Ash isn't even in the Top 5 of the Biggest Jerks in Archie Sonic -- even on the Heroes side. Ash was an example of a character who could be a hero even if they were not necessarily a friend to Sonic and/or his friends. There were plenty of characters in Archie Sonic like that. Shadow and the rest of Team Dark's one of the biggest post-Ian examples. Then there's Geoffrey St. John before he became a wizard and Antoine for most of the pre-Ian run of the book. Seemed that Ash cared from the get-go about the only reason he seemed to exist; Mina, and acted passive-aggressively towards Sonic because of how he treated her emotionally in the past. Even so, he's willing to put aside their differences for the Greater Good. Does he not like Sonic? Absolutely. Does that make him a bad character? Not really.
  15. Nope. And I say that as a fan of the Freedom Fighters. Seems that IDW Sonic is abandoning the idea of Sonic operating out of a central location like Mobotropolis, let alone working with a single team like the Freedom Fighters. Instead he's running from place to place with a rotating cast of SegaSonic Helpers with the occasional Original Guest Character thrown into the mix for good measure. Post-Reboot Sonic, the comic after the Pendering but before IDW Sonic, seemed to struggle with keeping the Freedom Fighters relevant in such a globe trotting adventure. The once-secondary SegaSonic characters becoming more predominate didn't do them any favors. Sally doesn't work as Sonic's love interest as long as Amy is around. Rotor couldn't be the genius with Tails becoming Sonic's partner. And Antoine was outclassed by just about every male recurring character as a rival for Sonic. Bunnie may have worked as a well rounded but obviously flawed bruiser, but Ian struggled with making her anything more than Antoine's wife. Nicole was one of the biggest wins in terms of development; becoming an actual character and a useful one at that -- but she doesn't work as well without Sally or the Nanite New Mobotropolis. Ian and/or Evan could make it work if their arm was twisted, but for how much would have to be changed in a book still trying to establish itself I'd wonder if it would be worth it over just making some new characters. And when it comes to new characters, the only two things really missing from IDW Now are more villains not named or connected to Eggman for Sonic to knock around and some male characters on the Heroes side. Maybe even another original rival for Sonic since losing Scourge was one of the biggest blows that came with the Pendering. Felt the female Freedom Fighters (Sally, Bunnie and Nicole) were better characters than the males (Rotor and Antoine), but we already have enough girls in the recurring cast.
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