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  1. I remember how the Babylon Rogues just show up in this 2 parter and then never again until the Treasure Team Tango arc 4 years later and then their own arc a year later and that's it.
  2. Another thing I want to bring up is what do you think of the plot from Pre reboot where all the stuff going on (like with Naugus or Mecha Sally and other stuff going on.) Was it good or did you feel it went on longer than needed?
  3. Oh I’m not blaming/dissing on him since I know he was doing the best he can with what he has. Also the other thing that I guess was different or interesting was how Eggman surprise attacking everyone and got control of the Gaia Colossus but it kinda felt like it went very.......straightforward to the point.
  4. Something else I wanted to mention about the Post Reboot comics is that I felt the last 4 parter of the Unleashed arc felt a bit.....anticlimatic? Like it felt like it was going through the motions and not feeling very grand. Maybe it's because there was going to be more from this but because of the cancelation it is ultimately the final story with the Post Reboot characters. Am I the only one that felt this?
  5. Why do these sound like they were said by Phelous? I think this was him using his Chaos powers but not knowing he's using them? Well aside from one backup story where Penders did inks and letters with Ian writing it.
  6. Yeah this moment seeing it now just made me go "Gallagher what the shit?" Like seriously why was this referenced of all things?
  7. Another thing to state is I remember from devianart that someone critiqued it for having too many references to games like the game gear games because they never played them. And also one of them bitched about how much Blaze was made into a punching bag/damsel in distress in the archie comics because of Treasure Team Tango and Pirate Plunder Panic.
  8. I guess my other issue was it ended with them doing adaptations of the Genesis games again like they did in the pre-reboot and then ending before it reached part 4. And I will say I did like their Mega Drive miniseries even if that one was canceled too.
  9. Maybe I’m giving it not enough credit to it than I thought, maybe it’s just I’m still upset that we didn’t get resolution in the Pre-Reboot Archie story with Mecha Sally and Naugus plot lines so....eh? Although I will say one of the few good things about the reboot is this version of Rouge is a hell of a lot better than her pre reboot one. Yeaaaaah it’s not very good, if only because it felt like it’s trying to be bigger when it shouldn’t. Plus while the SEGA and Capcom cameos were nice they served no purpose to the story and only show up in the last act.
  10. Something I've wanted to talk about in this is what are people's thoughts on the Post-Reboot era of this, likes, dislikes on it? For me I thought it was pretty good even if it didn't have enough of a punch like with the original did, and it didn't help that Worlds Unite sort of stopped it's plot.
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