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  1. I could see a Silver comic considering he's had several of his own arcs in Sonic Universe, or maybe a new Knuckles book written by someone who understands the character, especially since he seems to be missing a lot of lore and backstory I could've sworn he had
  2. Probably shouldn't bring politics up around here. One spark is all it takes to start a wildfire.
  3. It'd be fun if they gave some of the old voice actors like Jason or Ryan a cameo in this
  4. I don't know, I guess so. I'm just so neutral to the introduction of Amy, and I don't know if there's anything that she would really bring to the story. Knuckles serves the role of Sonic's rival and as an introduction to the Chaos Emeralds. Tails reintroduces Sonic's world and serves and a sidekick and brother to Sonic. What does Amy add? Another ally alongside Tails and eventually Knuckles? What interesting powers does she have for us to see? A big hammer? Also, I kind of hope Amy keeps that fangirl-y "self proclaimed love interest" part of her. It's probably one of the more unique things she has.
  5. I'd infect myself a thousand times before I miss out on Sonic 2 I've said it before, but I don't really feel like Amy adds much in terms of narrative. Sure, she's a nice character, but she's not a rival or a sidekick. Her crush on Sonic wouldn't work as well for a movie that only has an hour or two to develop it's plot, and I don't think she's "cool" enough for the movie to use for hype the same way Blaze, Shadow, or Metal Sonic would be. Personally, I think Rouge and Metal Sonic could work in the movies much better, and both SA1 and SA2's stories would be almost the same with Tom and Maddie involved where Amy was.
  6. Calling it now, Robotnik and Metal Sonic have a father/son bonding montage involving them playing a variety of sports
  7. The writers said they had creative freedom, and only one scene got cut because it wasn't relevant to the story, but they didn't say what it was because they wanted to use it in a third movie
  8. Eggman has his robots mining off-planet to continually produce materials for his machines
  9. That's what it sounds like when you read it, but watching the video it sounds like he's implying a lot going on behind the scenes
  10. I know it's probably not going to happen but I'd love someone who sounds like Knuckles' SA2 voice.
  11. They referenced those things, but they were still just references. And yeah, it was pretty cool (I'll still argue that the ones who shot down the Tornado were the actual ones since they couldn't fly like Heavy Magician can.) Also did Amy do much fighting? She went along with Mighty and Ray but I'm not sure what she did aside from help find the Emeralds using the radar.
  12. That's true actually, I'll admit I was wrong. But the game was focused on the Genesis games rather than arcade games or Game Gear. Mighty and Ray were only added in because they were famously obscure, as contradictory as that sounds. So adding in these "lost Sonic characters" brought way more attention to the Plus dlc than Amy would. Also, based on the recent classic media, i don't think Sega wants classic Amy to be as skilled at fighting or adventuring as her modern self, but I could be wrong
  13. Both versions of Launch Base are great, and I'm fine with either one Also do people think Zippo was right about what happened with MJ's estate and Sonic 3? he was wrong about some things but right about others, so it's likely he was getting at least some legit info
  14. Not really. I feel like Knuckles and Tails have been sidelined probably just as much as someone like Amy or Blaze, the only difference being Amy probably gets more respect than the guy who got knocked into a tree in Generations. I wouldn't say Silver's treated much better than Blaze in the games, since the only thing he's done in the last decade is lose a fight to Infinite. Shadow getting more focus than Rouge was an inevitability due to his status as Sonic's dark and serious rival with a tragic backstory, and it would've happened regardless of gender. I guess you could say Mania only really focused on the male heroes, but that's mainly because Amy wasn't playable until Advance and Adventure.
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