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  1. To me, SpeedSuperSonic's clickbait doesn't seem intentional. The guy just seems to get really hyped about any Sonic news and exaggerate
  2. Of course not. Since 06, mainstream gamers and critics have said that regardless of what game was being made, be it Rush, Unleashed, Black Knight, Colors, Generations, Lost World, Forces, or Mania
  3. Maybe they'll serve as his own "Egg bosses"
  4. I wouldn't be surprised if Starline's new empire is somewhat similar to the Dark Legion from Archie in that will serve as a large secondary threat for other characters to fight, with less Eggman-y tech and soldiers
  5. "it's better to make an original character than base it on a pre-existing one." -Ken Penders discussing his most popular character, "Evil Sonic".
  6. Thanks for the response! I've been debating as to whether or not this was just some fake leak or not, but given how often I see obviously fake 4chan "leaks" get hyped up it's still odd that nobody talked about it.
  7. So can someone tell me what's up with this? I saw this image shared online and saved I since I thought it looked interesting, but since then I've seen absolutely nobody talk about this. No videos by Premydaremy, SpeedSuperSonic, etc... I can't find the original tweet either, so this is the only evidence of the leak that seems to exist. " [LEAK] I found some screenshots of #sonicprime ! It's 3D animation series. But the "SONIC CD" episode is special one. Junio Sonic is revived by modern anime style!" -BanelSpringer
  8. Honestly, I don't think Amy would really add that much to the movies, at least in comparison to someone like Silver, Shadow, Metal Sonic, or even Blaze. Tails is already Sonic's sidekick and Tom works as a captive or average person. The only role Amy really has is being Sonic's not-girlfriend, which I don't think would bring much to the movies.
  9. The only SEGA franchises I could genuinely see working in the same universe as Sonic are NiGHTS and maybe Ristar
  10. Honestly, I couldn't see that happening. Few, if any, of SEGA's games are as popular as Sonic. Not that they COULDN'T be good movies, but I doubt they're willing to make that much of a risk.
  11. I doubt he even knows what remastering means and just thinks it can be used instead of "updating" or "redoing" with no understanding of connotations.
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