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  1. For the record, the whole "Sonic can't lose thing" has shown alot of leeway in writing stories, and Ian has said they are on a case by case basis, so it isnt so bad. However, we show try to get Sega to explain alot of them.
  2. Well thats nice and all, but we might need another source. Where did he get this?
  3. Good point. Evidence please? Hmmm. Still Iizuka does make some dumb decisions, I heard he said that Shadow isn't friends with Rouge and Omega despite previous games and media showing otherwise, not to mention Iizuka's public presence and talk of the games he works on implies he has some degree of control:
  4. While it's true Iizuka dodnt work on Mania, that goes without saying. We should look at how many projects he was involved with and if the same problems keep cropping up over and over. He was Sonic Series Producer & Head Supervisor on Forces after all.
  5. Sega in general seems to be simultaneously a control freak when it comes to Sonic as a franchise, but lazy in game development (only two rookies for level layouts for Forces?)
  6. I ask as he seems to be a bit of a control freak as this video implies (timestamp @ 7:08): What other issues can be linked to him? The mandates for the comic? Should he be let go?
  7. Honestly they should drop her conspiracy theorist traits (and use a less scratchy voice). I mean her "living in nature survivalist" tendencies means she would likely run into Eggman once he starts destroying the area she lives in for his latest scheme.
  8. Does Dillian consider him a Pender's creation? Also, some of these anti-Flynn people are cringe lords: He literally says here: "Playing forces is better because you get a better story with a good game"
  9. Found this. Why do people think that SEGA doesn't own the characters? They blame Flynn for not fighting for the Freedom Fighters because he supposedly admitted that they were Grandfathered in and SEGA never intended to get rid of them...except it sounds like SEGA themselves wouldn't have a choice under this logic.
  10. Found more info from TVtropes: The last video doesn't say which episode it is though so we don't hear the rest. Can I have some help finding it please?
  11. There is this fanfic that ties the Archie comic (before and after SGW) into IDW. It has a few good ideas but is really corny. The last chapter and beginning are pretty good though: https://www.fanfiction.net/s/12966212/7/Distant-Echoes That said I know this isn't possible because of SEGA's bad habit of overcorrection involving failures or headaches (i.e Pender's lawsuit leading to mandates). Citation please? Also,
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