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  1. It's a tricky balancing act. You want him to be more loose and easier to control, but too much can make him too slippery when moving
  2. You're right. They usually do so partially or in the form of teasers, CG or otherwise.
  3. I'll accept Tails doll as an acceptable option (I kid a bit).
  4. Somehow, I doubt this game is intended to continue those games.
  5. Duh. Though, now that we know that Rangers is an actual title they are using at the moment for this game, it gives the supposed leaks some level of credibility for now.
  6. You're done? Because really the only reason they wouldn't show that is because of the short runtime of the stream and the amount of stuff they wanted to show for Sonic (And I mean everything).
  7. I have never any complaints of that nature before either. Does he mean that the game is just not capable of keeping up with Link's speed or movement at a certain velocity or..?
  8. I guess the kind of response you get from someone that's kind of tired of trying to make sense of whatever decisions go into these games by SEGA and Sonic Team (Which I come to accept as a revolving door of talent that bleeds talent out as fast as it gains at this point).
  9. I am literally not following you all right now. I'm just going to wait for new info during E3 or after
  10. I...still don't really know what to expect from this game. I'm literally at the same position I was before the teaser, indifferent
  11. I'm getting tired of this. OK, seeing that we are all at a dead end in regards to what type of game we are getting exactly, I think we should shift the conversation into why this new game was announced the way it did.
  12. Well, they has some drip. That's the most I can say about that.
  13. Can you lot stop going back and forth? You're all gonna come out of this with a headache at the end it.
  14. Well, this is getting a tad out of subject. Can we go back over-analyse every small detail found thus far?
  15. Ok. That's something we can say (Though that was still likely CG we saw and not a definite indication of what the actual product will look like). We really won't know either way. We're literally doing what we've done before that event.
  16. I mean, yeah. That's certainly a way to throw people on a Green Hill sized loop
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