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  1. I think this was something that the Griffith Era fans probably felt the most out of the entire fanbase, and is probably the reason why those games are advocated for more vehemently. You raised a lot of good points, where Sonic tends to redefine itself a lot, and thus the generational divide is a lot starker. And the "absence makes the heart grow fonder" angle, I never thought of that. People will look back on it with a calmer eye with time, and will be able to see it more objectively, improving (or in the case of games like Colors, degrading) the reputation of said game, or said era. Though I think in general the push for ambition and serious storytelling in Sonic will always exist, but it will be much stronger with people of certain generations, like the Griffith Era. Another thing I was thinking about, I really love Sonic fangames, and I've been thinking about how the world of fan games would be affected once the Boost Era fans begin to dominate the fanbase. A lot of the time fan games try to emulate what a sizable portion of the fanbase isn't getting with the main series, or capitalizes on the nostalgia of certain fans. There are fan games like Sonic Advance 4, which cater to Advance fans who have never seen those games acknowledged since the end of their run, and then there are games like Sonic GT, which try to do something new, implementing the momentum based physics that Sonic fans are fond of and which the main series has lacked for years. I think, as the Boost Era fans grow up, we will see more boost fan games, but honestly I don't think the fan game sphere will change much, just maybe leaning toward things that were popular in the 2010s, maybe even a homage to the Sonic Boom sub franchise. I feel like the recently controversial Sonic Omens was very similar to a lot of things from the Boost Era, but that game was clouded by its own controversy.
  2. PBS Kids has some real gems, just saying... Anyhow, my first introduction to Sonic was the 90s cartoons, mainly SATAM and Adventures (odd, seeing as I grew up in the 2010s). Personally, I think Sonic X is decent, but it's not my favorite. I did like that they adapted Adventures One and Two though, I think that was well-executed.
  3. Yeah I agree; you can't really accuse it of copying when it's only the concept of an open world more than anything, which in itself takes inspiration from other elements and genres. Sonic could really fit in well with an open-world if Sonic Team were able to populate it well. It's not really unoriginality to simply take inspiration, though it's something I've seen thrown around a lot.
  4. A lot of people have been criticizing Sonic Rangers for being too similar to BOTW, but I feel like Sonic has always been taking inspiration from other stuff, and as long as it maintains that sense of Sonic style or has its own elements, it's fine and can become something all its own. Heck, look at Super Sonic, he was drawn from DBZ but he's become iconic and something unique, even being iconic enough to have his own google Easter egg. In terms of other industry practices, more than anything I think Sega should practice more quality control, maybe outsourcing things like spinoffs more often. Sega does actually outsource a lot of its work, like giving out Sonic 1 and 2 ports to M2 and stuff like that, but I think fans want to see things like Dimps developing handheld games. After handhelds kind of died of with the rise of the Nintendo Switch there wasn't as much of a need for Dimps because that market for handhelds wasn't there, but I'm sure a lot of fans want things like mobile handhelds. Also, in general, Sega should also use Sonic with its other IP. I mean, Sonic is Sega's mascots. I think we should have more things like Sega and All-Stars Racing, where we have Sonic but also NiGHTS and Yakuza and Ristar, Ecco, etc. But that's just my two cents.
  5. I feel like the only really "Meta" media in the entire era was the Boom cartoon, and any other really "meta" comedy was in short bursts, with it only really being prominent in maybe Colors and in one or two jokes in Forces ("it's been Generations since I've seen you!) I agree that we should just rename it, it's kind of unfair to Meta Era fans in general. I also agree with Snowragnarok that Unleashed kind of leans towards the other Boost titles in more ways than it does the other Griffith Era titles. It'll be interesting to see how fans of the Boost Era will interact, I agree. I feel like they'd lean toward a lower volume in games, seeing as they're used to getting less games then people who grew up in say, 2003, where we had advance, the main series, and heroes, or in 2007, with Riders, mainline stuff, Rush, storybook, etc. I feel like Boost era fans will prefer lighter tones and probably will care about good gameplay more than anything else, and will probably appreciate the classics more than people who grew up from 2005-2008, seeing as that was a bit more prominent here. Drawing upon myself, I used to play the Classic titles a lot through the mobile ports, and thus I tend to be pretty big on Classic for someone not born in the 90s. That is, if people of my generation will even gravitate towards online forums, or if those will go out of style in favor of YouTube and the toxic cesspool we call Twitter. For every lurker on here (like I was until a few weeks ago), there are even more Boost Era fans that will come out of the woodwork someday.
  6. It's no surprise that Sonic fans sort the lifespan of the series into eras. It's a pretty common thing to do, as it allows us to generalize and compare the different aspects of said eras, and easily categorize them as a whole. Yes, generalizations aren't always good, but in this case they aren't bad, as it allows us as Sonic fans to discuss the different aspects of the series in a more concise way. So, as a person who grew up in the so-called Meta Era, it was pretty interesting to watch as the fanbase came to have stronger representation from fans of the Dreamcast and Dark Age Eras. As the fanbase diversified though, it became more hostile toward the Meta Era. In a lot of Sonic discourse, on forums and on YouTube, the thing I'm noticing is the lack of nuance when discussing the various eras. I appreciate the fact that people are looking at all eras of the series more critically, to look at what the series should learn from each of them, but at the same time I think people tend to be unbalanced and unfair to certain eras. The Meta Era is known for simpler stories and voice acting from Roger, and while I understand why people don't like those stories, heck even I don't really like the stories to Lost World and Forces (Generations' story is practically nonexistent, and the dialogue from Colors doesn't bother me too much), but at the same time I feel like at the beginning of the 2010s if Sega were to continue with the storytelling style of the Dreamcast games, '06, and the Storybook series, critics would have been even more sour on the series. And yes, critics aren't the only people that matter, but at the same time, Sonic's reputation in the larger gaming universe does matter, and it does affect the series' ability to find new fans and keep old fans, as well as how seriously the series is taken by others. The 2010s is also noted for its Boost gameplay, and while the Boost is very controversial, I think it did help the series and was effective for its time, though it's getting kind of stale now. I think games like Colors did good for the series, and I honestly think it gets too much flak in the Sonic Fanbase. The perspective of Meta Era fans hasn't really gone too far in the Sonic Fanbase as most of them are still relatively young and I doubt anyone under the age of like 14 even cares about Sonic forums in the first place, but I feel like Sonic discourse will become more diverse as they grow up and begin to share their thoughts and ideas. People tend to be biased towards the things they grew up with, I like a mix of different Sonic media from pretty much all eras of Sonic, but at the same time I'm still biased to things that I grew up with, like the 90s cartoons and games like Colors. I think this is what happened with the other eras too, and I appreciate when people look at the Dark Age with a less negative eye, but at the same time I feel like people don't look at the eras aren't perfect either. The Dreamcast Era was really fun, stylish, and successful, but at the same time it could be perhaps too experimental with things like Heroes. The Classic Era was a great start but there were large stretches without any mainline games and the quality control and continuity was very uncontrolled. The Dark Age had a lot of gems and the tone of the stories was perfect around Unleashed and Black Knight, but it was also the worst time for Sonic in terms of reputation. So I guess what I'm getting at here is: how you think the Meta Era will be looked back on as more of its fans enter the fanbase and as the series evolves? (Sidenote, I think we should probably find different names for the Dark Age and Meta Era as they are labeling said eras as inherently negative, even though they're not. I prefer going by voice actors, so Griffith Era and Roger Era, or you could call the Meta Era the boost era instead (even though the boost was in Advance 2 and Rush and Unleashed)
  7. I'm so excited by the new announcements and the future of Sonic, I'm excited to see where it goes along wit everyone on the forums!

  8. Big exam tomorrow...wish me luck.

    1. Jovahexeon Jax Joranvexeon

      Jovahexeon Jax Joranvexeon

      Well,  good luck then.

    2. Sixth-Rate Soma

      Sixth-Rate Soma

      kick its butt, dude!!!

    3. Mr. Ion

      Mr. Ion



    4. Ryannumber1gamer
    5. The Master

      The Master

      Break a leg dude!

  9. I agree. I really want to see good Sonic/Tails interactions. Lately in the games Tails has been lacking so hopefully we see some good material from him. This has a lot of possibilities. I'm also curious about the emerald, they only mention one. Is it the master emerald? Is there only one chaos emerald? Is it something new altogether? Can't wait to see.
  10. I've been playing a lot of SAGE 2020 games, and dang, the drop dash is such a good ability.

    1. Cosmos Rogue

      Cosmos Rogue

      Mania has spoiled me. Now going back to Sonic 2 and 3 is like playing Sonic 1 without the spindash.

    2. Mr. Ion

      Mr. Ion

      Yeah definitely, it feels so natural, it's great.


  11. This is some pretty good news, I'm more excited for the movie (though I was already excited before). To be honest, I kind of want the movies to be their own story, I don't want straight game adaptions, I want to see new stories. I want to see the movie loosely take inspiration for the game (Angel Island is especially rich in lore) and I want movie Sonic to have character development and an overall interesting story. Sidenote, I also love Knuckles's design so far. So, to me, this is a good sign (though hopefully they have Metal Sonic or Amy in the movie).
  12. I think the Sonic Twitter page is good at interacting with the fanbase, but it could definitely be better, a lot of those interactions are pretty surface level. At the same time, Sega is a huge company, and it's uncommon for them to take that much from fans in the first place. Multimillion dollar companies mostly just care about our pockets and only listen to fans as much as they have to. SoA is already an outlier in that it pops into Sonictuber's streams, that's uncommon from what I know. Who knows, I may be wrong, but I think if anything Sega's already aware of a lot of fan complaints about the series. I do agree that Sega tends to misunderstand our criticisms, like an all-or-nothing approach. If it doesn't work, get rid of it (i.e. playable characters and everything else that touched 06) and if it does work, go all-in (i.e. boost gameplay and wisps). I agree that Sega should have some sort of fan outreach, despite the things I've said earlier, and it if went well we could have projects like Mania that have a lot of passion and creativity.
  13. I kind of doubt it. If I'm understanding correctly, it wouldn't really make sense to boycott Sonic because of the direction fo the franchise alone. Heck, the Sonic franchise tends to change pretty often anyhow, and I feel like the only way to really protest is just...not buying any Sonic products. I feel like the Sonic fanbase is so diverse and different that it would be difficult, if not impossible, to even do so. Though, as a hypothetical, I'm sure we'd get Sega's attention. I feel like a bunch of people spamming the Sonic Twitter would get the message across anyhow, or something like that. Heck, we've seen something like that with the #RallyforSally over the summer. It's an interesting hypothetical, to be sure.
  14. I also thought of something random. This has been said a million times to the point of being trite, but like, can we get some new character renders? For all the characters? Like these ones are getting really stale, using the same ones since 2008. Sure, I guess it was fine in Unleashed, but I have my issues with Sonic's model especially. His head is too big, and so are his hands and feet. In general, the characters are so unexpressive. I kind of want them to bring back the exaggerated, crazy expressions of SA1, those were so fun. And the lighting and general quality of the renders, those can be improved too. Just change it up a little bit, I appreciated that in the 2000s every game had its own little touch, its own flair. Granted, I don't like all the models there, like the ones in Heroes, but at the very least they were unique, and I miss that.
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