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  1. So when someone posts a link and I click on it, I get a message from my ublock add on. Is this forum automatically wrapping hyperlinks into something? Why? I don't encounter this on other forums. http://api.viglink.com/api/click?key=28d342ff964f10f55625a05a67b97a93&out=http://sonic.sega.jp/
  2. If you're unaware of Roblox, it's like the Miis from Nintendo Wii. You make one and you play them in games like Smash. Except in Roblox, you play them in Roblox games. I'm thinking after Sonic Forces, they should embrace the avatar customization + chao + wisps + user content. And then come back to Sonic Heroes where you can pack three characters into a team, and then build a map where you explore it, rather than racing through it.
  3. This should've been a poll so I can at least gauge her likeability. Meh, I'm neutral on it. If her gameplay's great then yeah. If not, meh. Nothing gained, nothing lost.
  4. I'm subscribed to EmuEmi and the Clockworks guy for Smash. Am I missing out on any other good youtubers w/ Sonic related content?
  5. Yeah. Been waiting on Freedom Planet 2 since it was announced... And still waiting... And waiting... Really though, if you announce a game, you need to release it in the same year. That shit ain't cool.
  6. Switch out his attack combo for Hold this button for a charged attack. The longer you hold, the farther he goes. To compliment this charge attack, if he lands it, his charge attack goes out farther in distance. So you can effectively chain it to more enemies. Some enemies will bounce his attack off, but most will just actually pop up in the air. Make his missions combat survival based. Stick him in a room of robots and he has to take them all out. He'll either be a train running around the screen or he'll be a pinball wrecker.
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