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  1. Cool. But, he did sound just a *tiny* bit annoying if you were to listen to him nonstop. Is this actually going to be Sonic's voice for Sonic Prime?
  2. Yes, this is EXACTLY me. My friends hate me for being a Sonic fan (Also, my friends don't like me because I am Pentecostal). I promise you I have drawn over 200 sonic character pieces! I carry my sketchbook with me to school and everywhere.
  3. What is everyone's thoughts on Blaze the Cat? I like her personality because she is a tomboy and she has fire powers. I would just like to know everyone's opinions on her!
  4. Hello, Sonic fans!! I'd just like to talk about the beauty and creativeness of Sonic the Hedgehog (2006)! Yes, you heard me! Even though there are many glitches and bugs and plot confusions and loading delays and... I honestly love Sonic 06, except [all of the above]. I like Multiplayer mode. I don't see why ya'll have to hate it so much. Please explain?
  5. I recently started a YouTube channel... I made some Sonic the Hedgehog Music Videos (and other random stuff): https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC8n8j8BzC99wSWgOptN_yDA/featured
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