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  1. After not sleeping for days, I watched the Sonic Central presentation as soon as I could, and as a Sonic fan, I was pretty disappointed with the trailer, I had high hopes for gameplay, but we didn't get anything. So we has to rely on leaks.... And I don't know what to think. The two leaks that came out for Sonic rangers (which are exactly the same), they both scare me, especially the last one that came out (that guy was going ham to the game, calling it bad (while making fun of Sonic Team)), the first leak is * l e s s * scary, because the leak was posted in January of this year, I think that it means he played the game in late 2020, and got the courage to post it now O R he decided to. So I had my hopes up, because he heavily criticized the game for being boring and annoying at times, Sega must've delayed the game to ensure the best for their next game! And by now, the game is probably way better! But I'm not sure about the second leak... I don't know if I should treat it as fake, or real. The guy in the leak seems like he's a kid, showing next to no amount of respect or professionalism, he uses slangs like lol, and he swears a lot, while the first one doesn't do any of that, and he only swears once. In both leaks, they mention that the games has some major elements which are just rip-offs of other franchises' [open world] games, I am hopeful that Sonic Team would listen very closely to the testers and try their best to fix every issue addressed (but I hope they don't listen too closely, because sometimes testers can be really bad at games, and we have seen many of Sonic's biggest critics being really bad at the blur's games). Anyways I hope that if Sega thinks that the game isn't ready for launch, they'd delay it, and make it the best it could be... What do you guys think? 1st leak: https://twitter.com/NTom64_Lyfe/status/1398012916507480067/photo/1 2nd leak: https://twitter.com/nio_tio/status/1398014099842342919/photo/1
  2. I would LOVE old obscure games to be in the collection would love unleashed and heroes tho I would love heroes and unleashed tho Sanic 4 is the worst game ever made, so I'm not sure it's coming back YES, THIS IS *nearly* ALL I WANT, unleashed is missing tho xD
  3. After many leaks, rumors, and speculation for the 30th anniversary, we finally got a piece of news regarding that gosh-darned collection! (through an accidental leak by [the people who I speak the language of] gaming website), I'm incredibly excited! Sonic collections make up a ton of the Sonic fanbase's memories with getting introduced to incredible games through easy to access media (mainly with the 6th generation of consoles (& pc)? But... I'm also very worried... Sega nowadays are NOT AT ALL the same they used to be (at least in their marketing), they used to be very confident and ambitious with their franchises, and they wanted to take every opportunity to bash the hell out of the blue devil onto people with how accessible sonic games used to be, but nowadays Sega is showing signs of desperation and laziness, and i DO NOT WANT THIS COLLECTION TO BE LIKE MARIO 3D ALL STARS. What I want from the collection is everybody's favorite! Sonic 3 & Knuckles, this game has been going through limbo as of late, with Sega having trouble re-releasing it onto modern platforms, so I will not be expecting S3&K. BUT something that they have to do (in my opinion) is to put 3D Sonic games which are hard to come by (for Nintendo owners) like Sa1, Sa1, Heroes, Unleashed, Generations, The Fighters, 3D Blast, Shadow, and maybe even the best game ever made: SONIC 06!!! I simply want them to go all out for this collection, unlike another greedy company's collection..... By 'going all out' I mean it, I would love if they added extras, like the many pieces of Sonic merchandise (from any company they choose), or comic book covers, or even an exclusive comic book! (like the ones on the Tomy comic packs), I want there to be great chill music, cutscenes! Concept art! Interviews! And everything else that will make me disappointed if I don't find in the next collection! What do you guys want?
  4. I think we won't have much of boost, because it's not very developer friendly, it's hard to work with, and confusing to get. agreed
  5. Can't wait to pay 60$ for a 10+ year old game re-released with nearly no changes!
  6. I think Colors ultimate wouldn't be much, maybe just a remaster with HD... Yeah, it's scary to think how they can RUIN the stories/gameplay in the adventure games just by remaking them Yeah, the boost is a bit too much for any developer, it takes a lot of resources, a Sa styled game would help, as the Adventure gameplay is developer friendly (compared to Boost) and I think it can become great!
  7. Cancel culture is a very controversial topic, but there can be some people who are incredibly manipulative about it, using altered proof to suggest a problem that the *cancelled* person has, and why they should become obsolete, but most of the time, people just jump on bandwagons, drama is really fun to watch (don't lie to me), but it can be really heartbreaking and traumatizing to see people online ramming over you and being completely against you for no reason, and most people that participate in this culture never see both perspectives, for me, it's simple, wait a day after the drama started heating up, and hear both sides of the argument (funnily enough, most of the time the guys who were trying to cancel someone realized that this someone was actually innocent). But sometimes, cancelling someone can be a good thing, there are some terrible criminals on twitter, who should be silenced or thrown to jail. You cannot stop cancel culture, the people who use twitter, are children, and if they're not children, they're adults acting like children, they're naive, ignorant, compulsive, immature, unreasonable, unegotiable, one-sided, and everything in-between, so you can't stop cancel culture if these are the people who run Twitter.
  8. I don't know about you guys, but I don't really want a Sonic adventure remake, I want brand new stuff. Because Sonic Adventure & Adventure 2 are kinda different from each other, it's not like Crash or Spyro, where the sequels felt like more of the same, so I think there should be a bit more experimentation for SA3, to not make it feel stale. I think they should do an Adventure styled game, perfect the formula, experiment a bit, and BAM! Sa3. What do you guys think?
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