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    i love sonic of course :P. i also like video games. I like the arts such as drawing, painting. i also like writing stories whenever i have the patience. and i already have a girlfriend, so hands off ladies :P
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  1. I was actually talking about a list of the sound effects, I should have mentioned I'm looking for a list of the Sonic and Knuckles "collection" sound effect from the PC version. I'm in the process of replacing all the sound effects with realistic ones for the heck of it (lol) and I'd like to know what each one of them are for in the game and a list would really make it easier for me.
  2. I have tried googling it for hours on end. I was going to post this on Sonicretro, but their so stubborn on letting new members posting things that they make you go through a validation thing before hand and I didn't want to fuss with that. And I was hoping for a list like in the sound test with the numbers and letters, or for S&K collection's sake; 0 - Ring 1 - Jump
  3. Where can i find a list of sound effects for Sonic and knuckles that can tell what each one is for? does it even exist?
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