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  1. OBVIOUSLY this is actually a storybook game, and they're going to make Rob'o the Hedge there canon :p.
  2. Likewise on the job keeping part, for sure. I'll also use this response to add on some actual evidence for what I'm saying that I just now discovered. This (https://archive.ph/raWWq) is an archive of the original page taken by ICEknight on Sonic Retro. In the previous and next navigation buttons, you'll see thumbnails for 'Salt Lamp Island' and 'Winter Camp'. Both of those pieces are publicly available on his artstation (https://www.artstation.com/sfedqw) right now, no password needed.
  3. I'm going to dispute these claims real quick. While I can't prove it since I at the time saw no reason to record it, I can attest that the direct link I initially used (here: https://sfedqw.artstation.com/projects/Nxzb51, found on Sonic Retro it obvs 404s now) was a public link. No password was required. This was like 10 hours ago at time of posting, so it's possible that the password was added on later. Regardless, I maintain that it was public at some point. Edit: See below post by me for actual evidence of what I'm saying here.
  4. It's possible, for sure. If they are posting anything, I'd expect them to post it a bit before the concert today, or just after it. That'll probably be peak 'Sonic hours' for today, social media wise.
  5. I wouldn't be too sure about that, because the concept art just a few minutes ago got taken down off Patrick Horan's artstation: https://www.artstation.com/sfedqw To me, that sure makes it seem like he wasn't really supposed to post these yet. Whether that has any relevance to them being approved/unapproved material, who knows.
  6. I'd like to point out that we don't actually know for a fact that this ghost girl is a human. The January leak that first mentions her doesn't mention what she is at all, so going from that one she could be a Human or a Mobian or King Boom Boo with a pink bow or something. And I don't consider the May leak nearly as reliable, given that it was only posted after Sonic Central had started and is near identical to the January leak, I personally think it might be an attention-seeking copycat. Even if we assume the May leak isn't just a copycat, it's still not very certain what the ghost girl actually is, species-wise. The May leak calls them a "human (?) ghost girl thing". That question mark, to me, implies that the leaker wasn't sure themselves if the ghost girl was a human or not.
  7. Well, here you are: https://arch.b4k.co/v/thread/539349521/#539349521 More on the subject of the thread, I've been thinking about the 'ghost girl' some of the leaks mentioned. Given the reference to 'cyberspace' in the leaks and the focus on digital effects in the trailer, I think it's very possible that the leaks misidentified the 'ghost girl' and that she's actually an AI or something appearing to the player through holograms, like Nicole in the Archie comics. Of course, my SatAM/Archie loving heart would really like that to actually be Nicole, but I know that has less a than zero percent chance of being the case :p.
  8. Given the recent history of the franchise, I'd personally expect coincidence. They haven't cared about consistency game-to-game much at all since Unleashed, and even before that they didn't care that much (see: the moon in every game after SA2). Plus, we have to consider that our source on the term cyberspace is the leaks describing the linear levels as taking place in such. They might've just been using that very generic trope-y name as a means of description of the aesthetic, whatever space the levels take place in might be called something different in the actual game.
  9. There was Mad Matrix and Digital Circuit from Shadow the Hedgehog too, as well as Babylon Guardian and Digital Dimension from Sonic Riders, although those last two were more of a holodeck situation. I agree that it's definitely an underutilized theme though, and I'm interested to see Ranger's take on it.
  10. Yee, sorry, didn't mean to imply you didn't. I just figured I'd elaborate on it for any looking at the thread who didn't know about it.
  11. There's been more than just Spin Gear in the past, too. That same amusement park, Sega Republic (closed since 2017), also had the Sonic Hopper, which was a Sonic-themed free fall ride, although I'm not aware of any videos of that one, and I can only find two images of it, both of which are just on it's Sonic News Network page. More interestingly there was another rollercoaster called Sonic Spinball, no relation to the game. It was just a re-themeing of an already existing coaster at Alton Towers, and there's only one pretty interesting thing about it. It has the first recorded audio of Roger Craig Smith as Sonic, months before he would appear for the first time in the games. Here's a youtube upload of Sonic's dialogue in the queue and themed hotel room, and a POV of the ride for any who are curious. Lastly, there was a brief Sonic themed section at the Toyland Tours dark ride, also in Alton Towers, that included an animatronic of the classic mohawk 90s western Sonic design. The SNN page I just linked has a picture of it, although more can be found with a brief search. There's a few POVs of this ride on youtube as well, for those curious as to what the Sonic-themed section was actually like.
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