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  1. I would agree, except that, if the leaks are real, that they are really, really going for something new here. And while I'm not going to get my hopes up, it does make me wonder if they're going to really shake things up on a brand level. The two biggest successes that the franchise has had in the past 5 years are Sonic Mania and the movie, neither of which Sega's internal folks had much direct involvement with. That can't have gone unnoticed. Plus, with the management shake-up, it makes me wonder if they've convinced the people upstairs to let them take this thing in a bit of a new direction. Like Boom, but with SOJ's backing this time (and hopefully less disastrous). I know that's it's way too early to say anything definitive, but to see them take Sonic somewhere new for the first time time in over a decade (not counting Boom) is really refreshing. I know it's the same old Sega and Sonic Team behind it, but it feels like anything goes for once. Whether it turns out good or a disaster, I'm looking forward to it either way.
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